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Water Main Work

Does anyone live on Berenice or Grace between Menard and Austin? Who knows what the holdup is on finishing the work on those blocks? The streets are in bad condition.

  • Ken Most interesting man in the world

    waiting for approval to make tie-ins to new main. last i heard was told end of july mid august. then whenever they get around to fixing street. your tax dollars at work for you!

  • What 85 years of Democratic rule will get you.

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    Rep. didn't list source of income because form was hard to understand
    A Democratic legislator from the Northwest Side was paid $170,000 for work as a consultant to fellow Democrats during two years when he failed to list that work as a source of income on his required state ethics filings, records examined by the Chicago Sun-Times show. State Rep.

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PPNA supports Central/Lawerence Starbucks?

We are wondering if the PPNA is supporting the Central/Lawerence Starbucks?

  • This is very interesting to see if the PPNA does/doesn't support this project. They didn't want the Irving/central one because of accidents that happened right by Lawrence\central!!!! With this decision, they are going to look dumb!

  • I am guessing that they will support it since it will replace a food establishment business that was already there, and probably promote more bicycle and pedestrian traffic then a chicken/carryout/catering restaurant.

    the other location at irving and central did not have a pre existing business so determining traffic would be a prediction at best, it is a troubled intersection as it is and it could go either way what effect it would have on traffic.

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Developers in Portage Park/Dunning

I am interested in reaching out to a few developers in the area to see if any are interested in the purchase of my home. I am NOT in the market for a realtor as I already have one but would like to know before I sign a contract if there are developers out there who I could negotiate a deal with before i commit to the sales fees. Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Me too. I'm in Avondale, near Elston, Rockwell, and Wellington.

    Would like to see if selling to a developer would be better for me...

    Also guy nearby with an empty lot was talking about the same thing to me..

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    Binny's Portage Park: Now Open | Binny's BlogBinny's Blog
    Our 36th Binny's Beverage Depot is now open! Located in the heart of the up and coming Six Corners Shopping District at 4901 W. Irving Park Road. We're excited to introduce a massive selection of wine, spirits and beer to Chicago's Northwest Side.

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Vendors Wanted

Hi Neighbors! St. John's Lutheran is having a back to school event
Saturday August 26th from noon to 4pm. We are looking for:
an ice cream truck
a face painter
Food trucks
Please call Kerri 773-780-5751 for more info.

  • The Village Creamery has an ice cream wagon that will come out, but I think they charge for it. Still might be worth a try to see if they will donate. 847-965-9805

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Neighbor parks business truck with business plates on our block

Neighbor parks his business truck plate truck on the block backing really close to the person behind him as to conceal the plate. He will do it to anyone of the neighbors. Butt usually his wifes car.
This also makes it difficult for neighbors to pull out when someone has parked behind them. What can we do to stop this?

  • cheesecake chick i want to be the person my dog thinks i am

    this is a problem on my block. an owner of a single family bungalow has rented "beds" to a bunch of immigrant construction workers. there must be 8 adult men living in this house, besides the owner family. these guys have at least 4 trucks that they park on the block and take up all those additional spaces. Owner family is using the garage. nothing gets done about it.

  • So THAT's where the ones from by us moved to!! *kidding, kinda... had similar situation for a while, then all the sudden the house was vacated and ten trucks were off the street. No kidding; TEN

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Lost cat

Smallish brown and grey striped tabby. Female cat, name is Tessie. She has a collar but no tags. She is microchipped to a relatives address in Park Ridge and also anti cruelty. She's been with me for many years. Got away from pet sitter. Very friendly and probably scared as she is an indoor cat only. Around Berenice and Laverne. 773-407-2369

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? Shooting on Laramie south of Addison 8:20pm, July 21

Anyone have details/story of what happened here? Had CPD SUVs and crime scene tape blocking Laramie south of Addison at the intersection last night. Can't find any further detail other than some 24 y/o has a GSW to their ankle.

  • i tend to see the less witnesses to an event or the less family and friends one has after the event has less coverage. it is just an observation. in the eyes of the news it may have not been worth it to them to be story worthy (sad).

  • Thanks Statch!! Link U shared is truly informative.

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Car stolen between 12:00pm and 2:00pm Sunday July 23 on Linder between Berteau and Hutchinson.

2005 grey mica Mazda taken from the apron in front of my garage. Anyone notice any activity?

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Dermatologist Recommendations

Can someone please recommend a dermatologist in the Portage Park area?

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Jul 11

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Popular Portage Park Coffeeshop Owner Opens Gourmet Sandwich Shop Today

...to expand their businesses as they opened a new sandwich shop, Charley Noble, today at 6011 W. Irving Park Road. Joe and Melissa Basilone will apply modern spins on classic deli fare. The restaurant’s...

    Popular Portage Park Coffeeshop Owner Opens Gourmet Sandwich Shop Today
    Read the menu for Charley Noble

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    Click here to support St John's Flexible Seating organized by Renee Bohus
    St John's Lutheran Church and School - Teachers spend much of their time focused on engaging students in lessons, and through flexible seating successfully make students more comfortable in the classroom. There is new information to support children's physical movement around the classroom, as th...

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Garage for remt

Looking for garage space

  • Samantha Joffi New Chicagoan

    You can contact me at sa2002ng@gmail.com

    I have a two car garage I am open to renting on grace street

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These nearby schools are looking for financial help on DonorsChoose.org:

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