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New on the 4100 block of drake...

Just moved in on the 4100 block of north Drake. We love our house and have been doing a lot to make it better. Yesterday the slumlord next door tried to get confrontational with me on my property line and fence. I hope this gets easier.

  • Chitowngirl - do you have a good company to use for the land survey?

  • Welcome to the neighborhood Fred, the new fence looks great! Always good to see someone come into the block and improve it.

3 days ago

Updated 2 days ago

Found cat

He/she is black and white chubby and totally sweet. It followed me home from grace/ drake

  • Poor guy could tell I have a soft spot for black cats (I've had 7 of them in my life!) I'm so glad it worked out thanks to you A&K

  • Thanks for caring for him while you found the owner!

Apr 05

Updated Apr 06

Cleanup Albany Park April 18th

A cleanup event is being organized for Saturday, April 18th. If you are interested in adopting your block or have questions about how to organize a group of neighbors to tackle the job, email albanyparkneighbors@gmail.com.

  • Northpark is in. Alley's between Bernard and St. Louis and St Louis and Drake. Alderman's office supplies the tools and we all meet and greet. Best of all we make a difference. We can all show our pride for our neighborhoods. 9 am meet up time behind 5038 N St. Louis. Refreshments and goodwill will be served!

Apr 05

Updated Apr 06

Two boxes of kids books on Spaulding free

We have put two boxes of children books ages 5-10. All mixed in good condition. They are sitting outside 3018-3020 N Spaulding ave. Please take a look maybe you can use it or pass it to anyone who might need them.

Mar 26

Updated Mar 27

Garage Fire

Garage fire tonight around 6:00 on Monticello (near the intersection of Monticello and Wrightwood). This is the third garage fire in as many years, all within a couple blocks of each other...2+ years ago a garage fire a couple houses north of tonights and a year ago a couple blocks west...? Anyone know causes?

  • When I first moved into the neighborhood it was a 'gang' thing. It needs to be watched. Thanks for posting...

  • On July 4th, 2013 a garage burnt down a few houses down from me, on St. Louis near Parker, so also in the same general area. Given the date I assumed it was due to mishandled fireworks.

  • Anton Irie 4 Years And Still Unsure About LS

    Could also be bums squatting in it (starting fires for warmth or misusing the electrical connections) or just bad electrical to begin with. Oily rags from car maintenance + an electrical arc = boom.

Mar 24

Updated Mar 25

Filming crew on the corner of Milwaukee and diversey

What was being filmed at about 3:00 pm outside the Payless on the hairpin building?

  • ErikaM Blue-Line identified

    Ad for Payless. That explains the pots of fake flowers and people moving away the snow and muck in the a.m.

  • Chuy Garcia smear ad

Mar 24

Updated Mar 24

Community theater

Hey fellow Logan Square neighbors! Curious if anyone knows of some small community theaters in the area, I'm looking to join one!

Mar 18

Updated Mar 22

Eviction or what?

Yesterday I saw people moving their stuff out of 4427 N Saint Louis, but now it's all just sitting on the lawn and the curb. Mattresses, desks, etc. Anyone know what's going on there? It's a bit of an eyesore.

  • your funny irena

  • loraine t washington 5 yr. resident

    The rich get richer and the poor go broke. The system is designed to fail. If you see a break take it because you won't get that many.

Mar 11

Updated Mar 16

Health hazard !

The sun is shining , birds are chirping , snow is melting. Hooray ! Let's go ride bikes and go for a walk around the neighborhood . Oh wait ...we can't because there is sooooo much dog poop and garbage everywhere that it literally feels like a health hazard . Thank you to everyone doing their part and going the extra mile to clean up poop and filth that isn't theirs . Let's get this place looking great and keep it that way .

  • any such name live, walk, & cook in logan square

    It's not because people don't have a bag. I've run out of bags and I go into the alley and grab something out of a recycling bin to dispose of my dog's business. It's because these people do not care, plain and simple.

  • It is so so disgusting. Giardia, coccidia. Let's just get all our dogs sick from one another. Those who can't pick up after their dogs are lazy and should not own them. I am so sick of these lazy dog owners, and untrained dogs, and untrained owners. Get over yourselves, pick up the poop and live like humans.

Mar 15

Updated Mar 16

Badger hat

We lost a child's Wisconsin Badger hat today in Logan Square. The little guys stealthy and has a good arm. It also has sentimental value. If you see a small child's baseball cap, red, with a Wisconsin badger patch on the front, would you mind replying or pm me? Thanks!

Mar 10

Updated Mar 10

CPD at Logan Square Blue Line

Anyone know what happened late Monday night?

  • I came home after the Bulls game (10p) and nothing was going down at that point aside from workers from the CTA gearing up for some projects. Lots of support vehicles were parked upstairs when I came out but no CPD. Must have occurred later in the evening.

Mar 05

Updated Mar 06

Lost dog Hamlin Fullerton

Please help. Arctic jumped a fence and is roaming. Last seen 1 hour ago.

Apr 29 2012

Updated Mar 01

ex 60647 resident (Shout Out)

Wow this zip code is booming, lol. I miss 60647 area :( saddy face.

  • White people left Humboldt Park because they were scared of Puerto Ricans. Our next door neighbors in Norwood Park lived on Dickens before they moved to Norwood Park. Humboldt Park was also ripe for developers so many owners who were White no matter who lived in their building, burned down...

    Read full comment…

    White people left Humboldt Park because they were scared of Puerto Ricans. Our next door neighbors in Norwood Park lived on Dickens before they moved to Norwood Park. Humboldt Park was also ripe for developers so many owners who were White no matter who lived in their building, burned down buildings that Boriquas lived in to sell the land to the developers after many Whites had FLED. Now, they left and the Puerto Ricans develop their own support systems but the grandchildren of those who left decide they like it and want it back so folks should just move. And of course the rising house taxes because of the stupid yuppies force folks out now. Hey, I know my history.

Feb 26

Updated Feb 26

Snow Removal Requests Made

Good morning! Letting neighbors on the Spaulding/Schubert/Kimball blocks know I contacted the building owners about shoveling their properties today.
Hope everyone has a safe commute today.

Feb 25

Updated Feb 26

Veterinarian in Logan Square

Hi neighbors! Looking for some local recommendations for a vet who could see my pup. Would anyone be able to offer any recommendations based on personal experience? Looking for an office with evening/weekend hours!


  • I just wanted to comment on Logan Square Animals hospital. My crazy dogs were rough housing and the little ones eye popped right out! I rushed her over and they were great. They were professional and caring. We discussed several options before surgery. They took great care of her and have been in the area for several years. Though the office looks old, it was clean.

  • Allison Logan lawyer & homeowner

    Your Pet's Wellness is taking over the former Logan Pets facility and will be running an animal hospital out of there.

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