2 days ago

Gun Shots

Did anyone hear gun shots Saturday night around Montrose & Laramie approximately 9:30 pm ? A friend heard it on a Police Scanner - I heard 1 siren & then nothing. He told me they caught one guy running & were still looking for another.

Feb 09

Steinmetz meeting with Jim Dispensa from CPS

For those of you who missed the meeting.

I cannot post the words due to the restrictions on characters so see the images.

Feb 06

Updated Feb 09

Tree Removal

Does anyone know the reason behind all these trees that are slated for removal on Patterson and Waveland Avenues between Central and Narragansett?

I went for a walk this morning around the neighborhood and the city is out and about cutting down all these trees? It's a sad site to see.

Feb 02

Survey regarding the "Taft South High School Proposal"

Please take the attached survey regarding the "Taft South High School Proposal"

Share with your friends and neighbors in the area.

The more responses we have the more weight this information will have in the planning process.


    Taft South High School Survey
    Please take the survey titled "Taft South High School Survey". Your feedback is important!

Jan 28

To the person who made and passed out flyers last year for the low income housing project

Im looking to get in contact with the person responsable to making and passing out the flyers warning the residents of portage park and dunning about the horrible low income housing proposal. The same developer is trying to build this in Jefferson park. Some Jefferson park neighbors were wondering if we could get a copy of the flyer forwarded to us. It was so effective we'd like to burrow it, make copies and pass it out to the neighborhood. Please let me know if this would be possible.

Jan 20

Updated Jan 26

Peoples Gas

Is anyone else being robbed by People's Gas! Just received my gas bill 177.00.My heat is 58 at night, 64 by day....am freezing my tush off! Friend in Wheaton has Nicor, 72 by day and night and the bill was 67.03....Also a Georgian like mine. Cheaper delivery, storage, distribution, therm price.

  • Amy KP New to area

    Barbara Foy, that is hilarious. Want to get outta dodge too!

  • Our budget bill went up $10, but we take a lot of steps so we don't over use.

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