13 hours ago

Free stuff

I know its a lousy day, but our building just had a spring cleaning and there is an abundance of free items behind at 6703 Bosworth. Being that it is free, I will not be answering emails and messages regarding this, Thanks

4 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Sirens and mor sirens.

WTH was happening this afternoon around 4 to 4:30? Constant sirens for a half hour that appeared to be heading north on Sheridan. Surely that wasn't all for the guy who got shot on Jonquil Terrace?

  • Faye in RP 38 year Rogers Park resident

    Fire trucks at nursing home on Sheridan between Jarvis and Sherwin. Seems to be something on the roof.

Apr 20

Updated 6 days ago

Found Black Cat

Black cat with a small bit of white on his chest and no tags, outside in the 1100 block of Columbia. Very friendly. Any one know of a lost cat? Or simply a neighbor with a sweet outdoor cat?

  • Nan

    Maggie- Please let your neighbor know that he/she's really putting Panthro at serious risk by letting him roam outdoors. So many dangers - including rat poison. Big cities are not a healthy or natural habitat for cats.

  • I know that, and you know that, but so many people just keep letting cats roam. There are of course the dangers you mentioned, but there is also the threat of being captured and tortured by sadistic freaks. A friend of mine learned that lesson the hard way. Something she will never get over. Anyway, yeah, I'll leave a note on the owners door. The owner is really nice and loves Panthro a lot.

Apr 14

Updated Apr 16

Lamp rewiring

Hey All,
I used to take old lamps to Marshall Electric on Western south of Howard, but they have closed up. Any recommendations for a great place to get lamps re wired?

  • I second Uptown Arts Council's post. I had an old lamp rewired at the Community Glue Workshop at Edgewater Workbench last month, for free. I brought my own parts (which cost next to nothing), but they have lamp parts on hand as well. The next workshop is on May 21.


  • John Sebeck Life long resident of Arcadia Terrance, retired

    On Ashland just north of Montrose on the west side of the street is a shop that does all manor of antique lamps. Their hours vary but they do good work, a little pricy....

Apr 08

Updated Apr 12

  • Bruce_ because it was mistakenly posted to the wrong thre

    So the crew that knows everything and everyone has no information?

  • What's going on in front of of the new 400 seems to escape this guy. Hello Boy and welcome to the world of what is happening. Wake up.

Apr 11

Updated Apr 12

Thanks for a kind act of kindness

Special thank you to the person who found my CTA card, which I dropped at the Morse L stop around 9 a.m. Tuesday en route to work. Returning to the Morse L stop on my way home that afternoon, I asked the station attendant “if anyone turned in…” And he held up my card with my name and face on it. I didn’t even have to show an ID to claim my card.

What a great neighborhood.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    good news always welcome... thanks for sharing

Apr 09

Updated Apr 09

Begging For Food

Bill Morton is hosting a community meeting and needs food donations from local businesses. Expecting 100 - 150 attendees, so any size or variations of taste is very much appreciated! Community Forum at Living Water Community Church. Please call the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce at (773) 850-0049. (Photo by Matthew Kiely) More at https://www.facebook.com/bill.morton.129?fref=nf&pnref=story

  • Pedro Garciano Runner, bodybuilder, healthy eating.

    So at this point I guess I could start my own posts attacking the alderman.

  • How interesting. Is PG speaking up for the little chamber that can't beg food from its own members? Does PG hang around with someone who dresses up in religious drag? Why does PG talk about attacking the alderman?

Apr 08

Updated Apr 09

Lost Dog

I'm posting for a neighbor who lost a medium-sized, tan boxer with a white stripe, wearing a purple harness near the Howard and Sheridan gas station. She responds to Peg/ Pegg. Has anyone seen a wandering dog??

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Apparently she's heading south. Last seen at Chase and Sheridan.

  • Thank you, Taylor. Y'all are super awesome neighbors. God willing someone will find her and call me.

  • Taylor a super nice couple took her in near where I lost her.

Mar 31

Updated Apr 03

Hyde park Target gives $24k to local schools

As the president of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce continues to spread false information about the CHA Target proposal, items like this are good to keep in mind.


