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Shop ‘Black’ this Black Friday

-Angel Minaro Spa–2150 S. Canalport, 3C-14

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...the chance to meet her and the team. She will be at Divas-N-Dogs, 7142 S Exchange Ave. Hot chocolate will be passed out...

Eric Williams, owner of The Silver Room, 1442 N. Milwaukee Ave., said people need to start supporting the small, independent businesses again.

Boutique owner Andrea White agrees and said that instead of going to Macy’s or other similar department stores, give her a chance. A’nies Accents, 1237 S. Michigan Ave., is 2 years old and she said it isn’t unusual for customers who live in the area to just come in to chat.

The fashion designer sells her creations out of her shop, 17 East Pearson Street. The motivation behind creating Maryam Garba Fashion came from personal experiences. After graduating college and...

-Kilimanjaro International—African shop, jewelry, art, and candles,  1305 E. 53rd St.

-Waxy Desires—customized scented candles, 500 W. Cermak

-Brims and Accessories– specializes in designer hats and handbags, and sells jewelry, 1631 E. 87th St.

-Kiwi’s Boutique–1015 S. Western Ave.

  • Todd Agosto Analyst/Investigator at Veritatem Cognoscere

    Typical of the 'Chicago Defender', if you were to take the race card from them they would have very little to write about. To get a gist of what i'm referring to just scroll through their current series of articles. http://chicagodefender.com/ ie "Let’s Boycott Black Friday for Black People!", "100 Black Men of Chicago Statement on Ferguson Grand Jury Decision", "Telling People They Sound Racist Can Be Awkward. Here’s What You Should Do". etc

  • Dr. Magic Stuck Here In South Shore Since 2011

    @Valerie Joy - i agree with shopping local. spend on local businesses rather than online retailers. i like that message better than shopping "black", which is racist. just as "shopping white" would be.

    @Todd Agosto - The Chicago Defender is nothing more than substitute for toilet paper.


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  • Permit issued for renovation/alteration


    1034 W. 18th St. Issued November 25, 2014 Comment

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KaBOOM Promotes Placemaking as a Way to Encourage Play

212 municipalities of all sizes are participating in KaBOOM’s Playful City USA program by using play as a strategy to address challenges in their communities. Representatives of 12 of the cities convened at Blue 1647, a tech incubator space at 1647 South Blue Island in Pilsen, for the summit.

At Laflin and 19th, Kacprzak pointed out an attractive, fenced-off lot. “It’s a great patch of green but there’s nothing happening with it.” She wondered if it might be possible to use the land for a playground or a community garden until it is developed.

At 19th and Blue Island, Kacprzak noted that the west side of Blue Island is relatively pedestrian friendly, with interesting...

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  • 3 stars out of 5: Dusek's on Yelp

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Parking spot for rent?

Hello neighbors,

I'm due to have my baby mid-January and the parking situation in Pilsen seems to be getting worse. People double park to save spots for other cars and I end up parking far from home. It'll only get worse the bigger I get and the colder it is outside.

Does anylne know of a parking spot for rent near 19th street and May? Thanks for any info you can provide!!


  • Maybe Perez restaurant would rent overnight? Or maybe the back alley behind the old Casa Aztlan. They use to have a couple spaces there until they got foreclosed...

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10 Under-the-Radar Shops to Support on Small Business Saturday

Since you’re probably heading down to Pilsen for the fantastic vintage selection on Saturday anyway, be sure to stop by this tiny little grocery store for vegan snacks, ridiculously cheap green juice that’s pressed while you wait, and kombucha on tap. 1219 W. 18th St., bellischicago.com

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...the-dark rope to wholesale blue polypropylene jars that you didn’t realize you needed. 5316 N. Milwaukee Ave., sciplus.com

Indulge all your Parisian fantasies at this frequently overlooked French boutique in the Palmolive Building. You may not be wintering in the South of France this winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t subtly imply that you are. 919 N. Michigan Ave., cop-copine.com

This trio of stores in Edgewater sells antiques, artwork, and a healthy selection of gently used designer clothes. They’re offering 20 percent off in-store purchases on Small Business Saturday, too. 6237-6241 N. Clark St., euphoriaresale.com

Yelpers say this beauty supply store is the best spot in the city to find Shiseido products, but the store also stocks other hard-to-find Asian beauty products like Korean BB cream and Dolly Wink mascara. 2136 S. Archer Ave.

