Mar 22

Updated May 12

Front porch architect/blueprints??

Looking for some serious help in tearing down/rebuilding a FRONT PORCH on a "pretty on the inside, UGLY on the outside" Rogers Park house.

Need to get Chicago legal designs that will pass the Chicago City requirements.

Help us make our ugly duckling into a swan... made of stucco.

Many thanks!

  • Andrew Carpenter Realtor Edgewater home owner and Chicago Reator

    If you PM me your phone # I have a couple of pictures of some fantastically styled awnings that you might be interested in incorporating into the design. I see lots of property and take pics of the best architectural details.

  • Hi there, did you ever find an architect/builder that you liked? We are trying to add a front porch to our house (currently have a small wooden uncovered porch) and I've been scouring everyblock for ideas!

May 07

Updated May 09

Gale School-Any updates?

Has there been any updates about Gale School's building conditions? How can we find out if CPS and/or our alderman has fixed Gale School's Fire alarms, Video cameras to record, heat, any lead paint through out the school? Also, why hasn't Cps installed metal detectors or have an actual police officer or undercover cop inside of the front entrance of the school for security?

  • mamagotcha Write on!

    Are you a parent at the school? I would think that approaching the school's administration would be the best way to get those questions answered in a more timely and accurate manner. The community just voted to allocate $120,000 for a new learning garden there, and I've been hearing rave reviews of the new principal. It certainly seems like things are on the upswing at Gale!

  • No, I am not a parent there but my son has been placed at this school in the Fall. And I want to make sure everything is in up to date on their codes to make sure our children are safe when attending this school. I have tried reaching out...

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    No, I am not a parent there but my son has been placed at this school in the Fall. And I want to make sure everything is in up to date on their codes to make sure our children are safe when attending this school. I have tried reaching out to their principal who has not called me back yet. Also, I've called the office & the lady who answers the phone isn't able to answer any of my questions & told me to call downtown to ask Cps my questions & concerns. Sorry but I hope you can understand how frustrating it can be unknowing if your child will be safe at new school. Especially knowing this is one of the highest crime neighborhoods to live in. I wish you all the best with the new learning garden for the community!

May 06

Updated May 08

Missing Cat

We had a cat go missing this morning. He loves going outside, but never goes out for long, and always keeps close to the building (near Albion and Lakewood), so it's highly suspicious that he's disappeared. He's a small, but fearless guy named Elton. He looks like he could be a kitten but he's really 11 years old. He's grey and white with a green collar, and heart shaped ID tag. Please keep an eye out for him, and contact us if you have any leads.

  • Correction Elton

  • I would like to add that another reader mentions a leash I actually take two of my cats out on a very safe harness and leash and that has worked well

May 05

Seeking parking garage

Looking for a place/garage for my car as opposed to the street. Around Pratt and Lakewood or vicinity. Please pm me if you can assist.

May 01

Updated May 02

Someone pulled their car out on Greenview on April 28 around 10AM and slammed into my car

If you are that frustrated that you can't wait 30 seconds for the car in front of you, then maybe you need to take a mental health care day. This person was frustrated and tried to speed around the person leaving, but instead, he hit the car behind me and also my car, doing significant damage. Really?? One of my neighbors tried to get your license plate number, but you sped away.... loser.

  • They're probably neighbors with damage too. Look for them.
    I agree a lowlife sucky thing to do.

  • Look up and down the block for buildings with security cameras pointed at the street. Ask any property owner with a security camera to check for date/time of incident to see if a car shows up. Sometimes you not only get a hit, but even a license plate. If any useful images are found, they can be loaded on to a flash drive...I've done this several times for cops and neighbors.

Apr 19

Updated Apr 20

Field Elementary- Playground Project

Hey RP Community! Anyone know what's going on at Field? I know they received a Room to Grow Grant for their playground and have started chaining off the parking lot but I haven't seen any movement other than that. I heard a rumor from my neighbor that the project was projected to be complete by June but I'm finding it hard to believe that time line.

Does anyone have the scoop? Thanks!

  • Bob Fuller 8-year Rogers Parker, Sunday Market volunteer

    Space to Grow reported at the last meeting at Field that construction will not begin until after school is out for the summer and will conclude before classes resume at the end of the summer.

Apr 14

To the person scream singing

Please stop, or at least shut the window everyone down the whole street can hear you and someone might call the ASPCA for killing that cat

Apr 04

Updated Apr 05

Refrigerator Long table, long low chest

Need movers
7400 n off Sheridan
In same building

  • You can try TaskRabbit or call this guy, Sapas, 773-854-2416. He'll only take cash, but he'll negotiate.

    There's a referral bonus for TaskRabbit, so if you do end up signing up, I'm sure someone on here would appreciate the credit.

  • J. SolutionSForever 7400N 50+ years following my dreams and titles

    I'll call them thanks.

  • J. SolutionSForever 7400N 50+ years following my dreams and titles

    Number for task Rabit is not a working number ;(

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