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4:20-4:30am possible gunshot and women

Around 4:30am this morning I heard a multiple pounding sound (which may have been gunshots) followed by a man yelling "Hello!, hello" followed by some other things I couldn't hear but there was a women crying and saying "omg". Did anyone else hear something like this

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Gunshots and cars heading west on Diversey

Just heard gunshots about halfway down my block - Sacramento between Diversey and George. 6-8 shots in quick succession, followed by car alarms going of while two cars sped down the street. One a white SUV (Explorer, I think) followed by a grey sedan (I think a BMW?) both with tinted windows. Both squealed around the corner and headed west on Diversey... Called 911. They need to be watching the "derelict" house with the graffiti and a red X sign that I heard about on WBEZ, at the corner of George & Sacramento - no good is happening there!

  • Lesley, did they in fact catch the guys on Wednesday? It sounded like it happened right outside our place (north of Diversey). It woke my napping kids up and I saw a car go speeding down the back alley immediately afterward. That one freaked me out because it was the middle of the day ...

  • Elsbeth - according to the officer I spoke with, they did. Someone was able to get a description of the car when they called it in, and it was actually a car that had been reported stolen (don't know if it was determined by plates or just description) - and...

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    Elsbeth - according to the officer I spoke with, they did. Someone was able to get a description of the car when they called it in, and it was actually a car that had been reported stolen (don't know if it was determined by plates or just description) - and they found the car and inhabitants later in the afternoon. I happened to be working from home that day and was like "what? Certainly not gunfire on a Wednesday afternoon." One good thing - it was great to see so many neighbors out on the street after. Apparently they got several calls - and everyone was talking to the cops, so it's a concerned block - which is good. We'll see what happens. I bet if they get the security camera footage from Julio's Auto Parts they'll be able to get plates and makes if cars. One of their cameras is aimed right up Sacramento (I've been able to see my front door when getting keys cut), so fingers crossed they were recording last night!

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Family photographer

Can anybody recommend a good local photographer for a family shoot? Someone with a studio is a major plus.

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This man with an assault rifle was walking down our alley (Lyndale between California and Sacramento) around 7:45 tonight. We did file a police report and the police took action immediately, but they didn't find the man as far as we know. Be alert!

  • you did the right thing by reporting what you saw, it could have been what most of us thought. FYI call the city if you have rat problems, they will respond.

  • It's an awful cruel thing to shoot rats with a BB gun, M-16 looking or otherwise.

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Stolen Bike: RECOVERED!!

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted helpful information regarding the stolen Univega I posted about a month ago. After a TON of looking, I found it for sale on Craigslist and got it back!!! Please do yourself a favor and register your serial number (and that of your friends) and also check serial numbers before buying a bike!!

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Pipe work on Wrightwood and Hamlin?

So I know a few weeks ago there was a bunch of construction going on to replace the 100+ year old pipe system along Wrightwood and Hamlin. There used to be a bunch of signs that said we weren't able to park on the street (I live on Hamlin) until late August which later turned to September but all the signs have since been torn down. Does anyone know what the deal is with the construction or how I might go about finding out whether it's safe to park on my street again? Thanks in advance!

  • joyce abshire 22 year resident of logan square...

    My advice is to call the water dept. 311 should connect you.

Jul 12

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Man Stabbed in 3200 block of Logan Square

Found blood soaked clothes in our dumpster today and called it in to 911.

  • Jen60647 Kimball & Schubert

    It's a half a mile away.
    The two might not be related but finding a blood soaked shirt in the dumpster is not a good thing. Yes, I called 911 and let them know.

  • dont know nothin bout nothin

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Police Activity @ Irving/Kimball

Does anyone know what's going on that there's all this police activity at Irving Park and Kimball?

Aug 11

Updated Aug 12

Plumber in Logan Square?

Anyone have a recommendation? My upstairs shower is leaking into my downstairs bathroom and it's gross. I'm also broke, so someone with reasonable prices.

  • JTM

    Chicagoland Quality plumbing fixed a faucet for me yesterday. I was happy with their work, speed, and rate. Edwin may also offer a discount for a first-time customer.

  • Awesome recommendations! Thanks so much. I'll let you know how it goes. Sergio, I own, but it's a house not a condo.

