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    Time to hold the owner of the vacant Howard-Claremont property accountable for his neglect
    Evanston Alderman Ann Rainey and I are leading a delegation of neighbors to a court hearing this Monday morning to urge a circuit court judge to throw the book at the owner of the vacant property at 2317 W. Howard (the southeast corner of Howard and Claremont) that once was a Burger King restaurant.

Aug 31

Updated Sep 07

    Ban 40-Ounce Bottles After Midnight In Chicago (Tall Boys, Too): Aldermen
    CITY HALL - Late-night partiers would no longer be able to buy one last drink from liquor stores after midnight under a proposal set to be approved next week by the Chicago City Council. Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) said the measure was designed to reduce public drunkenness in areas of the city that attract revelers reluctant to let the night end.

Jul 20

Updated Aug 05

Howard "L" Station Cleaning

I was wondering if anyone else noticed how nasty the Howard station is lately? I know it's NEVER spotless and many "L" stations never are but I feel like it's been in rare form. Everything is filthy and smells of urine among other things.

Does anyone know if the cleaning has been halted or lessened due to the budget issues? Is there anything that we can do to address this? It's terrible that people have to travel through this day in and day out.

  • so humor me, as of today if you are standing on the platform looking west you will see a years worth of trash directly 2 feet under the people you see. now really, what is so acceptable about that?

  • Agreed. However, I saw some progress on cleaning. The rock salt leftover from last winter was actually cleaned and some of the urine spots were at least mopped.

Jul 17

Updated Aug 02

It's hooker season again

They seemed to disappear as winter arrived. Just noticed they are drifting back into my neighborhood again. Two of them were actually sitting on the back steps (leading to the basement) of my building just before noon on July 4. I came back a couple hours later and there was a wet nap and an unused condom in a wrapper lying on the steps. Nice. Saw another one ambling down my street with a couple of male friends the next morning just before 6:00 a.m.

My question is, what's the most effective way of getting these, ahem, ladies out? Police? (311? 911?) Alderman? Any other suggestions?

  • Pedrito I offer you the RED PILL, that's all.

    Manticore, do you go to the beach Downtown? Do you have a doggie?

  • Manticore

    I go all over town, but it's obvious that dogs have to spread a certain amount of disease.

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