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Found cat

Found a black on Northshore Ave today. It has no collar or any other identification. Brought it home for now. She is friendly and responds to calls. However, it seems she do not like indoors. I will wait for few more hours. If it belongs to 7anyone or if anyone want to keep, please respond. I have a kid at home so cant keep the cat for long at the moment.

  • Hello there. I think you may have found my kids cat. We live on the corner of NorthShore and Campbell , 6705. My phone number is 312-404-1674

  • I am sorry I don't have it now. I kept her for a while, feed her and then let her go. I will inform you If I find her again.

  • Here is a pic https://ibb.co/dGjhma
    If it was yours, I hope you find it soon. When I let her free, she ran away chasing a rabbit kit. It was a really nice cat, but because of my 1.5 yr old kid I was not able to keep her at home for long. My kid was running after the cat making the cat uneasy. Plus, I was not sure whether the cat was properly vaccinated or not.

Jul 15

Grey Male CAte Missing Near Albion -Greenview


Please Call if you see, smell or have him!
June 14, male grey cat with white facial markings, chest and paws disappeared from apartment, can't understand how.
He is not tagged collared or chipped, since he never goes outside.
This shy, gentle Cat is smallish, under 10 lbs and likely to hide and avoid people.

His feline girlfriend misses him and so do we.

I'm pretty sure he is most likely to be hiding in bushes or back yards very near the houses around Albion between Bosworth and Greenview.

Please Call if you see, smell or have him!

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