Aug 09

Thanks to the biker

Just want to say thank you to the biker that chased down the cab on Fullerton that drove away before my mom could get her luggage out. Really appreciate it.

Aug 07

Updated Aug 08

Language immersion for preschoolers

Any suggestions for a preschool that offers language immersion? We already have a good amount of Spanish in our home and with our friends in the neighborhood, but I'd like to add another language and take it up a notch while the little brain is such a sponge.

  • Intercultural Montessori
    Lycee Francais
    The German School
    Multilingual Chicago might offer something that fits the bill.

  • We took our daughter to Language Stars and really liked the program. They are on Elston.

Aug 03

Updated Aug 08

door buzzer repair?

We need to repair or replace one of the outside buzzers/speaker boxes on our small condo building. Any suggestions for an affordable reliable repair service or person? Thanks in advance!

Jul 11

Updated Aug 08

Streets and sanitation ticket question

I just received a $300 ticket via mail from streets and sanitation for accumulation of construction materials in and around the garbage carts on 5/22.

This is definitely not my mess, I didn't even see it before it got hauled away, but seeing as it was over a month ago, I can't prove it wasn't. My roommate mentioned that the neighbors across the alley were building a deck at that time and it was likely them that loaded up my ddumpster and infront of my garage. Would this be worth the fight? Or am I better off just paying and becoming the alley hawk going forward?

  • scary.

  • Years ago I got a $300 ticket for 'weeds over 10 "'and 'debris' in my back yard; I knew the date because the inspector broke down my back fence (I have a locked fence now) and that morning the dog was running in the alley. I went to court (Addison?)...

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    Years ago I got a $300 ticket for 'weeds over 10 "'and 'debris' in my back yard; I knew the date because the inspector broke down my back fence (I have a locked fence now) and that morning the dog was running in the alley. I went to court (Addison?) and had to change the date because I was out of town on work and the ticket was automatically dropped to $150 (I still don't know why). I was in court for 4 hours - they took every construction guy ahead of me..no explanation. Then the judge looked at the pictures and asked if these were the 'after' and I said 'no, that is my asparagus, which can't be cut down or it dies (it was 2'by2 ft' and my composter with plain dirt around it with one rake and 2 clay pots' He dismissed the ticket but IF I had to do it over again, as broke as I was, I might have just paid.
    The moral? I found out why. I was the Caps Facilitator for the area and I had been reporting a gang house with weeds over 8' in the back ...and nothing was done about it. (I was 'told on the sly' that was the reason.)
    That was YEARS ago and I was CAPS FAcilitator for 8 years but no more.

Aug 06

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Palmer Street/Mozart - loud and obnoxious neighbors

Has anyone else in the neighborhood (on Palmer, just east of Mozart) noticed the loud music and general obnoxiousness from the neighbors on the north side of the street? They are currently blaring music over the radio (the whole neighborhood can decipher the lyrics), it's 9pm. I've called in noise complaints several times for the same sort of thing. I just called 15 min. ago and no cop drive by has happened, but the operator seemed to know right away who I was talking about it. Any suggestions? They are so disrespectful.

  • KJean Work in EGP. Live in Logan.

    Cops just drove by, and about 10 minutes later they turned it off - success!!!

Apr 06

Updated Aug 05

Barber shop opening up at old La Boulangerie

According to a barber at Art and Science in Wicker Park, the salon is opening a men's barber shop where La Boulangerie used to be

  • Jim Day New.

    Can I get a high top fade there?

  • Paul Smith EveryBlock co-founder. Logan Square resident.

    Know when it is supposed to open?

  • Jim: You can but you will have to go somewhere right after to have it finished properly.

Jul 30

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No water

3600 block of Wrightwood lost all water as of 6:30 this morning. It's not planned, they turned off our water on Monday from 8-4 with plenty of notice. Hopefully, this won't be long term. Meanwhile, there will be a few stinky people at work today. Thanks Chicago.

  • Milli 3 year Logan Square resident

    Right, there were notices about this. There was also a water main break (per the constructions workers who told me as I watched them try to fix it when taking my dog out). They fixed the break and all is good. They informed me that as they are replacing the pipes, the old pipes have been known to burst because they are so old. Essentially: water main replacement = water main break = all is good.

  • I just want to know why they can start working at 6:30am, but we tax paying citizens have to follow the noise ordinance from 10pm-8am. Grrrrr!

