Jan 18

Updated Jan 19

934 n hoyne, broken windows on 2nd floor?

does anyone know why 2nd floor windows are all broken out? Sad to see this after the bldg was so beautifully restored.

  • I saw a Chicago Fire filming notice, it will probably be making an appearance in a future episode .

  • LT Res Long Time Chicagoan

    IT's a façade for Chicago Fire. Filming there on Wednesday.

  • Passed by there on my way home. Looked very cool. Nice guy guarding the set.

Jan 16

Updated Jan 18

Water issue on 2300 block of Cortez

Anyone know what's going on? My taps were only working intermittently last night, and now the water that comes out seems dirty.

  • You probably have this figured out already, but the problem could have been cold-related and in your building rather than the block. We suddenly lost water last Sunday night. Called 311, but they had no other reports in the area. Investigated in the building, and found out frozen pipes had broken in the crawlspace and first floor apartment. (Stupid tenant had turned the heat completely off while gone for an extended period of time.)

Jan 09

Updated Jan 11

A New Service to Come to Help Prevent Stolen Packages

I was just watching Shark Tank and saw an episode that featured a new service called Doorman, which helps to ensure the safety of your package. Apparently, the service will be coming to Chicago this year (no specific launch date). I live right off of a major street and hate sitting around ALL day (or even for a four hour window) for a package. Plus, delivering to work isn't an option for me. I'm just so excited and thought maybe I should share this information with my neighbors! :)

If you're interested in learning more, here's a link: http://abcnews.go.com/Lifestyle/doorman-app-eliminates-holiday-package-theft/story?id=27142934

  • You can also have your packages delivered to a UPS store. I believe the service is about $3 a package. Totally worth it when you don't live in a building designed for safe package delivery. You will need to go/call the UPS store ahead of time so they have your info. Good luck!

  • Carolyn Le Ukrainian Village Livin'

    @Cynthia - I knew of that service, but I unfortunately am not very close to a UPS store. It's especially hard for me to get back from the UPS store with large packages. However, thanks for sharing because I'm sure some people didn't know this fact!
    @CRSmall - I need to look into this service! Thanks for sharing! :)

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