Apr 06 2014

Updated Sep 26

Mr. ZJ's

Went into this bar the other night at the corner of Central Park & Oakdale. 10 minutes after getting there, people started barring the back exit with wood planks, then locked the front door. Some of the clientele started getting really tense feeling and one guy was punching the jukebox and screaming. I got them to unlock the front door for me so I could leave. What are the Avondale local dives that I should avoid? I'm all about a no frills bar, but Mr. ZJs seemed pretty unsafe.

  • With the uptick of muggings at gunpoint in the area of Danny's and Podhale you MUST be wary of walking alone, even before it gets dark. A lot can happen in 30 seconds before the next wave of cars pass by.

  • Chicago Police have been here in many occasions in response to their "customers" being passed out in the street but they take it as a joke because they've been called so many time for the same reason. One was blacked out in our doorstep, the cops just threw water in...

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    Chicago Police have been here in many occasions in response to their "customers" being passed out in the street but they take it as a joke because they've been called so many time for the same reason. One was blacked out in our doorstep, the cops just threw water in his face to wake him up, made a smart-a comment about wanting to deport them, taking pictures with their phones and leaving. I would say it has gotten to the point that it's just a joke to them. I am all about supporting our local business in our community but this place just has to go. This neighborhood is not like it was 5 years ago, a lot of small young families are settling in (including mine) and want to live in a nice neighborhood.

Sep 24

Updated Sep 25

No water on Ridgeway

So the construction guys said the water would be on by 4. Still off at 7. They just went home and nobody's at the number they gave us. Is the whole street out?Jerks.

Sep 13

Updated Sep 13

Any Dallas Cowboys fans on here

Looking to meet up every Sunday to watch the games. I live in Logan square and have direc TV Sunday ticket hit me up.

  • The General in Logan plays football and I believe one of the owners is a Cowboys fan (boo). I just noticed they had tvs at the bar late this week. Actually a good crowd watching the Bears game now down there.

Sep 08

Updated Sep 12

Block Sale Saturday, 9/12/15 2300 Block of North Monticello

The neighbors of the 2300 block of N. Monticello Ave are having a Block Sale this Saturday, 9/12/15, from 9 AM to 4 PM. Multiple families are participating. A wide variety of items is expected.

Sep 10

Loud noise at kimball and Fullerton last night

Did anyone hear a loud boom at about 2am at kimball and Fullerton last night? Woke me out of a dead sleep absolutely scared me to death. Wasn't sure if it was a gunshot or not. Any ideas on what it was??

Sep 06

Updated Sep 07

Lost Fitbit

Free to the original owner, YOUR...Fitbit! You lost it on your run down Drake, between Belle Plaine and Berteau. Leave me a message with your email.

  • If you email Fitbit, they will send you a SASE and you can send it back to them. They can then send it to the owner. You're awesome for trying to help.

  • ward greenleaf From all over the states

    Cool! I'll give it another day

Aug 23

Updated Aug 24

Gunshots 4200 N. Kimball?

Heard multiple, 10 or so gunshots around 4200 Kimball called 911. Anyone know what's going on?

Aug 24

Updated Aug 24

Block meeting 2400 n Sawyer

There has been a lot going on lately. I grew up on this block and recently returned. Do people want to organize and make a plan to discuss the issues and solutions?

  • Wheat1 Logan Square, Avondale

    What is a block meeting? Is it for the surrounding area or literally just 2400 block?

  • I am open to suggestions

  • Fuarain CTA rider, walker, animal person

    Talk to the alderman's office. Ald. Rosa seems like a decent guy who would like to help.

Aug 22

Updated Aug 22

Police Action on Leland between Monticello and Central Park

There was a small crowd gathered last night around 9pm. I heard there was a shooting in the alley, south of Leland, and someone in the crowd found a bullet casing on the sidewalk on the north side of Leland. Has anyone heard anything further?

  • I live right there and there were 4 gunshots on the corner of the alley between central park and monticello where it meets leland and then 2 gunshots about 30 seconds later from what sounded like the south end of that alley. They spent an hour or so looking for bullets last night. 6 gunshots total, 2 very distinct guns.

Aug 21

Updated Aug 22

More police at Belle Plaine & St Louis

Multiple squad cars at Belle Plaine & St. Louis again. Anyone know what's going on?

  • ward greenleaf From all over the states

    It's a great thing! Cops do a roll call everyday before a shift. Discuss community concerns etc. this was a meet a greet with the commander, beat cops, tact teams and the alderman

Aug 20

Seamstress for curtains / pillows

Any recommendations for a seamstress in Albany Park or the vicinity? I purchased some fabric to cover 2 pillows as well as make new drapes. Thanks!

Aug 18

Updated Aug 19

Obvious Gang/Narcotic activity...