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

Where to buy lots of carnations? Flower markets open to public?

Usually I go to Fleur for flowers, but my financial situation has changed and I'm now looking to get way more bang for my buck! I thought I'd try out getting a few big 'ol bouquets of carnations because they are so inexpensive. Problem is I have no idea where to buy them. Any tips? I'd like them to be as fresh and long lasting as possible. Are there any flower markets open to the public (as opposed to only florists/professionals)?

  • You can get a whole bunch at a time from Costco, and they last forever. :)

  • adams and sons is out mini Gethsemane....its super scenic, nice folk, local and affordable. only downside they are sold out of lot's of perennials...plus side, they have some great mark downs on their multi plant pots. parking on the side street is free (but if there's a humbolt fest, it's a nogo) they have some really nice looking cut flowers and i bet they could get something specific for you with enuff notice.

Jul 28

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Woman shrieking last night?

I live just north of Fullerton on Sawyer and last night (7/27) we thought we heard a woman shrieking (about once every 10min or more) between 10:30p and 11:30p. We were debating whether or not to call the police (I know the mantra is always call), but it seemed quite far away (West of us, possibly North) that I didn't feel we could provide any real info. Also, I couldn't be sure whether or not it was real or a hoax since it was so intermittent. Did anyone else hear/witness this or call the police?

  • Jason W Lifelong Chicagoan

    If you can post here, you can call it in.

  • Too late now.

  • PR

    It turns out it was just LoganSquareGal shrieking every time a man walked by her house. Nothing to worry about.

Jul 22

Updated Jul 28


I've seen a rooster roaming on Whipple just south of Wellington in the morning, two days in a row. Just wanted to post in case someone is missing a rooster.

  • Susie Corporate Meetings Coordinator

    We live on the same block as said rooster. The woman who owns (I use that term loosely) it never seems concerned about it's wandering. We have an 8 month old so we are up early but others on our block are probably not.

    What options do we have to keep it caged? What are the laws? Animal control?

  • I was out that way around 5:30 this morning and he was crowing as he wandered the alley south of Wellington on Whipple. I wondered if it was annoying any of the neighbors there. The dogs on the street near it were going nuts every time it crowed.

    They're not...

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    I was out that way around 5:30 this morning and he was crowing as he wandered the alley south of Wellington on Whipple. I wondered if it was annoying any of the neighbors there. The dogs on the street near it were going nuts every time it crowed.

    They're not supposed to be wandering since it's deemed a "nuisance," as is excessive noise (a la crowing) but I'm not sure how responsive the City would be.

    There are a lot of posts lately about wandering foul. Here's an article on it with a flyer outlining the rules for keeping chickens: http://blog.allstate.com/local/chicago-il/raise-chickens-in-chicago/

Jul 26

Updated Jul 28

Found dog--terrier mix

My neighbor found a small female blond terrier mix near George and Albany yesterday. She seems young, and has a pink collar, but no tags. Very friendly. He's taking care of her, but if this is your dog, let me know, and I'll put you in touch with my neighbor.

  • I think there was a lost dog flyer up for a terrier mix around Smith Park (by Chicago and Western). Sorry I didn't see it too close.

  • Susie Corporate Meetings Coordinator

    I think we saw the same dog. Friendly neighbor named 'Steve' is looking for the owner. I went to list dogs of IL but didn't see anything...

Jul 25

Two "Premium Balcony" tickets for Camera Obscura tonight at Thalia Hall

I have two extra hard tickets. They cost $40/each after fees, but make me an offer. It'd be a shame for them to go to waste.

Jul 16

Updated Jul 19

Need Recommendations for part-time nanny or flexible childcare options

Hello, my husband and I are looking for a part time nanny ( 3-4 days a week) or child care facility beginning next spring. Does anyone have someone or a business they would suggest?

  • If you go on the dcfs website you will find a list of registered home daycares. I had more success here than the regular daycare. Walk around ur area, you'd be surprised how many home daycares there might be. Not sure if this is anything u are interested in

  • Megan in Logan Square/Avondale 17 year Chicagoan

    Hi Monica,
    I am going to message you about this; check your email.

