Aug 08

Updated Aug 11

Looking for Short Term Housing in Portage Park

My husband and I will be having extensive work done on our house this fall and it looks like we will need to live elsewhere while it's being done. We don't have a hard time frame yet, but we're expecting it will be from 4-6 weeks, sometime after Labor Day.

We live in Portage Park and would like to find something close by, if possible. We will also have our very quiet, 12 year old Labrador Retriever with us. I've looked into Airbnb, HomeAway, and Craigslist, but found nothing that would accommodate us, unfortunately. Anyone have any ideas for us?

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  • Thank you, kittyhop. Last word from the contractor is that the work will take 4-5 weeks, so I am trying to prepare for a little overage-- I've never heard of contractor work coming in on time, either. I'm also going to look into that insurance thing, as Dale S. pointed out. I will post back when I have a better handle on my timeframe. Btw my dog said to tell you that she's always up for a little extra spoiling. :)

Jul 26

Updated Jul 28

Developers in Portage Park/Dunning

I am interested in reaching out to a few developers in the area to see if any are interested in the purchase of my home. I am NOT in the market for a realtor as I already have one but would like to know before I sign a contract if there are developers out there who I could negotiate a deal with before i commit to the sales fees. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I remember in 2011 I had good couple of days and listed 2 of my rehabbed properties for $1 each. Yes $1.
    Guess what happened?
    I sold them later for the amount of the market value. But sure there were some people who offered $2 for the property lol 😁.
    So people remember you can list let's say your 300k home for 500k or even for $1. It will sell for the amount people want to pay or what the appraisal is going to be. That's it. Simple.

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    The more people who see it, the better chances of getting a higher price. Market it to 4 developers, and nobody else? Or let thousands of people see it on the internet, a sign out front, MLS with a realtor etc.... With or without a realtor, I do believe it is important to let as many people as possible know that ur property is for sale.

Jun 07 2014

Updated Jul 28

Clogged sewage main line?

Disclaimer: I'm a newish homeowner! Our basement shower drain clogs on a regular basis. There's really no apparent reason for it as my short haired husband is the only one who uses it. The basement toilet has also filled with bubbles when I do laundry. I spoke with a plumber who will come out next week, and he sounded concerned and mentioned the main line may be clogged. I'd imagine this is serious and costly. What would this entail to fix and how much would it cost? Can any reputable plumber diagnose the problem and fix it? Please help!

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