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    Elderly Couple Attacked, Robbed In Portage Park Home
    CHICAGO - An 81-year-old man and 77-year-old woman were attacked and robbed inside their Portage Park home on Thursday night, police said. At 11:47 p.m., a man or men got into the home in the 5400 block of West Henderson Street and hit the man and woman in their faces, police said.

May 14

Updated May 16

Gun shots at 3:33 am

Anyone else hear 3 gun shots? Sounded like it came from the Belmont and Pulaski vicinity. Then heard 3 more west of me at about 3:38. Sounded like that came from the direction of Belmont and Kostner.

  • scain09 Transplant from southside

    Actually it's Kilbourn Park. The area isn't considered Portage, Avondale, or Irving Park. We are a blank spot on map.

  • Scain09 if you are south of Belmont you are Hermosa. And they do have a very good neighborhood association. If you are North of Belmont you are Portage Park.

May 04

Updated May 11

Multiple cars with stolen tires.

Before dawn this morning, multiple small cars had their tires stolen on Berteau - right beside the iHop.

  • This (AND WORSE THINGS) happen EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE! Let's not generalize specific neighborhoods either. No amount of "profiling" will guarantee your safety, and that person your "profiling" might be the one to save your life. Think before you speak.

  • Tallgirl Concerned neighbor not afraid to call the police.

    Well said sunshine71!

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