Jul 10

Updated Jul 11

Looking for a lost prairie dog

Hey guys I know it's a random and difficult pet to look for but my prairie dog got out during the storm this morning and is possibly hurt and probably really scared. He's sweet but being out doors makes him nervous. He was lost by wright college on Narragansett ave in portage park...if anyone happens to see a prairie dog that is obviously not a normal animal to find in their yard or garage please contact me at sahara.f1011@gmail.com. Thank you so much for your help. Again I know it's a long shot but I'm trying everything possible and posting things everywhere.

  • That's great news!!!!! I'm very happy for you.You won the lottery!!

  • So glad you got him back safe and sound. Unusual animal. I think it's great when kids find an animal and are able to return it. It gives them a wonderful feeling of having done something good.

    Thanks for letting us know he's home.

Jul 07

Updated Jul 11

Lost baby kitten

She responds to desi or desdemona! She's really long and skinny, last seen at Berenice and Cicero, half tabby half something else. She's adorable and trusting and she hasn't been fixed yet so she's been trying to get out. I haven't been home for two days and my roommate has no idea where she is :( I love her so much she is my pride and joy PLEASE call me at 773 829 1738 if you see her or have her I love her so so so much and she has been through a few homes and I just want her back :( she sleeps on me every night.

  • Spam Alert Don't be selling your used junk up in here, okay?

    Hey toasters, actions speak louder than words. And if you care a fraction as much about your pet as you do about your pronouns, things should start looking up for her real soon. And by the way, if it's such a big deal how your gender performance online is perceived by anonymous strangers, you might consider replacing your avatar photo of that MAN to something more in line with what you claim to be. Duh. We're not mind readers, after all.

  • Spam Alert, the avatar photo is one of a man making a "toast," hence the name "toasters." Please leave this woman alone. She made a mistake which, fortunately, ended well. She's made a spay appointment for her cat and I'm sure she's learned a lesson.

Jul 08

Updated Jul 10

Found Dog

Found Dog near Irving Park and Austin. Small female, grey curly fur. Poodle mix.

Jun 01

Updated Jun 03

Dog Found

French bulldog (?) Found at Irving Park Road and Central Ave. Contact John 773.216.7663

  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    Good job John

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Three cheers all around.

    It's nice when "no good deed goes unpunished" doesn't​ occur.

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