16 hours ago

Have you seen my car? Silver Acura RSX type S, #3710608

Have you seen my car? I'm hoping the city just relocated it but it's not showing up in the system and I've called 311, the alderman, and the main towing center (312-744-7550). It's a silver Acura RSX type S and the license plate is 3710608. If you happen to see it, please post and let me know where it is. Thank you!!!

Mar 16

Updated Mar 16

Divvy station at Clark and Wrightwood is empty, again

The Divvy station at Clark and Wrightwood seems to have an issue. It was completely empty Friday, and again last night, and this morning. Either it is broken, Divvy is ignoring, it, or some combination. I just sent a message to Divvy. Does anyone know if it's actually broken, or just somehow getting missed? It was full Wednesday and Thursday mornings last week.

  • Ryan C. 15+ year Lakeview East resident

    I think Divvy takes about 60-70% of their bikes out of service during the winter for maintenance and storage during the slower months. It could be that they haven't replaced the bikes for the Spring/Summer/Fall season yet.

  • d3 NOH

    probably so, and they're advertising they're hiring

    still no divvy stations anywhere near here...

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