Mar 16

  • Gray Elementary School reviewed by a parent

    This school is terrible. From the parents to the kids to the new principal who doesn't seem to care at all. The parents all look like gangbangers and they're uninvolved. These kids swear and act like complete savages and have zero respect for adults. The teachers are nice and I feel really bad for them having to deal with these little monsters all day. Especially in the upper grade building. There's no discipline. I saw a mom fight a student and security did nothing!!! One day after school kids were lighting fireworks in the playground again where were the adults? If you have issues with bullying don't count on the principal to return an email. Can't wait to pull my kids out! its a bunch of classless heathens at this school. This is coming from a parent whose dealt with private and magnet school and my goodness this school is something else. My kids don't even know who the principal is what a joke!

    Gray Elementary School (3730 North Laramie Ave) Published on GreatSchools March 15, 2017 Comment

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