Oct 04 2014

Updated 4 days ago

New art gallery on Devon?

I was walking on Devon and passed by the Lavan Art Gallery. There was a young man painting the lower edge of the building near the sidewalk and I peeked in to look at the beautiful paintings. I asked him if it was open and he said "I am the owner and we are not open to the public". I then asked what the hours were and he said, "it is not open to the public and never will be". I then asked politely if the art was his private collection at which point he dismissed me by saying "have a nice day ma'm ".

Does anyone know what kind of business this is?

  • To clarify, @Spam Alert, the vibe I got from the guy was the same kind of crazy that you see from someone on the CTA bus who goes off shouting at a stranger for no reason. That person was probably having a terrible day and had reasons for feeling anger towards white people in general. But that does not excuse the behavior. If you ask me, it is a kind of mental illness to be unable to recognize another person's humanity due to their skin color.

  • A 1:39 minute smooth talk from Jemal Lavan Hamilton is all you have to know about him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaW3IGnxZPM

Sep 13

Updated 6 days ago

Recommendations for repairman for airconditioner


I am looking for recommendations for somebody to look at my AC unit in my condo. Thanks!

Sep 05

Updated Sep 07

security cameras and installation

Can anybody recommend a company or self employed person to install outdoor security cameras on our building?

  • Magic e.g. Bridgeport block captain; Java Jolt Cafe owne

    Call Sarwat
    (773) 865-4794
    His prices are low and he gives quality equipment. He did my business and its perfect

  • thanks everyone

Sep 05

Door repair service


I need repairs done to my door. Can somebody recommend somebody? Thanks!

Aug 04

Two Roads Theatre Project, Adult Acting Class for the Non-Actor

Explore the Art of Acting! This class is for community members who would like to learn professional techniques of acting in a supportive, non-competitive, and fun environment! The curriculum includes exercises from a variety of acting methods (including Stanislavski, Hagen, and Chekhov) as well as monologue work. In addition, emphasis is placed on how these acting techniques simultaneously develop transferable skills, such as presence, creativity, and confidence with public speaking.

Friday Evenings
September 8th - November 17th
6pm - 7:20pm
10 Weeks


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