3 days ago

Where do you get your news from?

Hello Ukrainian Villagers,
I'm writing an article for class on where people get news from their country (via a certain TV station, website, newspaper, etc). I'm curious where Ukrainian natives/ Ukrainians get their news from. Please let me know if you're interested in participating.
Feel free to email me at crystal.carrazco@loop.colum.edu or PM me for my number.

Thank you so much in advance. :)

Apr 08

Updated Apr 09

New Development on Huron/Western

Hi All: there's a new developemnt going up at Huron and Western. Pretty much everyone on my street thinks this is going to be one ugly development. While I am far from being 'anti-development', in fact, I encourage it, but this is far out weird. What's a good route to take to challenge the developers to potentially change it? Given that I am runnning for State Rep for this area, I want to stay on top of this new site.

Apr 04

"Paper Jam" VIP Party/Collector's Preview at Vertical Gallery

Hi! Does anyone want to learn about pop art tonight and mingle with artists and collectors? We are bring a small group of five to this invite-only free reception 6 to 9 p.m. tonight (Fri) and have two RSVPs so far, so room for three more. I am excited because usually I just write about art shows in the form of entering in listings but never actually go to any In Real Life (IRL). The public reception kicks off on Saturday. http://dnain.fo/1lFtJen

Mar 12

Updated Mar 13

Mariano's on Chicago Ave

Just was wondering if anyone knew the actual date of the Mariano's Opening on Chicago Ave.

Mar 11

Updated Mar 12

Any news on what happened at Mr Brown's lounge?

I walked by this morning and noticed the windows and door were boarded up. Couldn't get over in time to read the paper taped to the doorway, though.

  • kwp I Am The Thunder, You Are The Kitty Cat

    It's open for business as usual. Seems every six months they get their front window smashed over night, but they're not closed.

Mar 05

Updated Mar 12

Comcast outage in UKV

Is anyone else experiencing a massively annoying Comcast outage of their internet and/or phone?
It began about 11:30 this morning, and was promised to be resolved by 1 pm, then 4 pm and now 8 pm. Ughh
The weird thing is that my modem is completely dead (no power even). Is that normal for an "outage".
If anyone else is noticing this craziness??

  • And another last night, from starting around midnight.

    Thanks for posting here!! The app and mobile site make you login. Inconvenient, to say the least, if the account owner isn't home, or you don't have the password handy.

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