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  • Gale Elementary Community Academy reviewed by a parent

    My daughter had an excellent experience in kindergarten and now in first grade. My husband and I both attended neighborhood public schools and went to public universities for undergrad and grad school. We're strong supporters of neighborhood CPS schools. Through Gale, my daughter now has friends and classmates who are black, Latina/o, and white, as well as who are recent refugees from Kurdistan, Myanmar, and the Congo, to mention just a few countries of origin. The principal and teaching staff are using data-driven strategies to improve student learning, and I see a real desire to support the holistic needs of students. Gale is one of just a few CPS schools that has a greenhouse on site as well as a community-school garden that has been a focal point for partnerships with community organizations. There is a lot of negative press out there on neighborhood schools including Gale, which don't give the full picture. Please come and check it out for yourself! Thanks for reading this. :)

    Gale Elementary Community Academy (1631 West Jonquil Ter) Published on GreatSchools February 8, 2017 Comment

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