Jul 05

Updated 13 hours ago

Angry Homeless guys

Just shagged 2 of the guys that usually occupy the corner of Irving park and kimball. They were boozing it up and 1 was about to defecate behind a garage (s/w corner of drake and belle plaine). They were quite angry and confrontational. As they walked s/b St. Louis they were checking gates, probably to find a place to crash.

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer

    Do NOT confront them.

    If it turns into a fight between you and them, and you punch then in the mouth, you will make them bleed ...

    AND you will tear open your knuckles. So YOU will bleed.

    Such a blood exchange is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS because of the very high risk of disease transmission. HIV, Hep C, etc., etc.

    If that happens, go immediately to the ER. It is a real medical emergency.

    Don't confront. Call 911. Take photos with your phone.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    @Nick: You're right. I should have qualified my response. The severely mentally ill aren't responsible for their actions, however something must be done to keep them from hurting themselves and others.

Jun 15

Updated Jul 11

Sex Assault

Police: Woman attacked, sexually assaulted on Northwest Side

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Janu, in the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of posts you have made on EB bemoaning matters large and small in your daily trudge through this mortal existence, have you ever actually followed even one person's helpful advice? Before veering right off onto the next "issue"?

  • Spam Alert I do take advice. I do call the police. I just let people know what's happening. Thank You for Everyblock so people know what's happening.

Jul 05

Updated Jul 05

Lost toy train brown line

Lost my son's brown line train today around noon On either Wilson or Monticello. If anyone found it please let me know! Of course it's his lovey.

Jun 22

Updated Jul 03

New restaurant/bar/store?

Hey there! Anyone know what's going into the space on the southeast corner of Milwaukee and Spaulding? I saw a building permit a few weeks ago and now they've taken down the wood coverings and there's some nice new windows in there.

  • Nope, that gallery is open now across Milwaukee from Hopewell.

  • Kristin #lifeinlogan

    Yes, zobearsky, I'm talking about that one! Directly north of the gorilla sushi. I saw the construction notice but they haven't made anything known about what's going in there longterm.

Jun 25

Updated Jun 27

Found kitten at Schubert and Spaulding

Super friendly and very affectionate. Need to return to owners or find new home. Will check for chip on Monday.

  • Jen60647 Kimball & Schubert

    That's ok! I understand. Do you know how long it's been since she escaped?

  • MISSfancypants Your friendly neighborhood cat lady

    I believe we had her around January/February.

Jun 27

Lost dog in Albany Park

Saw this poster up around Hamlin and Wilson and wanted to share:

Jun 22


Yes, fireworks started at 8:37pm Thursday night, belle plaine and St. Louis maybe.

Jun 05

Updated Jun 09


Almost let the dog out AGAIN...into a yard full of skunks. Be careful kids, they're all over.

  • Eileen Dimberg Like our neighborhood people are friendly.

    I'm on the 4100 block of lawndale very worried have several dogs anything I can do to prevent them

  • LadyHawk justdointheright35thward

    Eileen, I would be concerned too. They sell skunk repellents at most hardware stores. Bunnies have nibbled all the leaves off my rose bushes so I chose the direct spray that claims to offend all critters. Here's the link to Home Depot skunk repellent. http://www.homedepot.com/s/skunk+repellent?NCNI-5 .

Jun 06

Updated Jun 06

Helicopters and Sirens?

Does anyone know what's going on. I'm around Diversey and Central Park/Pulaski - Helicopter right above the house for the last 15 minutes and sirens?

  • Just so you know- when there is an incident and there is news coverage from a chopper- the chopper is NEVER going to be directly over the scene, but at an angle that is into the wind and not into direct sunshine.

  • Her...you know, her! Lifetime Chicagoan; new to Logan Square

    I was on Diversey just before they closed it. Police were all around that building and traffic was jammed. I thought it was b/c of the construction at Kedzie but as I got closer to Kedzie, saw the cops, with one appearing to talk to somebody in one of the apartments. Didn't realize the severity of the situation until I read the DNAInfo alert and then the news.

May 20

Updated May 25

Gun shots

Just heard 6-8 loud reports. Came from berteau and kimball maybe or just east of kimball. It woke me so the round count might be wrong but now I'm hearing the ambulance. Called it in.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Bga, check your email

  • Thanks for the info Ward as in one paper they show a van in the alley and in another paper they say it happened on Saint Louis.

May 15

Updated May 24

Albany Park burglaries...

Unfortunate that the descriptions aren't better...


Also, Lawrence Hall has been a training ground for young residential burglars.

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    Impossible! That would mean that I would be wrong when I agree with you.

  • Ward is very knowledgeable and a good guy to consult with. Among his admirable qualities there is the fact that he doesn't let his verbal opponents on electronic platforms get under his skin and he will never do hilariously pathetic things worth eternal mockery just because someone pokes his last...

    Read full comment…

    Ward is very knowledgeable and a good guy to consult with. Among his admirable qualities there is the fact that he doesn't let his verbal opponents on electronic platforms get under his skin and he will never do hilariously pathetic things worth eternal mockery just because someone pokes his last nerve because he is too awesome to even be affected by any kind of provocation. Tantrums are for the weak and sorry. Kudos for Ward and for everyone who has enough going on in life. No need to let others get under one's skin because after all this is just an internet forum. Ideologically Ward and I couldn't be further away as I spend my life campaigning for every Bernie Sanders clone in the EU but I have tremendous respect for him. Finding common grounds when the odds are against us agreeing on anything is our Leitmotiv, the future of the USA.

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