  • Genevieve artist, photographer, cat lady, mom, WHorner Park

    Also look at sittercity.com

Jul 17

Updated Jul 18

Building Demolition

Hello all,
A demolition company came out and demolished an old abandoned building next to our condo building this week. I have noticed that the fence between our property has some damage. Also, a lot of the bricks destroyed some landscaping on or side. I am sure I will find some more issues and wanted to see anyone's else's experience with this. I called and left messages with the company, but no one is returning my call. Thanks.

  • Take photos and contact your Alderman. They're usually pretty good about getting these things taken care of.

  • 2nd that. take photos immediately. Be sure to include both distance and close up shots of damage.

Jul 16


Anyone have any recommendations for a company that does rolling fences that operate on a remote control? Thanks!

Jul 12

Updated Jul 14

Gunshots in Logan Square?

I live a couple of blocks south-west of the California Blue Line stop. I just heard 3 gunshots, each about a minute apart. They sounded like they were coming from a little north-west of where I am. Anyone else hear them? Am I mistaking fireworks for gunfire?

  • Thanks, guys. All of this was very helpful. I'm pretty sure they were fireworks, and now I have a better idea of what to listen for.

  • I have shot thousands of rounds both indoor and outdoor. If I am sitting in my house I have a hard time telling the difference. If there are many shots spaced out evenly or they have the crackle or whistle you should be good. Anything else I would be on the safe side and call it in if you fell you can give them a specific area to check.

Jul 12

Updated Jul 13

Shrieking woman getting dragged into a car behind cafe con leche?

Anyone see or know anything about the domestic disturbance playing out for all the patio diners at d'noche/cafe con leche and parts & labor? I was eating on the patio and saw a woman getting dragged yelling and shrieking into a white car. Cops showed up pretty quickly but it was hard to see into the parking lot.

  • Brandrea21 Logan Square resident

    I assume the cops caught him ?

  • Emilie 5-year West Bucktowner

    So upsetting to see. I'm glad someone called 911 right away. I've noticed that when domestic abuse occurs out in public, people can often hesitate to call police to intervene. Glad that didn't happen here.

Jul 10

Updated Jul 11

Rat poison near the sidewalk

I walked by what looks like rat poison beside the sidewalk on the grass as shown. This was in front of 3408 W Parker Ave at Parker and Kimball. Does anyone know what this is about? There are so many dogs and children in this area and this seems extremely dangerous...

  • Craig Born and raised in the city.

    It shouldn't be out like. But to throw it out? Anyone here ever drive or walk through the alleys around there at night? You just might see rats jumping under and on top or garbage cans.

  • Craig- I'm all for pest control when it's not likely to poison everyone's pets and children that happen to walk by a tree lined neighborhood street, rather than a back alley near garbage cans. You just mentioned that's where we find them so why would we put it by sidewalks...?

Jul 09

Updated Jul 10

Cross country moving

Any one ever moved cross country? I'm moving at the end of July to Seattle from here in Chicago. I looked into renting a pod but I have no driveway and don't think it would fly putting one of those on a city street. Any tips? Companies you've used? Should I just uhaul it myself? Ideally looking for something with storage too since I haven't locked a lease in Seattle down yet. Any advice is appreciated!

  • TR Resident Logan / Avondale

    I used a pod, Smart Box, and it was in a parking spot in front of my house for about a week. Granted I live on a smaller side street, but I had no hassles or tickets or anything.

  • C. M. D. Avondale Triangle resident

    That reminds me - I think my sister-in-law got a No parking sign and permission to put the pod on the street from her alderman' s office. Maybe worth a try?

Jul 02

Updated Jul 02

Logan Square Skate Park

The skate park on Logan is suppose to be just that- a skate park! My son and I come early so as to avoid the big kids and the bikes. He's still learning so the bikes are intimidating. The sign that used to hang (stating that no bikes are allowed) here has been torn off.
Today there is a family on bikes. One of the kids is on training wheels and the rest are running around like its a playground.
It's dangerous and not very useful as a place where kid might learn how to skate.

Jun 27

Updated Jun 30

Masada restaurant

Ok so I realize it only been open a day but has anyone been there yet? I figured there would be at least one Obsessive Yelper to post a review already.

  • @sadie: I'd say go for it. It will be a very unique and fun experience

  • Great food and drinks! Terrible service. They weren't even apologetic about it-not one iota. I'm sure it will get better, but man...

