Jul 02

Updated Jul 03

Helicopter/police activity over Addison/Lavergne

Anyone know what is going on at Addison & Lavergne and why the helicopter is out?

Jun 15

Updated Jun 26


I live on tbe 6300 block of grace, my vebicle was broken into and according to some neighbors they also reported some garages.
My sons baseball equipment, wooden bat his name engraved on it and custom nike glove, taft H.S baseball back pk bag, Rude American Moab bat, white helmet, rawlings 1st base new glove......

  • These EB regulars just like to pick fights Cindy.

  • Bella Taft ihas an Academic Center, IB program and JNROTC program that draws students from all over the city.

Jun 08

Updated Jun 12

Home security scam?

We were just visited by a gentleman wearing a shirt and ID badge saying he was from AMP Seciurity. Claimed "they installed our ADT system a few years ago" (they didn't) and were offering a new touchpad and yard sign to update our very current system. Beware - this is a scam. Here's what we found online

Be careful, neighbors!

    AMP Security Reviews
    AMP Security Reviews Last Updated: June 1st, 2017. Knock, Knock! No, not a joke this time.. sorry. If you are reviewing AMP Security (now called 'AMP Smart') it is most likely because a sales rep knocked on your door.
  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    We are lucky to get the police 🚨 for something serious. Don't file or waste ur time. Next time slam the door on them like I do. They will get the message.

  • You should show them you don't need a security system by showing them your Glock!

May 26

Updated May 30

    Elderly Couple Attacked, Robbed In Portage Park Home
    CHICAGO - An 81-year-old man and 77-year-old woman were attacked and robbed inside their Portage Park home on Thursday night, police said. At 11:47 p.m., a man or men got into the home in the 5400 block of West Henderson Street and hit the man and woman in their faces, police said.
  • They must be bye bye. They censor first amendment free speech on this platform. The MSM and the elites think we are stupidnpeople but they are the one who will be in trouble. Vote them out and turn off the lousy bias networks. Don't let these losers cloud what is really going on.

  • Maggiemay 45 year resident @ PP

    We all just have to carry n when u see the punk in ur house shoot him dead

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