Mar 07

Updated Mar 09

Missing cat?

An orange cat has shown up a few times outside our window in the mornings. Looks well fed. May be an outside cat but if anyone is missing a cat send me a message.

  • Check with a guy that rides his bike around in the 2100 w superior block. He's kind of drunk seeming but he's a nice guy and he knows all the street cats. This guy looks like his outdoor cat but I haven't lived on that block for 6 months

  • It's always good to post this on facebook on Lost Cats of Illinois page in case their owners are looking for them.

  • Jeanne K. 5 year neighbor

    This is two days later, so I'm last to the party, but... Nice of you to post, and cute picture of your cats plus the outdoor kitty!

Feb 03

Updated Feb 06

Safe pathway for kids

When our mayor closed all these schools in all Chicagoland communities. He said "I'm going to have safe pathway for all our children going to the schools." Well what I see is children walking into the streets and not on sidewalks where there are so much snow on the routes of the safe pathway. I believe the mayor should be held responsible for not having these safe pathway route clean by now. So that children are not walking into any danger.

  • Jon Banks supervisor banks

    The owner of the lot is responsible whether there is a structure on the property or not. Sadly, most vacant lots are not maintained as required by the city.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    The city doesn't maintain their own lots, from what I can see.

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