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Looking for a Mason

Seeking recommendations for an honest mason/tuck pointer that does quality work at a reasonable rate.

  • Highly recommended because of tuckpoining done on our bungalow face brick. Not the lowest bid, but Dayyy's high quality at other places I looked at got him the job. Also that he traveled with the correct strength mortar needed for old bungalows. He paid careful attention even in little spots not visible without a lot of extra effort. And he made a careful effort to deliver the correct color on the face brick's mortar.


  • Ack! Danny, not Dayy's.

  • Thanks. I appreciate the info and website link.

Sep 04

Updated Sep 05


Thoughts? They're pretty persistent to the point of ringing the door bell, knocking on the window and jingling the screen door handle.

  • Integrys is not 100% renewable energy. The city contract calls for 5% renewable energy and the rest to be non-coal. State law requires another 2%. The other 93% can come from any source whatsoever, as long as it is not coal.

    So Integrys has a contract with Marcus Hook power...

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    Integrys is not 100% renewable energy. The city contract calls for 5% renewable energy and the rest to be non-coal. State law requires another 2%. The other 93% can come from any source whatsoever, as long as it is not coal.

    So Integrys has a contract with Marcus Hook power plant in Pennsylvania. It is a natural gas fired generating plant. It produces an amount of electricity greater than or equal to 93% of what Integrys's Chicago customers use. So on its books, Integrys "assigns" this electricity to Chicago and fulfills its obligations.

    Natural gas is not considered a renewable fuel. Much of it comes from fracking, although there is no way of knowing how much of the natural gas used at Marcus Hook is from fracking.

    Remember that Chicago is not Integrys's only customer. Integrys can sell the electricty from coal-fired generators that Chicago does not want to its other customers instead. Here is the environmental report that Integrys filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission for the 12 months ending 3/31/14. The covers all of its Illinois customers, not just Chicago. Read it and weep:

  • I just switched back to ComEd because3 CUB provided the analysis/comparison with new rates.

Sep 05

BC FEST what a joke

I am sorry but closing off south bound cental ave at school street is really incompetent . All traffic is now grid locked on school street. Tried to call 30th ward office to voice my concerns , but of course they are closed. This has to be the poorest execution of a street fair ever. BE WARNED DO NOT DRIVE THRU BELMONT AND CENTRAL you will not get that hour of your life back.

Sep 02

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1940's Gas, Tappan Stove

Vintage, working Tappan stove needs a new home. We need the space and this must go. We've tried rebuilding exchange but they won't come pick it up. Perfect for someone doing a period restoration. We don't want to give to a scrapper but if no one wants it that's what will happen. See pictures.

  • Check every inch of gas lines for rust. Any rust disqualifies this for further use IMO.

  • pattymelt is mostly in charge

    Whoever ends up with the stove, I like my eggs scrambled well. Two strips of bacon. Coffee, hot. Just lemme know when ta' show up!

Aug 19

Updated Aug 27

Rooming houses

Just curious if anyone else has neighbors who have rehabbed their single family bungalow and turned it into a boarding house? We have two on our block. It's becoming increasingly difficult to park anywhere near my house. One "tenant" has a car and two work vans. There are at least 10 extra cars on the block from the 2nd house. I could park in my garage, but I'm afraid of the rats attracted by my neighbor who leaves food out for the pigeons. :(

  • Today my brother found a crew tearing off wood siding of a years empty house near him. There was underlying visible mold on the back of the siding and on the exposed sheathing. The crew was putting up new siding without addressing the mold. The response to his challenge was, "I work for the bank." He says he'll be watching for a home inspector, real estate agent, and potential buyer.

  • annethirteen teacher of the maths

    No, Portage Porker, it's not that one.

    Just Me, thanks for the heads up. I hadn't had a chance to read your article posted.

Aug 11

Updated Aug 12

Police activity

Police searching for man with gun in 5700 block of school street

  • ellen, Chicago Living between Ireland and Chicago

    yes, he ran through our back yard, right past my back door which I rushed to lock, he was running back and forth - very scary - thankfully we weren't harmed - the police were on the scene straight away - it seems they were already chasing him. the same stuff happens in Ireland, but there's rarely guns involved so not as frightening.

  • ellen, Chicago Living between Ireland and Chicago

    does anyone know if he was found/arrested?

Aug 11

Updated Aug 12

Gutter & Downspout Installation

Does anyone know who I can contact about installing a gutter and downspout around the front of our bay window? Most companies I've called just take on the bigger jobs. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!

Aug 05

Burnt out Motorcycle on Belmont near New England?

There was a burnt out motorcycle on Belmont near New England on Sunday. Was anyone hurt? It looked horrible??!

Jul 09

Updated Aug 04

Street Cleaning/ No Parking Signs

Anyone notice the No Parking signs for today (7/9) and yesterday (7/8) in the Montclare Neighborhood? Usually the signs are put up for street cleaning. I didn't see any streets get cleaned on either day. I called the alderman's office and they said they are no longer in charge of that. Now it's the Mayor's office. I wonder if this is a new way for the city to make money. Write tickets for No Parking but don't put out the resources.

  • So sad! The alderman should be able to verify if the signs were posted or not -- if not he should write you a letter so you could contest/fight the ticket!

  • Craig Born and raised in the city.

    I spoke with the Alderman's office and they said Rahm took that away from them. The Mayor's office doesn't even notify them if they post signs or not.

  • I had street cleaning in front of my house on 5900 W. On Grace for Tues and Wed.
    So I parked on the Wed side on Tues.I found out as I was going to my vehicle that they put tow zone on the Wed side as they were going to do work the street.turns out you could not park on either side. I ended up getting a ticket. Nice way to make money city.
    It would have been better if city would have schedule work and cleaning on diffrent days.

Jul 30

Updated Aug 01

Stop Signs Knocked Over

I witnessed two near accidents today at Moody & Berteau. Tried to call 311 and was told to call back due to a high call volume. Called 16th District and was told they would report it. The stop sign at Mobile and Berteau is also down. When does the City act? After an accident or when a child gets killed?

Aug 01

Portage Park Estate Sale

5654 W. Grace 9-4, August 1&2.

You don't want to miss this one!

Home decor galore, patio furniture, vintage LPs and books, retro furniture, tools and building materials, and much more!

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