Ok, why is the gang lounge, sorry...convenience store, at 4000 N Drake still open? Let's do the math. They take LINK, sell grape cigars, sell .25 cent bags of flaming hots, and the owner drives an Audi convertible. The sIMON cITY rOYALS are always dressed in blue and black giving hard looks at people. You never see many people other than bangers in the store. Seems like they need a license check, wonder if the Alderman agrees. I've seen little ziplock out front too, candy maybe?!

  • freddie c employed

    Is it the Q-Stop? I've taken the Lawerence bus to/from work for over 16 years and that store has been a menace and an eyesore for a l-o-n-g time. If nothing else the cops could fine the owner for underage drinking in the parking lot.
    About TJ, thanks for posting where to find his "biography", What little of the 25 million that guy has left after blowing it on useless cars and homes, he's probably broke.

  • freddie c employed

    And back in the pokey where he belongs.

Aug 18

Updated Aug 19

Power outage

Looks like west side of drake and west is without power. Call 1-800-edison1 and report if yours is out

Aug 15

Updated Aug 16

Brown Sack

Does anyone know the name of the restaurant in the former Brown Sack location?

  • They need to bring back brown sack's garbanzo pita!

  • I checked out an apartment a few blocks away and the owners let me know about Wyler Road. Nice addition to the West end of Logan Square.

Aug 11

Updated Aug 13

IPCNA Neighborhood Meeting

I'm heading to our neighborhood meeting Wednesday night at Monticello and berteau in the church basement. Anybody else going?

  • ward greenleaf From all over the states

    Irving park association of neighbors...

  • There was a CAPS meeting at Athletic Field Park on Wednesday night as well. It was apparently quite well attended, I think including concerned IP neighbors. Not sure if that impacted your IPCNA attendance

Aug 08

Updated Aug 11


Anyone else completely annoyed by the 3580 neighbors?? I have had to call domestic almost every other day... The guy threatens to kill his girlfriend/ wife and they have been using drugs in the alley in plain site and on top of all that, they love to play loud music at wee hours of the morning.

Aug 08

Updated Aug 10

I found a child who is lost

Please let me know if you or someone you know is looking for a lost child I found a kid by my house who is maybe 3 or 4 on the 3600 block of Palmer street in Logan square. We have called the cops.

  • Lord Uffda rocking i den frie verden

    Also....don't use the bathroom, don't eat and don't sleep!

  • Benjamin Lipsman 37 y.o. Logan Square resident. Web designer.

    When I was a toddler, I was notorious for leaving the house... my mom would find me laying on the curb staring down the sewer grate, or at the next door neighbors', etc. And childproofing was no use... she put a hook & eye latch on the screen door, took me all of a couple minutes to run to the broom closet and grab the broom to pop it. Solved any other "childproof" gadgets equally quickly...

Aug 08

Moving boxes

Free used for one move 2436 n sawyer alley. More after Monday

Aug 04

Updated Aug 06

Chaos at Tony's, it's a pressure cooker...

This place may just clear itself out...

  • Monts_Struwwel Rammstein fan in the block

    Cejón, it's true that there is no way on earth that some folks on EB will ever like me. It has to do with what I say, not on who I am because nobody knows if I ever observed any religion and nobody knows where I was born so I...

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    Cejón, it's true that there is no way on earth that some folks on EB will ever like me. It has to do with what I say, not on who I am because nobody knows if I ever observed any religion and nobody knows where I was born so I don't give anyone a reason to pre- judge what I say based on anything other than my words. I even changed my profile photo because it used to show my gender, age and racial profile (and my transportion medium). Now I'm an anonymous genderless Struwwelpeter. Judging somebody for their words is fair. I earned their hatred. I take ownership. What is unfair is being put on the spot because of your religion or because of where you come from. As I said, at this point I'm investing this time for the ones who understand and appreciate the comments. The thing is when people grow up being part of a mainstream culture they tend to become oblivious and they take too much for granted. As far as the haters that some people acquire on EB they are usually based on their own narrow-minded rhetorics. The problem is that in our society some people are put under scrutiny even before they do anything or even before they open their mouth just because of what they wear, how they look and what kind of religion they observe. For every narrow-minded comment I see I'll spend valuable time responding because I want the ones who understand my words to know that not everyone thinks in certain ways. Why do people harass others by constantly reminding them that a perpetrator belongs to this or that group? If they really respect law abiding people, why do they mention a specific religion and not others when crime happens in every possible culture, nationality and religion?Narrow minds don't understand socio linguistics but I know whom I'm talking to. I'm not trying to convince anyone. It's impossible. You're right. I agree with that.

  • Cejon Life's good here

    Montse, also if they go beyond the freedom if speech and you feel offended report them to the administrator by clickin the unneighborly button. I understand, EB is a place for people to come together and join forces against crime, help each other and make friends .

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