This well-curated Humboldt Park boutique sells everything from jewelry to bath products to mustache wax. You’ll find lots of design-y elements—it’s located in a refurbished hardware store, after all—and plenty of locally-made stocking stuffers. 2559 W. Chicago Ave., shopkomoda.com

...hand-knit fisherman sweaters, which have “Chicago winters” written all over them (figuratively, of course). 5202 N. Clark St., notre-shop.com

Roscoe Village’s newest indie bookstore is throwing its doors open to the public at 10 a.m. on Saturday, where you can find calendars, greeting cards, and booked-themed ephemera from the popular brand Out of Print—as well as books on books on books, of course. 2142 W. Roscoe St.

...and a small but solid selection of vintage clothes. But seriously, go for the taxidermy. 1513 W. Foster Ave., woollymammothchicago.com

...Plus, Comfort Me Boutique has opened up a new permanent location in Hyde Park at 5241 S. Harper Ave. after their successful pop-up run. Grab a latte at Bridgeport Coffee’s Hyde Park...

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City needs to put its house in order in protecting tenants

Their surprise was compounded upon learning that their landlord had been instructed in September to empty the building at 2022 S. Throop because of unsafe conditions — and instead continued to collect their rent payments.

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Smashing Pumpkins Tickets Sell for Three Times Face, Prompt Fan Pushback

Wednesday's show, starting at 8 p.m. Wednesday at Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport St., will feature original Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan joined by James Iha-replacement Jeff Schroeder, Mark Stoermer of The Killers on bass and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine on drums.

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Keep Cozy With Chicago's Best Cold-Weather Cocktails

Punch House (1227 W. 18th St.)

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Bordel (1721 W. Division St.)

LUXBAR (18 E. Bellevue Pl.)

Drumbar (201 E. Delaware Pl.)

Bohemian House (11 W. Illinois St.)

Barrelhouse Flat (2624 N. Lincoln Ave.)

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Chicago's Ultimate Neighborhood Gift Guide: Presents From Pratt to Pullman

...mason jar herb kits ($20) at the recently expanded vintage and handmade boutique Modern Cooperative, 1215 W. 18th St. The recipient of your Secret Santa generosity will thank you when they're growing organic...

...stationery (25 sets for $55 or 50 for $90) from Steel Petal Press in Pilsen, 2150 S. Canalport Ave. Created using old school hand-set type, the sets can be customized dozens of ways...

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...there’s a one-stop shop for all your holiday needs, it’s Foursided at 5061 N Clark St. The shop’s custom framing center will help you find the perfect frame for a...

...that fashionable man in your life, check out the newly opened Notre menswear shop at 5202 N Clark St. Pick up a plaid Band of Outsiders shirt ($275) or a classic pair of dark...

...where Chicago Poker Store finds its home. Get some expert advice from owner Fred at 6440 W. Diversey Ave. in Belmont Cragin, where you can buy everything from card decks ($17 to $30) to...

...Pick up a 22-once bomber bottle at Maria's Community Bar and Packaged Goods, 960 W. 31st St. and select liquor stores throughout the city...

Previously a home-based business, Life Organics opened its organic and natural beauty products store in Chatham (435 E. 75th St.) in March. The store sells all natural hair oil, shampoo, skin cream, body lotion, shaving cream, shower gel and body wash. Prices range from $6 per item to $30.

Freehling Pot and Pan, 1365 E. 53rd St., is one of the oldest retailers in the neighborhood. We love their collection of four...

...tires ($13-$30) by Humboldt Park artist Alexis Ellers. The pop-up shop, open at 1457 E. 53rd St. through Jan. 9, also has a selection of seasonal soaps like vanilla hazelnut, cranberry fig...

Twosided, 2958 N. Clark St., helps you spread the Chicago cheer with dozens of city-centric holiday cards and ornaments...

Wigglyville, 3337 N. Broadway, has everything you’ll need to keep your pup warm this winter. Jackets and hoodies from Canada Pooch are lined in super-soft Sherpa (prices vary). And adjustable wool scarves ($15) by Chilly Dog Sweaters fit every breed from Chihuahuas to Great Danes.

