Mar 27

Updated 3 days ago

Found Dog

I found a loose dog this morning on the corner of Clark and Pratt around 7 am. Female, brindle, a bit on the older side (8-12), very sweet, very docile. She has on a pink collar but no tags and does not have a microchip. Please let me know if you know this dog.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    " Would you want to live next door to a neighbor who had a 21-foot boa constrictor as a pet?"

    1.) Boa constrictors don't ever grow that long.
    2.) How would you even know your neighbor had a boa?

  • Omar I'm almost certain that one of the participants on this thread is a Golden Retriever who uses the owner's internet connection during the day. She is very clever and I'm almost certain she's a Golden Retriever. There also is a Lhasa Apso who is on this thread but he is very polite and never gives a thumbs down to anyone. I won't reveal their names because that would be a violation of privacy.

Mar 12

Little dog loose near Ashland and Jarvis

Hello RPers,

My daughter saw this dog running loose with no collar while walking home from the Jarvis red line at about 1:15 this afternoon.

The dog was first spotted headed south on Ashland. It turned and headed east on Sherwin, where she lost sight of it.

She said he was about the size of a chihuahua. You can get an idea of his size from the pic.

I hope someone recognizes this little one. The pup seemed pretty skittish and was in and out of the street.


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