Oct 16

Updated 2 days ago

Elston and Addison shooting

My friends just witnessed a shooting outside Pet Supply Plus.
Black shooter in a dark colored SUV got out and ran up to a white Jeep Cherokee.
The jeep driver exited and ran, the shooter shot multiple times into the Jeep.
Passenger exited and wound up on the ground by the front doors of Pet Supply Plus. The shooter left and the driver came back and drove off, leaving his passenger .
Anyone else hear anything ? Police radio ??

  • Hell. With "friends" like that, who needs enemies.

    These punks just don't get it. And it seems even being dumped somewhere , by a "friend"after being shot doesn't phase them. Zero reality check.

  • ThatGirl

    Really? He lived? Wow, how do you know he went to jail?

Oct 11

Updated 5 days ago

Gang graffiti

My previous post was removed, so I'm reposting. This is the N/E corner of drake and cullom. I'm sure the school cameras have something

  • I don't know if those boys in the video would survived my shoe in my hand. Or my purse, it can become a nice heavy thing to use. My god.

  • @Gil.

    Wow, very sad. However, not surprised.

Oct 07

Updated Oct 10

New LED street lighting

Noticed on N Drake @ Montrose that they had replaced all the street lighting to really bright white LED lighting vs N Drake north of Montrose... was this a city initiative or something this area "district" or whatnot is implementing ? (sorry, not a native so don't know lingo yet) Never been a fan of the dark, orange lighting... it did little to illuminate past the center of street.

  • @ ABC - The street lamps face straight down and have no lateral reveal so pose no risk of snow build up. The real concern is converting traffic lights to LED for the reasons you stated. So, worry not, the new street lights provide the same spread all year and should make the snow on the ground gleam even whiter.

  • @TF, you're absolutely right. No issues w street lamps, they are eerily bright and not a concern. Thanks for the gentle EB noogie.

Sep 20

Lost keys

Please let me know if anyone finds my keys lost between Milwaukee/Spaulding and Drake/Spaulding.
Key ring has a JAV tag and a Logan Square Fitness tag.

Aug 30

Updated Sep 10

Lindsay Saviola

******* I am begging all of my family and friends to share the hell out of this post. My son is missing!!! *****

My son, Seth, has been missing since saturday August 27th. He was last seen on the south side of chicago. He is 16 years of age. Has brown eyes and brown hair. Approximately 5'8 and 130 pounds. He took his father's car a 08 Hyundai Tiburon GT. Please if anyone knows where he is or has heard from him please contact me immediately. I want my son brought home safe and sound!

  • good news he was found!

  • chicagoon Short-term memory loss

    Hello john from west loop, I know this is family beeswax, but curious, what did he say for not comunicating 3 days ?

Sep 02

Updated Sep 08

Shooting on W Palmer

Anyone have any more information? I was home all day yesterday and live 1 block down and didn't hear anything.

  • Middle of block
    Between Drake and Palmer. White suv drove through and shot at young man running. He appeared to be hit but not
    Critically. My husband was waking our dog on opposite side of street. Police told our neighbors it was gang related. Not sure about any other details.

  • My 11 Year old witnessed this from our 2nd floor apt ... And it's so scary how in bright daylight this is happening ... This gangs need to be reported every time they are seen they are not welcomed on our neighborhoods and a lot of these thugs don't even live in the area ... We need to be very alert and call police even if it's the smallest things so we have more cops on our area ...

Sep 04

Updated Sep 05

Loud music and gun fire

I live in the 2700 block of N Drake.
I called 311 & 911 at 12:30 -1:30 am regarding loud music and gun shots. I made 4 calls and never once did the police show up.
It makes sense why crime is so high in Logan Square.

  • Steve I East Logan Square since 2005

    If this is happening, call a couple of your neighbors, too. Usually it takes 911 calls from two different people to get them to show up for nuisance complaints (loud music, etc.).

  • Steve I East Logan Square since 2005

    Living in the 14th District, it might take more than that... a neighbor of mine had a 24-foot boat on a trailer parked in the alley behind his garage for four days over a holiday weekend. Four days! When an officer showed up on the fourth day, he thought it had been there for a few hours or maybe overnight.

    After we explained that it had been there for days, it was gone in a matter of hours.

  • Sorry..and sometimes 911 doesn't even answer but please keep calling ..it does work...

Sep 03

Updated Sep 04


Our guy was outside all night. His name is Phil and he's black and white and furry. He has no collar.

Please call/text Sam with information (815) 404-1274

Aug 31

2400 N Spaulding police activity?

Does anyone know what's going on right now (6-7pm) on the 2400 block of N Spaulding? Tons of cars, lots of men. I asked what's going on and they claimed to be the police who just made an arrest. But they are unmarked cars and not uniformed. Called 311 and they said there's nothing going on in this block. Hmmm

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