Apr 19

Updated 5 days ago

Gutters - Stolen Again! Be on look out for Silver MiniVan Lic Plate Z69 - 425

Gutters on my garage - recently replaced after they were stolen about a month ago - were stolen again last night (April 18, 2017)! Neighbors yelled at the middle-aged white guy, driving a silver Mini-van with IL Plate Z69 - 425 but he took-off after sticking the gutter in his vehicle. He only got one downspout off the garage and I imagine he will be prowling around again looking for more. This was in the 6600 block of N Glenwood (shared alley with 6600 block of Newgard). I know gutter theft was posted previously but I could not find it on EveryBlock this morning.

  • The downspouts are about $11 new from Home Depot, I'd think the scrap value would be significantly below that.

  • Bill in Rogers Park Rogers Parker - co-founder of Glenwood Neighbors

    Sorry that happened to you, too, Vinster. I thought we might have been rid of the scourge but apparently not. And you and Verena are both right - the cost to replace is minimal so not sure why this guy continues to vandalize and steal other's downspouts for so little payback if any.

6 days ago

Updated 5 days ago

Bad neighbors

Anybody know how to "encourage" the building management to get rid of bad neighbors? Loud fights, drunken behavior, broken glass in the yard, etc. Have called the cops several times and have notified the building management, but nothing seems to be happening

  • You could also get the phone numbers and emails of other people in your building and all call 911 together when the people are not acting like good neighbors. If many people call, they cannot ignore it. Also you can all complain to apartment managers at the same time. I lived in a building and we did this because they would not listen to each of us but as a group they did. We submit a list of problems together.

  • d3 NOH

    Aside of the 24th district problem building handler.. If police are ignoring and aren't responding to the calls start filing complaint requests and complaint investigations after each specific call. One with 911/oemc and the other with 24th district, two different complaints that will require calling each, and you should get the actual complaint number for both, don't let them 'talk to them' or they won't make it a formal complaint.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 04

    Woman hit through window in double shooting in Rogers Park
    CHICAGO -- A shooting in Rogers Park injures two people, including a woman hit through the window of her apartment. The victim was taken to Presence Saint Francis hospital in Evanston.

May 19

Updated May 20

Swat team, cops ambulances on touhy & ashland, may 19, 2017

Hey, what was going on between clark & Ashland on Touhy AVE last night around 11pm? Seen swat team truck with cops there. Any information?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Mary, apparently a guy was threatening to jump off a building, perhaps the result of a domestic dispute. There were several reports on Facebook Thursday night. If you have a Facebook account, you'll find 3 or 4 postings here but you'll have to scroll down to find them because no one commented on the threads after early Friday:


May 01

Updated May 02

Someone pulled their car out on Greenview on April 28 around 10AM and slammed into my car

If you are that frustrated that you can't wait 30 seconds for the car in front of you, then maybe you need to take a mental health care day. This person was frustrated and tried to speed around the person leaving, but instead, he hit the car behind me and also my car, doing significant damage. Really?? One of my neighbors tried to get your license plate number, but you sped away.... loser.

  • They're probably neighbors with damage too. Look for them.
    I agree a lowlife sucky thing to do.

  • Look up and down the block for buildings with security cameras pointed at the street. Ask any property owner with a security camera to check for date/time of incident to see if a car shows up. Sometimes you not only get a hit, but even a license plate. If any useful images are found, they can be loaded on to a flash drive...I've done this several times for cops and neighbors.

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