Jun 17

  • Gray Elementary School reviewed

    For being in CPS, dealing with what they have to deal with, no money for funding, after school programs etc...this school tries it's best. They also have to deal with many, not all, unsupportive parents. Gray school clothes students that come in filthy or can't afford a uniform, they feed students who come in starving. You have to think of the neighborhood and the situation when rating a Chicago Public School. This is not the suburbs with endless resources and money...they are doing the best they can with the cards they have been dealt. Schools like this are very lucky to have educated teachers that would rather teach in a low income school than head out to the suburbs.

    Gray Elementary School (3730 North Laramie Ave) Published on GreatSchools June 16, 2017 Comment

May 28

  • St Bartholomew School reviewed

    Our school, St. Ladislaus closed in 2014 and we began our search for a school that was academically challenging, culturally diverse, and had a sports program for my 3rd grade entering grandson. We examined all of the schools on the northwest side but found that St. Barts was, by far, the most student friendly, and had the experienced and dedicated faculty we sought, along with the aforementioned sports endeavors. My grandson is now in 4th grade, and without question, choosing St. Bartholomew school was not only the right choice for us, but should be for any parents looking for a superb Catholic education. Our principal, Ms. Karen Rebhan-Csuk is completing her first year at the helm, and has been tremendously successful in establishing new curriculum goals while maintaining the excellence and tradition of St. Barts. If you seek a new beginning for your child, or are simply tired of all of the trappings of the Chicago Public Schools, look no further than St. Bartholomew School.

    St Bartholomew School (4941 West Patterson Avenue) Published on GreatSchools May 27, 2017 Comment

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