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Were the popcycle girls from Rogers-park?

The third judge, Jaye P. Morgan, would award them a 10, quipping, "Do you know? That's how I started." (She was rewarded with a popsicle from one of the girls before they left the stage.)

  • It this the only post or was the rest of the thread removed by the moderators? It made me look up the video of the Popsicle "Twins" (15/17) and the back story by Chuck Barris. Supposedly that "act" was cut before the Gong Show episode was shown here (or in the western time-zones). Memories...

Jan 31

Updated Feb 04

Please don't feed the trolls.

I just scrolled through 110 comments in one thread, half by two people I've muted and half in rebuttal.
If people would just step past the manure, the aggravations would get less gratification and we would have much better conversations.
"Mute" is your friend.

Jan 25

Updated Jan 31

No Garbage Trucks Before 7am

Apparently there is a city Ordinance 11-4-2830 that states no garbage trucks can be active before 7am? Having trouble sleeping due to very early morning garbage truck routes. Anyone have experience reporting on this sort of violation?

  • On two occasions I too called the offending companies directly and both times it corrected the problem for those particular offenders immediately. That may be the place to start in such situations. More effective than contacting a city official.

  • Joshua Still a cynic, now in Ravenswood.

    I'm really gonna have to take that into account. It's so obvious but darn...sometimes the obvious goes right over one's head. Ugh.

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