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CPS to test for lead in water at 28 elementary schools

Dett, 2131 W. Monroe

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Burr, 1621 W. Wabansia

Canty, 3740 N. Panama

Coonley, 4046 N. Leavitt

Crown, 2128 S. St. Louis

De Diego, 1313 N. Claremont

Ericson, 3600 W. 5th

Evers, 9811 S. Lowe

Hefferan, 4409 W. Wilcox

Mahalia Jackson, 917 W. 88th

Jamieson, 5650 N. Mozart

Jungman, 1746 S. Miller

Lenart, 8101 S. LaSalle

Mays, 6656 S. Normal

Neil, 8555 S. Michigan

Nicholson, 6006 S. Peoria

Parker, 6800 S. Stewart

Pritzker, 2009 W. Schiller St.

Saucedo/Telpochcalli, 2832 W. 24th

South Shore ES, 1415 E. 70th

Stagg, 7424 S. Morgan

Sumner, 4320 W. 5th

Tanner, 7350 S. Evans

Harold Washington ES, 9130 S. University

Westcott, 409 W. 80th

    CPS to test for lead in water at 28 elementary schools
    Chicago Public Schools announced Thursday the list of 28 elementary schools being tested for lead, a measure CEO Forrest Claypool insisted was being taken "out of an abundance of caution."

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I doubt it because the insides of pipes probably got coated with sediment from many years of use and act as a insulator .

  • CJL ...

    "Wonder What really happened that raised a red flag to conduct testing for lead"

    Assuming this is a serious question:

    1. Flint.
    2. Chicago Tribune investigation that Chicago was using BS testing methodology in selecting locations for water quality testing.
    3. It's kids, who are most susceptible to bad effects of lead.

    I'd bet a dollar that *most* of the older south and west side schools will show elevated lead levels in the water. Probably not truly high, but elevated.

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Will East Village's St. Boniface survive the wrecking ball next week?

For those interested in lending their voice to save St. Boniface, contact Alderman Walter Burnett, 4 N Western Ave, 312.432.1995, and express your interest is in him getting a 75-day extension. 

    Will East Village's St. Boniface survive the wrecking ball next week?
    Once again East Village's historic St. Boniface Church is facing a demolition order. However, the Chicago Academy of Music (CAM) is interested in the church and property but needs a 75-day court ordered extension to be issued at the May 4 hearing.

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Surprise! Chicago housing affordability is better than Austin, Texas

In Chicago's Ukrainian Village here is what about $1 MM buys you: 2057 W Erie sold back in August for $1.035 MM. It is 4450 sq ft with 4...

    Surprise! Chicago Housing Affordability Is Better Than Austin, Texas
    My wife and I lived in Austin, Texas back in the early 80s (yeah, I'm dating myself) and it still had a bit of a back woods feel to it. I remember it being a pretty small town relative to Dallas where I grew up. So, under the assumption that the world doesn't change, I...

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Through 5/17 Christine Tarkowski’s new drizzled and poured black glass sculptures seem to pause the material in its molten state. 3039 W. Carroll. deveningprojects.com

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...broad brushstrokes—as if art materials could take on the superpowers of a radioactive villain. 8 S. Michigan. bertgreenfineart.com

...station). Dramatically lit as if on theater sets, common folks transform into kings and queens. 300 W. Superior. edelmangallery.com

Through 5/28 Robert Lostutter. The Chicago imagist continues to grow his portrait series of birdmen, their feathered facial features rendered in exquisite detail and color. 1120 N. Ashland. corbettvsdempsey.com

Through 5/7 Substitution Play. Sterling Lawrence makes what you might call conceptual furniture from inkjet fabric sheets, prosthetic plastic, piping, and other detritus. 845 W. Washington. documentspace.com

5/2–6/13 Life Reflected. Hyperrealist Jeanette Pasin Sloan masters the art of painting reflective surfaces, such as silver goblets and chrome barware—a near-impossible technical feat. 5415 W. Higgins. edpaschkeartcenter.org

Through 5/21 Pinned: Icons of Beauty and Brawn. Nicole Hayden glorifies 1980s icons from TV wrestlers to Barbra Streisand by placing them against gold-leafed and patterned backgrounds. 2124 N. Damen. firecatprojects.org

Through 6/11 Our Duty to Fight. Black Lives Matter Chicago organized this exhibition of art created by its participants for social media campaigns and protests. The pieces reinforce the important role the visual arts play in civil rights activism. 400 S. Peoria. gallery400.uic.edu

Through 5/14 Zohra Opoku. For her first solo show in the United States, the Ghanian photographer presents portraits that explore the social fabric of African life, using traditional textiles displayed over people’s heads in various landscapes. 3709 N. Southport. krugergallerychicago.com

...artifacts of the mining infrastructure to reveal the values at stake in domestic oil extraction. 1431 W. Chicago. themissionprojects.com

Through 5/28 Chicago Gingham. Painter and curator Michelle Grabner has made an indoor mural for the Wicker Park gallery’s large storefront window. 2154 W. Division. moniquemeloche.com

...of dog bones, mimicking the architectural decorations of an Armenian artisan and his Turkish apprentice. 118 N. Peoria. rhoffmangallery.com

5/20–6/18 Hand of Mouth. This exhibit pairs Chicago painters Ron Ewert and Erin Washington for their shared approach to image-making and presents disparate cultural emblems, such as bodybuilders and ouroboros, as future ruins. 1034 N. Milwaukee. rootsandculturecac.org

Through 5/31 Let Virtue Be Your Guide. Frances F. Denny explores what it means to be a woman by photographing her female family members in domestic settings. 770 N. LaSalle. schneidergallerychicago.com

...caressing delicate linework out of black plaster and using textures intended to tickle the mind. 2021 S. Wabash. shanecampbellgallery.com

...Installed are works focusing on civil rights, the Black Power movement, and black art history. 3831 S. Michigan. sscartcenter.org

5/7–28 Collin van der Sluijs. The Dutch painter disrupts portraiture conventions by depicting facial features as shape-shifting constellations and humorous symbols. Because whose face hasn’t felt like a leaky pipe or a splash of red watercolor once or twice? 1016 N. Western. verticalgallery.com

    The Best Art Galleries in May
    5/14-6/25 Illustrator Barron Storey has drawn cover art for Time and National Geographic, but his gallery work is made in the tradition of graphic novels-think abstract narratives and broad brushstrokes-as if art materials could take on the superpowers of a radioactive villain. 8 S. Michigan.

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