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Montrose closure?

Does anyone have any details on the closing of westbound Montrose at Cicero on May 4th? This info is from the flashing sign on northbound Cicero, just south of Montrose.

  • The "sensors you see every 50 feet nailed down in the center line" are reflectors not sensors. The effective sensor in the links I posted above is either your cell phone with WAZE or your I-PASS transponder.

  • RAZOR tacunit5

    Buses hahaha who rides the bus anymore aka the greeeeennnn limousine hahhahaa wise up..get your bus pass ready shortshanks...

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Updated 2 days ago

6309 Roscoe , man armed with a crossbow ,

Hapening now , swat is on scene

  • Portage Park Mark 14 year PP'er


  • Yes , got a call of armed man beating on front door , police arive , man has a crossbow , he is held up in the back yard at the moment , u can monitor it on Citywide 5 in police scanner now

5 days ago

Cougar Mania Wrestling Event

Canty Elementary Fundraiser open to the Public. A Fun filled wrestling night hosted by Chicago Style Wrestling. $10.00 entrance at Hiawatha Park Gym 8029 W Forest Preserve Drive. Doors open at 6:00pm wresting starts at 7:00pm.

6 days ago

Carry and conseal holder is a hero

Authorities say no charges will be filed against an Uber driver who shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Logan Square over the weekend.

The driver had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others, Assistant State's Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday.

A group of people had been walking in front of the driver around 11:50 p.m. in the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue when Everardo Custodio, 22, began firing into the crowd, Quinn said.

Apr 19

Updated Apr 19

Shots fired

Higgans and Harlem at the Burrito King !

  • They shot at a off duty cop his winshield shot out !

  • RAZOR tacunit5

    There was a big party at teasers that spilled out into the street at 430am bottles and fists flying awesome stuff!!

Apr 11

Updated Apr 19

Peoples Gas Disaster

I know it's been mentioned before about the problems associated with the meter installations with Peoples Gas, but they are reaching new lows. They have all the sidewalks on Melvina ripped up with school starting back on Monday. I think a personal injury attorney or two may get some nice business next week when a child gets injured.

  • Brenda's Awkward Son

    He's eating pie. You have a walker and a wheelchair and a stroller?

  • Yeah sometimes my angina acts up and sometimes I feels fine! Thanks for your concern!

Apr 08

Updated Apr 09

No CAPS meeting scheduled?

How come no CAPS meeting Scheduled for 1633 at Merimac Park this Month ?

  • Mary on Patterson Mary's Beat 1633

    CAPS meeting for 1633 is scheduled for May. The last meeting was in March and they are scheduled every other month.

Apr 07

Updated Apr 09

Gangbangers shooting people in there garage!

Careful if u work in your garage ! On Nelson street a friend of mine got shot for a gang insiation, they pulled up car stopped got out and opend fire !

  • It's not a joke. I am just saying please have solid evidence before you post. You are putting a lot of people on edge with your post. When you don't provide valid or full information . That is all.

  • Its no joke , read the headlines ! And u all should be alert if u dont want to be a victim!

Mar 28

Updated Apr 09

Block Club?

If anyone who lives near Belmont & Austin/Narraganett would be interested in starting a block club, please let me know. With the recent shootings in and around the area, I think it would be best to come together as a community and get to know each other better. I saw a post a while back that had info to help others start their own block club. I will have to find it and take it from there. This is still a decent area, good neighbors and I would like to keep it that way! Thanks!

  • Laymaneers Constant Vigilance

    For anyone who wants to start their own block club I wrote down the process we went thru a few weeks back. I think our block club is the only actual registered club on the NW Side. We've been established for going on our third year.

    Here's the link to...

    Read full comment…

    For anyone who wants to start their own block club I wrote down the process we went thru a few weeks back. I think our block club is the only actual registered club on the NW Side. We've been established for going on our third year.

    Here's the link to my post and the info is in the comments.


    Kelly set up the facebook group as way for block clubs (literally one block) in our area to keep in communication with each other. I think the hope is that we get a ton of block clubs established this spring and we can hopefully organize some larger community events soon, with the help of the page she made.

    If anyone wants more clarity on what I wrote please let me know!


    Kelly lets have a block party that would be cool!!!!!

Apr 06

Updated Apr 06

Mother ~ Son Baseball Event

Join us for a friendly game of Baseball, Lunch, Award and Photo opportunity.

Teams will be put together by Age/Grade.

Mother/Son(s) will participate together on a team vs another team of Mother/Son(s).

Check-In begins at 9:00am at the Jr Field House. Games will start promptly at 10:00am. Lunch served at 12:00pm.

Visit our website to register and for more information:


Apr 05

Home Invasion !

5410 Cornelia , Man comes home to find burglars in house , they ran off

Mar 28

Updated Apr 02

Hapening now

Man shows up at OLR Shot ! 1:17 am Saturday hapend by Chicago by nite !

  • The insurance is free but no pension. That's ok though cuz you'll still get a full ride section 8 if u happen to live that long. If you get shot up and they unfortunately save you and your paralyzed, your also covered. Free disabled ride. No worries!!!!

  • LD

    If getting shoot or arrested the section 8 should be canceled when gang crime is involved.Gang crime which involve drugs or robbery . I guess this BS is always going to go on and the people who cause it will always be doing the crazy actions. It seems we all can do is keep score and record. Keep safe and on guard folks and call in on the crime people . With out the police we all are on our own . Happy Easter if you all are believer .

