Mar 21

Updated Mar 22

Pet Waste in a Child's Park

It is unbelievable to me that a dog owner/s would not clean up after their dog. I have my nephew at Park West Park and there are literally dozens of piles of dog junk everywhere! Right where children play! Who does that? Seriously?! Please keep an eye out and take pictures of dog owners who do not pick up after their dog. I would love to post a picture of the culprit.

  • This is shocking to me as well. The sidewalk all around our building where snow used to be was covered in dog feces for weeks. Thankfully most has been washed away by now. As a dog owner that would never do that it really frustrates me and is disgusting. Also a pain to keep my dog out and away from it.

  • Debbie Lincoln Park resident

    I would just like to add to those sentiments. As a dog owner, I never fail to pick up after my dog no matter how cold, dark or snowy it is. Anyone who does less than this makes us all look bad. If we see other dog owners failing to pick up dog waste we should, at the least, offer them a poop bag so that they can do the right thing.

Feb 27

Updated Feb 28

Wrightwood road work again?

Does anybody know what the story is on the roadwork on Wrightwood between Clark and Halstead? They keep digging it up, paving it and then digging up again. I feel like they must be on about the 6 round of this.

  • The 2/24 email is about a project in a completely different area.

  • Josh R Engineer in Chicago

    Tutter, no. Water mains distribute water to your homes. They do not provide drainage.

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