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Gunshots, not fireworks...cullom and central park!

  • From Sun Times: A police source said all the victims are documented gang members.

  • "documented gang members" which means don't worry its just the minorities killing each other off. Enjoy your day.

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Drug Dealer on the Block

For the past several days I have seen a man repeatedly making drug deals outside my house and down the street. He walks down the block, passes someone, makes an exchange without stopping and continues walking. I am wondering what I can do about this. Who do I call? What is the procedure for addressing this whole keeping myself and family safe?

  • A. Montgomery The real Humboldt park

    Your baiting me to respond Deb, wowzers. Happy 4th of July

  • Legalize it all!!! This is supposed to be the most free country in the world but there is so much judgement and illegal activity it is disgusting. Jay Walking is Illegal for a reason...it creates traffic jams and is dangerous. If this law was enforced Chicago would be a better...

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    Legalize it all!!! This is supposed to be the most free country in the world but there is so much judgement and illegal activity it is disgusting. Jay Walking is Illegal for a reason...it creates traffic jams and is dangerous. If this law was enforced Chicago would be a better city...just like littering...$1500 fine...please...has any one ever gotten a ticket for littering in Chicago? a $10, $25, $50 and up ticket would be more appropriate...more achievable....and actually curb people from littering...no cop is going to write a 10 year old kid a$1500 ticket for dropping a Cheeto Bag...but a $10 ticket might make a 10 year old think twice. Legalized and Taxed Drugs, prostitution, and whatever else could get this country out of debt....I'm tired of people making a living off telling other people what they can and cannot do. What is worse?... a Bartender, Waitress, Hairdresser...that doesn't claim tips on their taxes or someone that makes a living selling illegal goods and services tax free? Court Fees, Fines, Law Enforcement, to tell other people what they can and cannot do is down right un-American. The only law we do not have that we should is that everyone should legally be required to vote...like it is in civilized countries. Instead we deny people the right to vote and look the other way when people choose not to pay taxes. Do the Math People...USA has the highest taxes in the world...Income tax, Gas Tax, Utility Tax, Sales Tax, Sin Tax, 911 call tax, medicade, Medicare, Social Security, then you are expected to tip so called "Service Industry People"...Please.....

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Guy shot in a car at Irving park and Drake. Hopefully the gangster corner store closes down. The one with the Audi convertible parked in front

Jun 23

Updated Jun 25

Working girl

Saw a young lady selling her "wares" in front of 4110 n saint Louis. Female Hispanic, maybe 5' 100 pounds, hair up in a bun. As I drove by she was flagging me down trying to get me to stop. Not normal for the block OR at 430am

  • And you continue to call me names.

  • SpamAlert Hates being spammed

    Jeez kids, get a room! You're as bad as the Rogers Park sad sacks who post endlessly discussing which troll is which and how horrible they all are and on and on ad infinitum. It is positively OCD. Although if you took the bait about a "working girl" in the OP, you probably all deserve each other here.

Jun 19

Updated Jun 20

Found Dog

We just found this female golden retriever running free at Spaulding and Wrightwood. If you have any information please let us know.

  • Ryan, LOL. :-)!! But, great job with the confirmation/research. Good egg.

  • Again thank you so much ! You guys are the best . Glad to have meet new neighbors !

Jun 13

Updated Jun 20

Marisol Needs $28 For A Tow Truck

At 5:30 a frantic woman ran up to me saying she needed $28 to pay a tow truck. Her aunt has been in a wreck and is at the hospital. She's lived at 3301 (Schubert) for 12 years and will pay me back double. She's seen me before when she's been out walking her gray poodle.
I've never seen this woman or her dog. I confirmed with other residents at 3301 that there is no Marisol.
She's about 5'4" dark hair, dark tan complexion. Wearing black shirt and black Capri pants. Has a tatto of praying hands.
Heads up on the scam.

Jun 17

Lost credit card

Long shot but I'm missing a black and yellow spirit airlines MasterCard. Could be on the sidewalk near kimball&parker. Thanks!

