Jul 16

Updated Jul 18

It's national ice cream day!

Most of our neighborhood stores and fast food restaurants are offering special deals on this treat!

  • Pedro Garciano Defeat globalism!

    Rob and FGFM, same as you denied the victory of our leader, President Trump, last year, now you deny the vanquishing of Obama's legacy.
    You guys know that Obamacare is dead. You will be very upset when it gets buried. "Oh, so many people will lose their insurance!", a phony, expensive insurance paid by the penalties from people who want nothing to do with it.
    I thought Democrats loved civil liberties, maybe not.

Jul 07

Updated Jul 14

Art opening and FREE wine tasting at Taste Wine Shop Monday July 10th, 5pm!

Come join your neighbors for a great art opening and a FREE wine tasting at Taste Wine Shop.
Monday July 10th, 5pm
Taste Wine Shop is located at 1506 W Jarvis.
Jarvis Square, right across from Alderman Moore's office.

  • Who owns Taste Food and Wine now? They used to be owned by the people who opened Peckish Pig right?

  • I think so but they sold.
    The main proprietoress is Pheobe and is the mainstay wine expert with impeccable credentials.
    Her business partner is Sandra but she knows nothing of wine and is rarely even at the shop.

Jul 10

Updated Jul 11

Empirical Brew Pub at Mayne Stage

I ate at the Empirical Brew Pub last week, in the old Act One restaurant at Mayne Stage, and definitely recommend it. I had the spent grain burger, which was excellent, and I love that you can get a small or larger portion of macaroni and cheese at a modest price. The waiter was charming (and a Rogers Park resident). Definitely plan on going back.


AND they they adopted four feral cats from Tree House Humane Society that they employ as pest control. There's an adorable video about them here: http://www.empiricalbrewery.com/cats/

Has anyone else tried it? I hope they'll stick around longer than many of the other restaurants that have come and gone.

  • Seems like it would be family friendly. They have nice roomy booths opposite the bar (same as Act One) and kid-friendly options like mac and cheese. It was quiet the evening I went as well, so I want to help get the word out.

  • Oh, and just to clarify my initial post, the feral cats for pest control are at the brewery, NOT the restaurant. So if you're allergic or not a cat person, you'll not be accosted by cats! http://www.empiricalbrewery.com/cats/

Feb 15 2016

Updated Jul 07

6710 n. Sheridan Rd. 60626

Does anyone have a good quality photo of the Edwards' Toy Store at 6710 N. Sheridan Rd? I was born in one of the apratments above the store and the Edwards' were my God parents. Thank you immeasureably!


  • maesn56 Chicago neighborhood enthusiast

    Our company has serviced this building for the last 5 years. I could ask my building contact about any pictures that might exist. Just let me know and I'd be happy to look into it for you.

  • Yes, please maesn56, if you will. Photos with the electric riding horse in front of the store would be expecially valuable to me. Thank

Jun 24

Updated Jun 28

Which Chamber of Commerce is better?

Is there a difference between the Rogers Park Business Alliance and the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce? I'm confused as to why there are two separate business organizations but want to make sure I contact the one that can best help me locate a storefront for my computer repair shop and also help with long term support and publicity. Thank you.

  • Bruce_ Comment by Live From Rogers Park, whom you've mute

    Pleas clarify, is CG dead?

  • I understand he moved away. Not dead, no!

Jun 19

Updated Jun 20

Looking for handyperson

My longtime handyperson has moved into a regular gig and is no longer doing side work - any reccs from neighbors in the Jarvis Square area for someone reliable and affordable?

Jun 19

Updated Jun 20

Parking for 2 nights

I need a secure place to park a car friday and saturday this week. Has anyone rented space from kellees or a similar place near Howard and Greenview?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    What about the garage just west of the gas station at Sheridan & Howard? (or is that kellees?)

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Did you try SpotHero?

Jun 01

Updated Jun 08

I need a repairman for my gas stove

Hello all - my GE stove has a broken oven dial - any suggestions for a good, inexpensive, repairman? Or woman? TIA.

  • Virginia resident

    Thanks all!

  • Virginia resident

    I called Nick at Windy City - he did a great job, and under budget! Thanks again for the recommendation!

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Garage Restoration

Looking for a company specializing in garage restoration to include new siding, roof and doors.

May 31

Updated Jun 02

Save the Chamber!

After eight years of being run by an ineffectual board and thus having fostered no useful relationship with the City, the RPCoC is losing the lease at its current space. Instead of asking for neighbors to donate to a worthy organization's relocation costs by talking about their accomplishments and what they contribute to our community, The chamber has decided that it'd be better to appeal to those who want to stick it to the Alderman (due to their successful track record of fighting issues/developments that the Alderman supports?)

So, if you feel like throwing away some money with the thought that somehow you will help to "dash the Alderman's dreams," here is your chance!


    Click here to support Save the Chamber! organized by Bill Morton
    SAVE THE CHAMBER! After 8 years, with no support from the city, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce now has over 130 members; small businesses struggling together to survive. But the alderman, Joe Moore, does not want the Chamber to survive. He does not want a voice for existing businesses, p...
  • Mad About RP Proved right... again

    Thanks Kris. As usual there is a lot of misinformation coming from EB when it comes to the RPCoC. This kind of false information is damaging to a business like yours.

  • Michael Archangel Trump's 1st 6 months: 1K+ tweets & 0 legislation

    @Mad About RP - You are so right! Misinformation on these threads comes from all manner of sources with different motives. I think it is important to push back on the false information whenever I see it.

    Happy to know we are in agreement on this subject!

May 31

Updated Jun 02

RP deserves a great tavern on the lake.

The small resturant with patio should be granted a liquor license.

  • ok, we won't propose any.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Adding to the bars mentioned above, there are Pub 626; Chuckies, which seems to still be in business though I wonder why, and Cuneen's. Jay, surely you were joking when you said you don't know of many bars.

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