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Kids Staking Out

Kids at 1:30am in the alley 4100 block of Wolcott dispersed and later one kid kept watch behind a garage looking around all shady while another kid met him and they ran down the alley...did anyone pick up on activity?

  • KHM

    I definitely saw teens prowling in alleys near Irving & Paulina/Marshfield/Ravenswood as well today when I left around 4. When I walked to the Brown they had moved and were sitting around the corner of Irving and Ravenswood. They did not seem to be doing anything illegal, but it is always good to keep up your guard and stay off your phones.

  • Guys, last week there was a fire in the alley just north of Cuyler around Wolcott + Cuyler. Took out a garage and burned the siding off the nearby buildings and garages. Big fire.

    The building was vacant, had been gutted and re-developed with an unfinished garage. The next day...

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    Guys, last week there was a fire in the alley just north of Cuyler around Wolcott + Cuyler. Took out a garage and burned the siding off the nearby buildings and garages. Big fire.

    The building was vacant, had been gutted and re-developed with an unfinished garage. The next day I was out in the alley with some neighbors and someone mentioned calling the cops on three kids hanging out in the garage the previous week (so that would have been Saturday 4/18 I believe). The kids were arrested and released.

    Obviously this is all hearsay, but there's some speculation that they may have been involved because they were messing around in the garage and ran away, got arrested and then a week later the same garage burned down. I don't know how a totally unused, unfinished garage catches on fire randomly.

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  • I got SO sick from Smokin Woody's about 5 years ago. It was so bad I had to go to the hospital and was there for 48 hours. The worst night of my life. Just the thought of it takes me back. Needless to say, I never went back and will not be giving the new place a try either.

  • Ravens Yes.I can fix that.

    I think Woody's ribs were aged........................Three days in the sun, in his alley.

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Neighbors beware - strange guy came to my apartment looking to get in

Hi all, around 10:30 pm, some guy rang my buzzer very lightly. i scoped out a black/hispanic guy with close-cropped hair, clean shaven, wearing a black coat and a hoodie. After he buzzed my door, i got a good look at him as he was standing right up to the door. My first impression is that someone would let him in on the slightest buzz and get to the first apartment. When I answered the door, he mumbled something about "it being cool....corner" i asked him to repeat it again and he said something else and i didn't buzz him. I went back to the window and the dude was gone.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    You did the right thing by not taking a chance and letting him in your building. Some of these home invaders use a common tactic of speaking in a low voice so that the apt. dweller will unlock the door to hear better.

  • That's an interesting perspective. If you can't speak loudly and clearly, then you have no business I'm interested in. Now shoo..!

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Former Hot Doug's Cooks 'Carrying the Torch' at New Uptown Joint

When Hot Doug's closed in October, the brothers, who live in Portage Park, decided to open a hot dog joint of their own: Hot "G" Dog at 5009 N. Clark St. The "G" stands for their last name.

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Chicago Theater Takes on Police Brutality, Obama, and More

The Project(s) runs April 28–May 25 at American Theater Company, 1909 W. Byron. For more information, go to atcweb.org.

This article has 1 other Chicago location (Show)

An Issue of Blood runs through May 3 at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater, 2433 N. Lincoln. For more information, go to victorygardens.org.

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  • L

    If this is a pre-opening inspection, it is normal to fail. Restaurants use these inspections as a way of getting a punch list from the inspector to find out what has to be done before opening. This is how the process works in Chicago.

  • Places fail all the time when they are building.

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Moving supplies

Free to a good home
Alley behind 2549 west wilson

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Luella's Southern Kitchen; 'Piggly Wiggly' sandwich

Run—don't walk—to Luella's Southern Kitchen ( 4609 N. Lincoln Ave.; www.luellassouthernkitchen.com/ ).

  • painhertz butterknife ninja

    I can hear the "cease and desist" being typed up right now.

  • Julia McDonald Peasants' Plot CSA Farmer

    Delicious chicken and waffles and glazed brussels--was able to try out last night and very good!

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