Mar 22

Updated Mar 23

  • Jane in Irving Park Dog walker extraordinaire

    Exactly!!! Let's not forget to add the people who make several fake accounts so they can make comments on their own posts. Like making imaginary allies.

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    What a dumb post. Let's keep Everyblock a tool for improving our neighborhoods and being constructive.

Mar 18

Updated Mar 21

This is what Ald. Areana thinks of anyone who disagrees with his far-left fringe ideology

When can we vote this arrogant, tone deaf fool out of office?

Yesterday is not soon enough!

  • Sadly, he may have aspirations for higher office, if you can believe it..Yikes

  • smartypants LifeLongCityGirl

    Agree with Anthony. Right ideas. Wrong delivery. No matter what the "other side" to this is there is no excuse for a public official to talk that way. Ever. This is the kind of thing that embarrasses me most about Trump. No class. Follow the Obamas "When they go low we go high."

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