3 days ago

Updated 27 hours ago

Mexican food

Okay neighbors-- what is the best Mexican restaurant in Avondale?

6 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

Moving to Avondale

Hey there! Just wondering what people thought about living around Belmont & Central Park area? My boyfriend and I might be moving here from Logan Square for a change of pace. I know Alice's and Late Bar are nearby but what other local watering holes are there? Any decent restaurants in walking distance?

  • Deb Karp Humboldt Park

    Avondale is growing fast and furious. Just closed a house there and my clients love Orbit Room and Honey Butter Fried Chicken. They are so happy there. There are also some great rentals available there too. I'm probably going to move there myself in the next 2 years!!

  • Frank Meats Patty just opened in Hot Doug's space on California and Roscoe. Went there the other night and had a delicious duck foie gras burger.

Jan 17

Updated Jan 24

catalytic converters being stolen

a few cars on w. evergreen Ave. had their catalytic converts stolen. sometime after 2:30am. including mine.. also does anyone know a good mechanic in the area.

Jan 20

Updated Jan 21

Suspicious characters near Kimball/Milwaukee/Diversey

Just wanted to let you know one of my neighbors has seen a couple of guys circling our building and loitering in our parking lot for the past three days. One guy even tried to get in my car. She called the police, but just wanted to post notice here so people are aware. She said it was two Hispanic males, likely mid 30s around 5'8. Both were wearing dark clothing, one had on an orange hunters cap and the other was wearing a black beanie type hat. Please be aware and always report suspicious activity!

  • Please KEEP calling the police...ask for 'special attention' which means the police cars drive that area when they can...

  • descriptions are similar to the ones who broke in a home per an earlier post. keep calling police anytime you see someone acting suspicious.

Jan 19

Updated Jan 20

Hybrid-friendly auto repair?

Our Toyota Care ended and we're looking for a place in Logan to take our Prius for regular maintenance and also minor paint repair. TIA!

  • Zapata always has good reviews.

  • BTD

    Green Wheels on Western by North Avenue specializes in electric and hybrid cars. Brought my Prius in for sevicing and came away feeling like they knew their stuff. Pricing was fair and attention to detail was obvious. http://www.greenwheelschicago.com/

    Close to Blue LIne as well.

Jan 15

Updated Jan 16

Pots to donate?

I got some new pots for Christmas and have a bunch of gently used ones that are still in good shape. Anyone know of anywhere to donate these at?

  • Alan is right You're wrong.

    Thanks Ora that is what I was looking for. I have sent you an email.

  • Lugo 30+years Logan-Hermosa

    Glad you found a recipient also would like to suggest Humble hearts organization

Jan 02

Updated Jan 07

Anti-Semitic graffiti spotted on George

Sometimes I don't understand people :(

  • Lugo 30+years Logan-Hermosa

    I belong to nextdoor.com and one of my neighbors posted to check our alleys because 5 of their garages were hit. While driving down Fullerton I noticed closed business had graffiti when I couldn't see address I went down side street and saw another closed business garage's tagged really bad....

    Read full comment…

    I belong to nextdoor.com and one of my neighbors posted to check our alleys because 5 of their garages were hit. While driving down Fullerton I noticed closed business had graffiti when I couldn't see address I went down side street and saw another closed business garage's tagged really bad. I took pics got addresses went home and one of my neighbors also got tagged. I reported all 3, got a text from 311 when the reports were closed all within 3 days last week. I didn't asky neighbors permission because I was afraid they would continue on our block. It's our community we should all report graffiti whether our property or not, that is my take on it. Thank you

  • LD

    Also please know that graffiti blasters need it to be a certain temperature for them to be able to remove graffiti so may get a bit back-logged after this week.

Apr 28

Updated Jan 05

Canine ACL Surgery

I was told my dog has a torn ACL...where is the best place to go for this surgical procedure in the city? I heard that UIC has a veterinary clinic that can do it but the numbers I've found don't call back. Has anyone out there ever personally been through this surgery with their canine? Prices seem to be all over the place
place. Thanks!

  • Thank you ag8451. My post is yesterday's. Please retype the website. Yours says "none posted". Thank you!

  • Artus, the person who posted the tiggerpoz.com site has the screen name on here with the name "None". I was saying that website is good that he/she posted. "None" above posted: .http://tiggerpoz.com it is helpful to look at all alternatives to TPLO. I still suggest getting an ACL tear surgically fixed but a partial you can rest a dog on but it must be strict and with meds. Good luck!

Dec 23

Lost cat

We found a cat in our hallway this morning. He's very friendly and affectionate. Any info, please contact me.

Dec 20

Updated Dec 21

Rug cleaner

I need a reasonably priced rug cleaner who offers pick up and drop off service. So far, the holidays have not been kind to my 8x10. Any recommendations?

  • North Center Rug Cleaner on 3700 block of Lincoln. Great work, fair prices, and will arrange pick up and drop off.

  • I second that. They did a great job on 3 of my area rugs.

  • I'll go third on North Center. Reasonable prices quality service.

Dec 03

Updated Dec 03

Free easel

Does anyone want an easel? My boyfriend's parents brought it and he says it's not designed right and that he doesn't have room for it. I think if someone handy looked at it they could make it work fine. It's adjustable and tall. In the picture it's at a setting around 6 ft tall. You have to be able to pick it up

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