Art Effect, 934 W. Armitage Ave., has something for everybody — even if that certain everybody has everything. This independent shop is...

...that Don Draper himself would covet. Buy online or look for them at Sacred Art, 4619 N. Lincoln Ave. Fill with Koval whiskey or Letherbee gin...

Shopping for someone on their game, gear wise? Check out the city's latest streetwear at Marco DiPaolo's Mint Clothing, 1058 W. Taylor St. At the lively shop, the 20-year-old shop owner stocks limited-edition T-shirts ($15-45) from Chicago designers, in addition to his own Mint brand.

...with this handmade Dibs ornament ($12) from Replica Chicago, which opened its Jefferson Park store, 4425 N. Milwaukee Ave., in 2012, and has been the go-to source for Chicagophiles for all over the...

Walking into Humboldt House, 1045 N. California Ave., can be a bit overwhelming. You'll find yourself wanting to move in, or at...

Logan Square’s longtime flower flower shop Fleur recently moved to a new, larger location, 3149 W. Logan Blvd., making this the perfect time to stop in for some gorgeous gifts. Fleur’s knowledgeable...

For the audiophile on the list, Audio Archaeology (1324 W. Devon Ave.) has you covered. Owner John Arnsdorff collects vintage audio electronics, records and more. He even...

Dovetail, 1452 W. Chicago Ave., is a great place to find vintage glassware and an awesome 1950s cardigan, but the...

Vividbraille, 2064 N. Damen Ave., makes a custom-line of winter hats for men, such as a wool woven beanies...

...firehouse selling T-shirts, hats and other Chicago Fire Department clothing. He opened a store, 3145 W. 111th St., in 2009 and died one year later. His brother and sister-in-law, Joe and...

Belle Up, 1915 W. 103rd St., stocks mostly maternity and women's clothing at its new location in Beverly. However, the...

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Inquilinos se quedan sin techo pese a pagar su renta

Este es el edificio en la cuadra 2000 S. Throop St., que un grupo de residentes de Chicago tenía que desalojar a más tardar este martes. JAIME REYES/HOY

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Five Shows to Drag Your Extended Family to This Thanksgiving Holiday

Where: Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport

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Where: Double Door, 1572 N. Milwaukee

Where: Metro, 3730 N. Clark

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PLEASE don't dump animals.

Chicago has one of the highest resident 'DISPOSAL" rates of pets in the nation.
Chicagoans, dumped, 'surrendered over 8,000 dogs at Chicago Animal Care and Control last year EVEN MORE at Animal Welfare League-BOTH LOCATIONS (KILL SHELTER)and Anti Cruelty(KILL SHELTER). Most were KILLED. I saw a family walk into Animal Care and Control, 2741 S Western, with 3 grown happy dogs they were dumping to be killed. Just the usual laziness that they don't want to walk and feed them...

Read full message…

Chicago has one of the highest resident 'DISPOSAL" rates of pets in the nation.
Chicagoans, dumped, 'surrendered over 8,000 dogs at Chicago Animal Care and Control last year EVEN MORE at Animal Welfare League-BOTH LOCATIONS (KILL SHELTER)and Anti Cruelty(KILL SHELTER). Most were KILLED. I saw a family walk into Animal Care and Control, 2741 S Western, with 3 grown happy dogs they were dumping to be killed. Just the usual laziness that they don't want to walk and feed them anymore. The family was laughing and joking all the while. I saw a lady walk into Animal Welfare League and hand off her small dog that was about 9 years old to the staff person. Looked healthy and happy...She turned coldly and said "Bye, bye Precious" and walked out. 90% chance that dog was KILLED in a week due to overcrowding at that KILL shelter. If you have a cat that is at breeding age and the male is spraying or the female is yowling PLEASE take advantage of FREE AND LOW COST SPAY NEUTER available in Chicago/PAWS Lurie Clinic. Having that animal fixed will END those issues.

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Smashing Pumpkins Playing Thalia Hall Black Wednesday Show

Tickets to the "intimate.. one-of-a-kind" show go on sale at noon Monday, according to a release from Thalia Hall, 1807 S. Allport. The show starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

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