Jun 14

Updated Jun 17

Great police presence in Irving park/Albany Park/west walker

Saw lots of Chicagos Finest out and about today. The sheepdogs protecting the sheep. Thanks folks in blue for all you do. Maybe you're cruising the alley at 2am, handling random problems by day or stopping to let a tender kid say hi on the microphone. Thanks and be safe out there.

  • Half my posts get thumbs down

  • herd herd

    Nice to see police officers chatting with people on the corner of Lawrence and Kimball this afternoon :) I think having police walk around in the neighborhood is great.

Jun 10

Beautiful night!

Went for a long walk with junior and pooch. Noticed lots of families and beautiful yards. Nice job to those who care!

Jun 02

Found a wallet

I found a wallet today near Drake ,Palmer and Lyndale. If you lost yours, I hope I can reconnect you .

May 31

Water noises outside the house

Is anyone else on Drake between Sunnyside & Wilson hearing water rushing in underground plumbing *outside* their house? There's been a lot of water main work on our block and we are now hearing this sound we haven't heard before. It's coming from the water main leading into the house in our basement. Water is running fine in the house, and when we shut off the main, the sound stops. Reported it to 311, just curious if others are hearing similar things. It's loud enough that we can feel vibrations through the basement wall.

May 22

Updated May 23

Lost dog spotted on Kimball

Just saw a dark brown with golden brown under belly (Doberman?) walking down Kimball headed north. Had collar and harness. People were trying to help but he seemed a bit scared.

May 19

Updated May 21

Notice: car broken into in gated lot in alley behind Kimball b/t Schubert/Wrightwood

Hi there, notifying EBers that a car in my building's gated parking lot was broken into to, not exactly sure when. I'm just south of Schubert on Kimball. Change/ipod was stolen so not a huge loss but be aware peeps!

  • LD Thanks for the alert. Was the car locked or did the bad guy break the window? Did this happen during the day or middle of the night? We all need to stay alert, thanks for the reminder.

  • LD

    I don't have much info as it was not my car, sorry - the window was not broken so my neighbor probably left the door unlocked.

May 18

Updated May 19

Found Kryponite Bike Lock

Is this yours? Lying in the grass in front of 3329 W Schubert.

  • I did lose my bike lock that looks almost identical to this one around there on Sunday night / Monday morning sometime around 1:00am.

    The only thing that looks different in this picture is that this lock looks a bit longer than mine, but it's exactly the same brand/style.

    I still have my key. Perhaps I could come and see if it works?

May 16

Updated May 17

Community Garden

I live right next door to a community garden. This may be a stupid question, but how does one go about acquiring some gardening space in a community garden? Is it first come first serve? I have no idea how this works and my google searches are not giving me any helpful information.

May 14

Updated May 16

Brown/Gray Cat Spotted near Belmont/Kimball

I heard a distressed meowing outside my house and saw this poor thing. It started raining so it ran to huddle under my porch. I came out to see what was wrong and to give her(?) some food. She kept meowing and rubbing up against my leg. A huge sweetheart. If you're missing this kitty, I last spotted her at the corner of Drake and Henderson. I can't take her in because I have a cat already and this cat might already have a home and just lost her way. Just a heads up.

  • Hi Zoe..Tree House is no kill . There are many "no kill" shelters and rescues. They can only take a fraction..a very small fraction of the animals needing homes. To put it very simplistically... if the no kills could take all the animals there would be no reason for any animal to be killed. Pet Overpopulation is a very large problem ..along with strays and ferals many people don't make a life long commitment to their pets and/or dont get their animals spayed and neutered http://www.americanhumane.org/animals/adoption-pet-care/issues-information/pet-overpopulation.html

  • Check Lost Cats of Illinois on Facebook. I almost recall seeing someone looking for a cat in that area.

May 09

Updated May 10

Power outage?

I woke up to a loud noise and no power. Anybody else? Going to call ComEd.

  • Service expected to return by 9:30am. Message said 58 houses effected.

  • When pole-mounted transformers go out, they sound like a small bomb ... It can happen when they get old.

May 06

Cats in my yard

Does he belong to anybody been here in my yard all day

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