May 01

Updated May 02

Someone pulled their car out on Greenview on April 28 around 10AM and slammed into my car

If you are that frustrated that you can't wait 30 seconds for the car in front of you, then maybe you need to take a mental health care day. This person was frustrated and tried to speed around the person leaving, but instead, he hit the car behind me and also my car, doing significant damage. Really?? One of my neighbors tried to get your license plate number, but you sped away.... loser.

  • They're probably neighbors with damage too. Look for them.
    I agree a lowlife sucky thing to do.

  • Look up and down the block for buildings with security cameras pointed at the street. Ask any property owner with a security camera to check for date/time of incident to see if a car shows up. Sometimes you not only get a hit, but even a license plate. If any useful images are found, they can be loaded on to a flash drive...I've done this several times for cops and neighbors.

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