Jun 27

Updated Jun 27

Does This Bike Belong to Your Child?

It's been on the grass at 3329 W Schubert for over 24 hours now. I don't want to bring it inside for fear that the owner does come back and thinks it's been stolen.

Jun 24

Updated Jun 25

Explosion sound near Diversey and Central Park - anyone else hear?

Sounded too low to be a firework. Anyone know what it was?

  • I definitely heard it as well! I live on Milwaukee/Central Park, and had assumed it was fireworks since it lasted for a good while.

  • Yeah, I'm fairly certain it was fireworks. They're fairly common in this area, as I've noticed since just moving in a month ago. I'm at Hamlin/George and I heard them as well.

Jun 23

Updated Jun 25

Injured Bird

There's an injured pigeon on Lyndale near California in front of the Ottoman Empire's front yard. I know people hate pigeons but the bird's wing is broken or something and no one seems to want to help it. I don't want to just leave it there but I can't drive it anywhere or bring it home. Does anyone have any suggestions or help it?

  • Maybe a magician will take it and rehab it.

  • Francis 60647 Check out the book A Feathered River Across the Sky by J. Greenberg. It's about a different type of pigeon now extinct. Reading it changed my attitude about our local Rock Pigeon population. Nice to see people offering suggestions and support for our local injured bird!

Jun 22

Updated Jun 24

Shots fired?

Did anyone just hear 8-10 shots? I'm on Lyndale near California, and they seemed to come from a few blocks north. Debating calling the police since it would be the third time tonight. I already called twice about three men yelling and blasting music in the alley. So many sirens tonight as well. Logan Square seems to be getting worse by the day. :(

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer


    You have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

    I took your original question as expressing concern about becoming bothersome to police with repeated calls. Call anyway. It's important that gunfire is called in. Increased calls mean more heat on the District Commander.

    I, and many others, share your frustration. This...

    Read full comment…


    You have absolutely nothing to apologize for.

    I took your original question as expressing concern about becoming bothersome to police with repeated calls. Call anyway. It's important that gunfire is called in. Increased calls mean more heat on the District Commander.

    I, and many others, share your frustration. This is a great neighborhood, overall. This is 2014, d@mmit!!! Why are people firing guns outdoors?!?! I wish I had an answer, or solution. Suffice it to say that it comes from a criminal element trying to kill someone, asserting their power, or marking their territory like dogs.

    But the real question is: Is MY block/area becoming more dangerous??? Is it safe for any of us to be outside? To walk to the store? To the L? Stroll the blvds.? Sit out on the steps? Jog? Walk alone at night to a lounge for a cocktail?

    I've been on Logan near California for a very long time and there has always been random gunfire here. But over here, it's always been in isolated incidents, seemingly without victims. Other parts of LS are certainly more dangerous.

    Much less so, I think, around Cali/Lyndale, at least as far as gunfire and shootings go.

    However, this is the city, and there are some things that are simply unwise: Night walks down alleys, Getting into arguments with strangers, Walking into a group of teens, Not paying attention to people walking towards you from in front or behind.

    Read the EveryBlock LS crime reports, and you'll see patterns. I.E., a lot of night hour street robberies around the Milwaukee-Diversey intersection. Assaults, too (tho not sexual assaults). But I don't sense much going on down by you in terns of patterns.

    Still, we should be concerned about that One-In-A-Million stray bullet fired in anger or bravado. If we are close enough to clearly hear it, then we are close enough to get hit by it. So even 1 shot, 1 time should not be tolerated without complaint.

  • Thanks for your post Jill. What's being shot on this thread is the messenger. :(

Jun 19

Updated Jun 22

Shooting on Richmond & Logan

My husband was jogging down Logan and was almost hit by a white Grand AM filled with multiple Latinos who seemed like they were following a grey Honda (playing loud music driven by a young Latino) as he reached California. The Grand AM turned down the parkway, to catch up to the Honda. One person got out and shot twice-- and left. The police are investigating. He would have never believed this would occur at 12:25 pm on a Thursday!

  • Lisa Sepper Logan Square area

    I am a runner, this morning I was out getting in my miles when MANY drivers were just blowing past the STOP signs & also disregarding the lights. I was stopped & waiting for the light to change when a car came flying down the street. Be careful out there, we have laws but some people think these laws do not apply to them.

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    the uncivilized.

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