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Security Cameras

IP cameras (cameras that connect directly to wifi, no wiring or recording equipment needed) are very affordable now and very, very effective. There is a D-Link brand model for $39.00. CPD has a program that taps into the signal (with permission) and its like adding a "blue light" camera without the obnoxious blue strobe light. I will install any camera residents on Maypole, Washington, Warren and Madison purchase.. And facilitate the CPD partnership.

Jun 13

CPD. Blocking

CPD. Are blocking Madison and California for something big going on there. Good police work on the beat @3:30am

May 13

Updated May 14

Found kitten

Siamese kitten found near Lake and California, wearing a collar but no tags. Will check for microchip after work but if this is your kitty please let me know what type of collar and attachments on the collar.

  • Veronica Nakulski Animal Advocate, Nature Lover

    Hi I live in 60612 area. I TNR kitties in the area..if u dont find owner my good friend and animal lover is looking for a cat to adopt. We both work downtown he lives in Wilmette. Thanks! Roni

May 09

Updated May 10

Noise Complaints

Does anyone know what time on Saturday night is appropriate to call for a noise complaint?

  • Super Greg King of the Snow Shovel, Master of Litter

    Whenever you get fed up with the noise. It raked a lot of calls to bring the cops for noise so don't hold back.

  • After 10 pm. Noise must be heard from 100 feet away. Ask neighbors to call as well as it won't be a priority call. The more calls from more than one # will make it more "urgent."

  • Noble Square Girl CHI native in Noble Square

    I too believe it is 10pm.

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