Jun 02

Updated 17 min ago

Does Your Street Tweet?

No more than the President could live without his Twitter account, your street also should be able to tweet. Make sure that your street is enrolled in the free Streets of Rogers Park program in which it can have its very own Facebook page and Twitter account. Check out this free community service at http://rp1000.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-streets-of-rogers-park.html

    The Streets of Rogers Park
    Each street of Rogers Park now has a facebook street page!
  • Reid Hyams X-Art Entertainment / Commercial Affiliated

    PS: Please remove Eatslake Terrace from the "Streets of Rogers Park" program (www.facebook.com/pages/Eastlake-Terrace/1513861442208550), it serves no purpose for us residents that live on Eastlake.

  • Maybe Eastlake Terrace should join the chamber. One benefit of chamber membership is that if the outside of your establishment is suffering due to littering, it will visit on one of its Fresh Start Mondays and clean up the exterior for you. You might even receive one of its free, 33-gallon plastic garbage cans to solve your problems. The chamber will even promote you online through its official website (RogersPark.cc), monthly newsletter, official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram), and Meetup.com.

4 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Loud crash west of Farwell

Did anyone hear a large crash or explosion west of Farwell 10 minutes ago?

  • L

    If you read the original post, Omar, you would see that I did not post it nor did I specifically refer to west of Farwell in my post. I simply confirmed that I heard a noise without mentioning direction at any point.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    L, you responded to a post that makes no sense.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 06

    Woman Who Fired Gun Into Air In Lincoln Park Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison
    COOK COUNTY CRIMINAL COURTHOUSE - A woman caught on cellphone video firing a gun into the air multiple times in Lincoln Park in 2015 has been sentenced to two years in prison. Jennifer Stegall, 33, pleaded guilty Wednesday to aggravated unlawful use of a loaded gun by a person who doesn't have an FOID card or concealed-carry license, court records show.
  • Bruce_ Comment by Live From Rogers Park, whom you've mute

    Is the shooter still in jail?

  • Michael Archangel Comey confirmed that Trump is a liar!

    @Bruce_ - Ms. Stegall is currently residing in Division 4 of the CCDOC and after being convicted has a "No Bond" status.

May 29

Updated May 30

Drinking on Pratt/Loyola Beach

Hi all, I notice there's a "no alcohol" sign by the beach on Pratt, but I've seen a lot of booze out there. Anyone know how often/if they enforce the no alcohol rule? Any run ins with this? Thanks!

  • Pedro Garciano Trump keeps winning! #winning

    *Michael this thread is about drinking alchoholic beverages in public areas.
    *Some people say it's not a big deal.
    *Some people, like you, state that it is wrong because it goeas against Chicago law.
    *You say you like to respect every law.
    *Someone told you "So what about immigration law?"
    *Your defense, "Don't change the subject!"

  • Pedro Garciano Trump keeps winning! #winning


May 28

Updated May 30

Rising rent costs

I can't get over the rising cost of rents in the Chicago market and even in Rogers Park. Everything is so expensive. Even garden apartments are high. At what point will rents in the city slow down?

  • I believe Chicago's property taxes are some of the highest in the country, but not the state of Il...........(...Cook County vs. other counties )

  • Meant to say a 7 cent tax

May 21

Updated May 23

Ignorant Landlord

My daughter has a serious bedbug problem, that somehow started in the apartment building that she lives in. It has been reported to the city, by calling 311. The landlord has been notified on numerous occasions and still has done nothing. Inspector came out and said apartment underneath is totally infested. Daughter has two small boys. It's an extremely frustrating situation. Landlord is not doing anything, and basically told them to move. Does anyone know anything or anyone that can help please.

  • Jay

    Would you mind telling me on which street(s) this building is on? So other tenets can do something too.

  • I can't speak for the original poster, but I live on the 1700 block of W. Wallen. The condo board has already been cited by the city over 6 month ago and so far has done nothing to take care of the multiple violations, including bedbug infestation. So, if you think calling the city is going to solve your problem, think again. Definitely report it to the city, but don't expect things to be resolved with any urgency.

May 17

Updated May 21

Mice in the neighbor's unit

In our 7-unit building one neighbor (top floor) reports mouse droppings; while all other units report nothing. We're a self-managed association, and now the question raised is this: is the association charged with finding and mitigating the mouse situation, or is it on the one owner who has the issue? Would love to know what folks think of this.

  • Association.

    Not seeing mouse drippings in other units doesn't mean the mice aren't already there.

    Thankfully, our condo doesn't have a mice/rat problem. We do have an annual condo-wide roach treatment. Many of the units are rented out which means we have a lot of traffic/new people coming in and potentially bringing along pests. All units get the roach gel regardless of whether there are roach sightings or not.

  • seems like it has been a bad winter for mice. i have had more than ever.
    i hear rat populations are also high.

    but yeah, association.

May 10

Updated May 12

For Rent Sign?

I live on a beautiful block with primarily single family homes but a few 2-flats. Would you consider it tacky to put a nicely done "FOR RENT" sign on my front lawn?

  • d3,
    We have already subscribed to Domu and they offered the sign.

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    Tacky ? Only if it's permanent - those are tacky.

    I've always had better luck attracting long term hassle free tenants by making an online post rather than a sign. I tried a sign once - and won't again.

May 11

Looking for a parking space for 6 weeks

Looking for a parking space for 6 weeks. Starting tomorrow.

May 07

Gun shoots around 2 PM Sunday

Did I hear consecutive multiple gun shoots in South Shore area around 2 pm?
There were multiple gunshots and about five minutes later another string of gunshots, which sounded like it was south of the previous one

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