Jul 17

Updated Aug 02

It's hooker season again

They seemed to disappear as winter arrived. Just noticed they are drifting back into my neighborhood again. Two of them were actually sitting on the back steps (leading to the basement) of my building just before noon on July 4. I came back a couple hours later and there was a wet nap and an unused condom in a wrapper lying on the steps. Nice. Saw another one ambling down my street with a couple of male friends the next morning just before 6:00 a.m.

My question is, what's the most effective way of getting these, ahem, ladies out? Police? (311? 911?) Alderman? Any other suggestions?

  • Pedro G. RoPa is my hood.

    Manticore, do you go to the beach Downtown? Do you have a doggie?

  • Manticore

    I go all over town, but it's obvious that dogs have to spread a certain amount of disease.

Apr 19

Updated Jul 25

Field Elementary- Playground Project

Hey RP Community! Anyone know what's going on at Field? I know they received a Room to Grow Grant for their playground and have started chaining off the parking lot but I haven't seen any movement other than that. I heard a rumor from my neighbor that the project was projected to be complete by June but I'm finding it hard to believe that time line.

Does anyone have the scoop? Thanks!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    I don't think Bob spends much time here. Why don't you call the ward service office, 773-338-5796?

  • Pedro G. RoPa is my hood.

    Good info, Bob.

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