Mar 28

  • Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy reviewed

    Columbia Explorers Academy is one of the worst schools I have ever attended. The teachers themselves are bullies. The teachers bring down their own students and discourage them. When I got bullied at this school, the teachers and principle completely ignored it and only focused on what the bullies had say. The teachers, including the principle, are extremely bias and only treat their favorite students nice. My little brother - still attending this school- was injured a by another student in P.E. His P.E. teacher simply sent him to the office to get an ice pack. When my mother took my brother to the doctor, his finger was in a bad condition. My little has been getting bullied at this school as well. But what to the teachers do? NOTHING! They simply told him to ignore them. Then he started to get bullied physical. My mother went to the office MULTPLE times to complain about the teachers doing to stop her child from getting bullied. What did they do after that? Nothing, again. My brother started to defend himself, since the teachers didn't do anything to help him. But as a result my brother is the one getting in trouble for DEFENDING HIMSELF. This school may have a good level of education, but the teachers don't have the love to care for these kids. I learned that once a teacher has taught in a CPS school for 5 years, they are protect by the system and can't easily be fire. IN other words, it does not matter if the teachers do their jobs right, they still get paid either way. This school should not be qualified to teacher these kids. This school , alone with its teachers, are bring these kids down and shutting their dreams down. In this school, kids are taught that Christopher Columbus is a strong and important man that found America. However, this is false. Columbus MURDERED the Native Americans, which the first people to step foot on America and took over their land. I was able to escape this terrible school and graduated from a school full of loving teachers - UNO Brighton Park. I hope you, the parents of students at C.E.A, will know what is best for your children and choose the school best suited for them and their needs.

    Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy (4520 South Kedzie Ave) Published on GreatSchools March 27, 2017 Comment

Mar 17

  • Pope John Paul Ii Catholic School reviewed by a parent

    My family has been attending this school for the last 6 years. We just registered for the coming year because this school has everything we want and need for our children's education. The teachers are great and we feel at home here. I would recommend this school to any parent looking for a faith-base education.

    Pope John Paul Ii Catholic School (4325 South Richmond Street) Published on GreatSchools March 16, 2017 Comment

Mar 16

  • Nightingale Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    worst school ever, if you have a kid with an IEP, you Must think twice. They just keep these kids out of the classroom for 7 hours. They are only in special class all day, have no contact with other children of their class, do not have homework, and my son complained that a teacher kicked him. When I complained to the principal, he said they would investigate, but they only told me that they came to the conclusion that my Son "just fell down". God!, as if a kindergarten autistic child could invent stories of that kind. Keep your child away from here!

    Nightingale Elementary School (5250 South Rockwell St) Published on GreatSchools March 15, 2017 Comment

Mar 10

  • Pope John Paul Ii Catholic School reviewed by a parent

    This school has all sorts of problems that stem from the lack of discipline. Bullying, physical violence among other issues are a daily problem at this school. If you're going to pay so much money for a better educational system, they have to step up to the plate and do what we basically are paying for. With lack of discipline and leadership this school is in serious trouble. I wish I could get a refund for all the money and time that I have invested in this awful school.

    Pope John Paul Ii Catholic School (4325 South Richmond Street) Published on GreatSchools March 9, 2017 Comment

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