36 hours ago

Little Dog Found Pratt & Ravenswood

2 kids have found a small dog, mail, cute face, maybe part Chiwawa & Beagle. Friendly. They are at 1736 Pratt (the house that's decorated for holidays) Call 773 -850-9695.

Jul 15

Grey Male CAte Missing Near Albion -Greenview


Please Call if you see, smell or have him!
June 14, male grey cat with white facial markings, chest and paws disappeared from apartment, can't understand how.
He is not tagged collared or chipped, since he never goes outside.
This shy, gentle Cat is smallish, under 10 lbs and likely to hide and avoid people.

His feline girlfriend misses him and so do we.

I'm pretty sure he is most likely to be hiding in bushes or back yards very near the houses around Albion between Bosworth and Greenview.

Please Call if you see, smell or have him!

Jul 06

Updated Jul 07

Lost Dog, East Rogers Park 7/6

Posting for a neighbor, please everyone keep a look-out for this little dog recently missing:

"Small tan and black/gray yorkie mix lost today near Jarvis in East Rogers Park. Shy but sweet, answers to Helen or Abby. Poor eyesight and a little hard of hearing. Please grab her if you can and call 312/961-6799. Thank you!"

  • Pink P. Jamas Voter. Trash picker upper.

    I think this dog has been found! Fingers crossed she's okay.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Yes, she was found but had quite an adventure before being reunited with her owner, who posted this on Facebook:

    "Huge thank you to the best neighborhood in the world! Helen is found, safe and sound. A man found her on Howard, carried her to the redline, rode her down to Clark and division and dropped her at the police station there. An officer's wife looked her up online and was able to contact us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Jul 01

Updated Jul 04


My family has just moved to the area and have already lost our beloved cat Skoshi. He is very sweet, but can be shy. If anyone has seen him please let me know! We live near the Leonas on Sheridan. It would be greatly appreciated. We love him very much and our house is much too quiet without him. Thank you!

  • Post and check on LostCatsIL Facebook page. Is he chipped? Also flyers near your home can help, and checking yours and neighbors' garages, under porches, basements, bushes near your home. Put out his dirty litter box. He can smell it to find his way home. You may want to check with Anti-Cruelty society and CACC since they cannot keep cats for very long.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Abby, any news about your Skoshi?

Jun 26

Updated Jul 01

do you foster cats & need a litter box?

I'm paring down & have a cool Booda dome litter box (the one with a little stairway) that I'd like to donate to someone locally who fosters rescue cats. if that's you, let me know & we'll coordinate a pick up!

  • I take in strays and feed feral in my yard. My current Booda dome is warped and the urine is coming out the side. If you still have it, I would love to pick up today. Please let me know either way. I would give you my cell, but don't know how to send a private message

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Cityapril's email is not enabled so you can't send her a private message.

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