2 days ago

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Anyone know why there is a helicopter hovering near Austin & Henderson?

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Carpeting a staircase

Does anyone know of someone reliable and inexpensive that installs carpet. It's just a staircase? Thanks

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

  • IMHO Been here long enough to know

    Yes. Tuesday. And sleet. And rain. Then freeze. Hey, it IS still winter.

Feb 23

Updated Feb 25

Dunning Conservation area gazebo collapsed

So sad to have seen the new gazebo built last summer, has collapsed, and I hope they will rebuild!!

  • cc...was that the tool shed in the community garden near the Streets & San yard? Or was it some other building elsewhere?

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    it was a "gazebo" or picnic shelter. it was open air, so I doubt anyone would use it for a tool shed.......you can see it from oak park avenue, in the parking lot.

Feb 22

Bridge elementary school

Just wondering if anyone knew anything about Bridge. My daughter starts kindergarten this year and I just wanted to know if anyone had any personal experience with the school. Thanks!

Feb 17

Updated Feb 18

Have you made your reservation yet at St. Pascal School? -6143 W Irving Park Road, 773-736-8806

A tuition freeze is in effect until Friday, February 27, for all new and returning school families. We are looking forward to seeing you soon to finalize your reservation. You can also have your child spend a day with us to experience what St.Pascal has to offer. For further information call 773-736-8806. Current tuition rates are posted on our website, stpascalschool.com. Higher rates will go into effect on Monday, March 2.

  • Dano Living the dream on NW side

    There will be no tuition increase at St.Barts next year.

Feb 08

Updated Feb 08

Stolen Dog

Just saw this on facebook. Thought I would share. Taken from Irving & Kimball area.

  • Ev

    She wasn't stolen. Finder posted her Found on craigslist and Bella is now home safe! So glad she ended up with a Great finder who kept her safe until he found her family!

Feb 02

Updated Feb 06

Where's the plows Rahm!!!

You lie! Oh sorry, we don't live downtown!!

  • What ward is Cicero and Diversey? My gosh, their roads are pristine! The sidewalks are a mess but man, those folks are living it up.

  • Randy Stroller

    Home Depot and the pop up labor pool.

Jan 28

Updated Jan 30

Tom Caravette WTF

Dropping your signs in my yard without permission? I wasn't going to vote for you but now you made me want to make sure no one else does either.

Jan 21

Updated Jan 25

Relocated car on Pensacola

There is a car on 5500 block of W. Pensacola that the city website says was relocated from 5600 block of W. Pensacola. No city sticker, but has plates and an expired Elmwood Park vehicle sticker. Grayish slate color Lexus 4 door. FYI, it has a flat tire. Just FYI for anyone who owns it it or might know who does. It has been there about a week. Thinking it might be someone who works around here since it has no city sticker.

  • It was not relocated in front of a business, it was relocated FROM in front of a business. Someone would have called it in as abandoned soon. I was trying to help find the owner.

  • O M G

    You're keep very busy over by there in Portage Park.

    Spot on, sister.Keep on keeping on.

Jan 16

Updated Jan 18

Great restaurants in PP?

Hi, my hubby and I just moved to the neighborhood! Any foodies out there that recommend restaurants in the area? Thanks!!

  • Colleen Portage Parker

    Hot woks on Pulaski, Smoque is in the same vicinity, Chicago Pizza on Irving Park

  • Colleen Portage Parker

    And this isn't in PP but close Friendship Chinese is on Milwaukee just north of Diversey and it's phenomenal. It's couture Chinese, not the China Buffet type.

Jan 16

Updated Jan 17

Garage Break-in

FYI - I'm at Menard & Grace. They broke in through by side door and took a very good snowblower.

  • Jake the Asswipe

    Drill a hole in the studs put a chain on things like snowblowers and bikes.

  • carol berk Portage Park

    Some good news. The section 8 housing in the 6000 block of Montrose has been raided the front door is a piece of plywood and the bed sheets used as curtains are down. I don't have to watch (and of course report) the same young men trying handles on car doors. Hopefully this has an effect on garage and vehicle burglars

Jan 15

Lost Dogs

Saw this on Facebook and thought I would share.

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