    Target awards $24,000 to local schools - hpherald.com
    By TONIA HILL Staff Writer Hyde Park's Target, 1346 E. 53rd St., is donating $24, 000 to local elementary and high schools within a two-mile radius of Hyde Park. The announcement for the donations was made yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, at Target and featured guests included Ald. Sophia King
  • Rob

    RPguy- do go on about the others attacking this when you were the first person to respond to this post with an easily disproven pile of steamy organic disingenuous material.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Oh, Lordy, Bruce is as out of it as Guy.

Mar 24

Updated Apr 03

Morse Ave

What is going in on the construction site on Morse across from Mayne Stage

  • Wazzup not available

    @RP guy - what does the Alderman have to say about the unfinished and un-repaired garage - this is an eyesore and not acceptable.

  • Pedro Garciano Runner, bodybuilder, healthy eating.

    ^Not nice. Do not discriminate, please.

Apr 02

Was found dog Susie - and is she home safe??

I hope someone can confirm if it was Susie (again), and that she's been returned home.

Mar 27

Updated Mar 28

    RPBG Funds Program at Gale Academy
    Rogers Park Builders Group Funds Chicago Botanic Garden Traveling Plant Science Teacher Program for Pre-K at Gale Academy The Rogers Park Builders Group kindly provided the $220 to enable the Chicago Botanic Garden's Traveling Plant Science Teacher program, to come to Gale Math and Science Academy in Rogers Park.

Feb 26

Updated Mar 23

EB Rogers park brunch?

With the weather warming up, how about a Twisted Tapas Sunday brunch for the EB friends?

  • Uptown Arts Council Director: Uptown Arts Council - Jeffrey Littleton

    I never understood the whole Joe Lake thing...it just seemed like an awful way to spend your retirement, bickering online and manually aggregating the news of a city he no longer lives in. Its a cautionary tale maybe?

    Waaaay back before there was EB or even Facebook Joe Lake was...

    Read full comment…

    I never understood the whole Joe Lake thing...it just seemed like an awful way to spend your retirement, bickering online and manually aggregating the news of a city he no longer lives in. Its a cautionary tale maybe?

    Waaaay back before there was EB or even Facebook Joe Lake was the major thorn in the side of a "developer-friendly" Ald. Matlak, the predecessor to Ald. Waguespack in Bucktown.

    I've been accused of being a thorn in the side of a developer-friendly Alderman, in a weird and limited way I am like the younger Joe Lake before he became an over-posting creepy dude with a LOT of time on his hands serving up online condescension by the bucket-full.

    I hope he is happier nowadays.

  • rude people are getting treated rudely. Whatever is the world coming to?!

Mar 14

Updated Mar 16

Trumpettes have the added bonus of getting screwed...

Or schiested,
Or ripoed off,
Or lied to.
What say you now (please more then 2 sylables please)?

  • Rob

    You guys, havent you heard? Everyblock is dead, and Bill Mortons social experiment to get all you IPs has concluded.

  • It's a conspiracy


Mar 13

Updated Mar 16

Stooges on payroll?

Soft for scapegoats?

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Trolls on message boards?

    Limp for nanny goats?

  • Bruce_ because it was mistakenly posted to the wrong thre

    Is that their new album?

Mar 11

Updated Mar 13

Bodyworker and Shoe repair

Anybody know an awesome bodyworker/Licensed Massage Therapist with at least 7 years exp and multi dimensional? I've been searching and I do know about place by jarvis square... Anybody else who will WOW factor me? Namaste!

Mar 10

Updated Mar 13


Looking for a good barber in the neighborhood for my 10 year old son who is African American. Any suggestions?

  • Wazzup not available

    Father and Son in Edgewater 5806 Broadway

  • tom

    Thanks everyone! Will definitely be checking these out.

Mar 04

Keys Lost

Lost a set of keys, 4 or 5, on a purple spiral wrist coil. Vicinity, Lunt between Ridge and Western. Hope you have them. Please contact me. Thank you

Feb 28

Updated Mar 03

Credit Card foung

A credit card was found on the grass on Chase Avenue on 2/26. Please message me with name on card so I can get it to you.

  • @Carol Berman D'Andrade
    That was very good thing
    you did.😌
    Next time you find something, I hope it be
    some Cash!!💵💵
    You deserve it.

  • Wazzup not available

    @Carol - i actually got goose bumps of pleasure reading this - you are a wonderful person with an excellent moral compass - well done!

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