Apr 01

Updated Apr 02

Cvs Pharmacy robbed ar Addission and Central

Male white in his 20s, baby blue hoodie, Bears hat , Robbed CVS Pharmacy and stuck employee with a herion needle , happend at 4-1-2015 7:30 pm suspect fled west bound on Addision

  • I have an android, I seem to have found one that's working though. Wish I would have found it sooner, I'm always hearing sirens by me and I'm always wondering what's going on.

  • A&K

    Well, it's good to know crime is going down. That must explain why Portage parks safety rating was dropped. Business as usual though. It looks like Rahm may get a second term so that means it will just get worse. Hold on tight. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Mar 26

Updated Apr 01

Another shooting

There was a shooting at Pontiac and forest preserve dr. This morning gang bangers

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Has there been any arrests yet for this incident or is the attempted murderer still at large?

  • I hav not heard of any arrests

Mar 28

Shots fired 5474 Menard

Gun recoverd by off duty Pd offender on the loose, male hispanic with hoodie

Mar 28

Shots fired

5000 wWarwick hapening now

Mar 28

Strong armed robbery

Hapend at 4400 n Milwaukee , offenders were 2 make Blacks 6"1 1 was armed with a box cutter the other with a 9mm , a male white was robbed as he walked down the Street crime happend at 3/28 at 7:30 pm

Mar 17

Updated Mar 25

Caps meeting Tonight Merrimac Park

7 pm to discuss the last 2 shootings in the neighborhood !

  • Melissa Starosta Concerned resident

    When is the next CAPS Meeting at Merrimac Park? Would like follow up discussion on 2 shootings and neighborhood gang activity!!! I was unable to attend on March 17.

Mar 24

Montrose and Milwaukee another Shooting

Car opens up fire , male hispanic hit multiple times 12:10am Tuesday

Mar 18

Updated Mar 23

Speeding girl hits 2 houses at Newport and Menard !

Just happend now a girl flyin down Newport blew the stop sign and jumped curb hit the first house concrete steps then slammed into the next house !

  • Kathy in 60634 9 yr. resident

    First off there are no speed cameras at Newport and Menard. So I'm confused by comments. You can put up all the cameras and bs you want. Stupid people are just that, Stupid. I've never understood why anyone would think stop signs or red lights or cameras are going to...

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    First off there are no speed cameras at Newport and Menard. So I'm confused by comments. You can put up all the cameras and bs you want. Stupid people are just that, Stupid. I've never understood why anyone would think stop signs or red lights or cameras are going to prevent idiots from being idiots. Did you ever see gang bangers fly down a street with speed bumps, I did, they never slowed down, just flew right over them. None of this stuff prevents bad stuff from happening. All we can do is be watchful, and if were really disgusted by it, Move, to the country. But then they'd complain about the animals. I know it's not right, but all we can do, if we live here is learn how to deal with it and be careful. Cause no matter what you do, outside of having a cop on every block, always, There's nothing we can do about it. Also, think of this, maybe the girl had a medical crisis, seizure. Or, accelerator stuck. But then again we all know you never did anything stupid when you were young. Guessing she was young by earlier comments.

  • I was being sarcastic since I think the speed cameras are money-grabbing bull.

Mar 20

Updated Mar 21

Hapening now ! Cops have the shooter from Last week gang shooting stopped at Addision and Harlem

Male black shooter out of Harwood Heights , driven Green ford Taures !

Mar 19

Hands up dont shoot was built on a lie !

Justice dept released report saying he never had his hands up !

May 21

Updated Mar 19

Central AC recommendations for typical chicago bungalow

Looking for reliable and recommended AC installers for a typical Chicago bungalow in the portage park area. Would appreciate info on SEER ratings and typical costs for this install. I don't really need updated ductwork. Thanks.

  • Maybe this is a bit quite late, but wanted to chime in for future neighbors. Greenleaf has treated me very well. www.greenleafheatingandcooling.com

  • SPIRO 104 lieutendant

    Four seasons is the best also great warranty! Good deals going on now..

Mar 11

Updated Mar 17

independent dog walker needed

hello. I have a 10 month old Great Dane puppy that I need walked mid day. my old dog walker is not going to be available as of next week and I'd like to find someone who can come and walk him for 20-30 mins and visit with him ideally between the hours of 10:30am and 11:30am.
any suggestions? I live off of montrose and menards. the puppy is super nice, big bundle of love and a great walker/dog overall. hope to find someone soon.

Mar 12

Updated Mar 14

Happening now

Bank robbery addison and harlem


    Its a sham


    Bank at chase you cowards

Mar 07

Updated Mar 12

Strong armed robberys on blueline and red line

Lots of strong armed robberies on blue line and red line CTA trains , carry and conseal carrier are not allowed to carry there weapons on public transportation and these thugs know this ! Robbery just happend at addision , perpetrator was male black middle aged had gold watch on ran east on addision ! Be alert !


    Kelly get with it take your ear buds out and smell the roses...

  • Hey Zeus

    Roses don't smell that great.

Mar 11

Drive by shooting

Drive by shooting at Irving and Elston happening now at the Mcdonalds

Mar 03

Updated Mar 04


Anyone know why there is a helicopter hovering near Austin & Henderson?

  • Kelly Dunning

    Found it - Gas line break

  • SPIRO 1983 GREEK commander Promo 25

    Kelly whats up hun

Mar 01

Updated Mar 01

Carpeting a staircase

Does anyone know of someone reliable and inexpensive that installs carpet. It's just a staircase? Thanks

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