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Teens with gun at Wilson park. I'm not surprised.

Sergeant Sherry must be high on something. How about sending CPD to drive through the park once in the blue moon? I walk my dog there. There's zero police visibility. None. Never.
I guess all the kids/adults at the basketball court are honor students just trying to get some fresh air. And that pot smell in the air? Coincidence. Here's a tip - if you don't find anyone on the basketball court, there's a long bench facing the tennis courts, or under the trees in the shadow.


    Teens found with gun in Wilson Park; police ask residents to report suspicious actitivity
    by BRIAN NADIG The 16th (Jefferson Park) Police District is urging residents to report suspicious behavior in Wilson Park, 4630 N. Milwaukee Ave., following a recent incident there in which a group of local teenagers was found with a gun and drug paraphernalia. "People must call it in.
  • The youth are crazy now a days. They're creeping in from the southeast and will turn this area into something similar to where they are coming from. You always hear people talk about moving out of those areas due to gangs, drugs and crime. It never ceases to amaze me that all the shenanigans follow them wherever they go. Somehow it will all get blamed on people like you and me Joanie. The dimms are Crazy I tell ya.

  • Muc

    I used to walk my dog in Wilson Park all the time. (Before I moved because I saw first hand all the trash moving into the area). This issue has been escalating for a while. It was just a matter of time before it was a full blown problem. Anyone...

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    I used to walk my dog in Wilson Park all the time. (Before I moved because I saw first hand all the trash moving into the area). This issue has been escalating for a while. It was just a matter of time before it was a full blown problem. Anyone that has two eyes can see the Portage Park area is going downhill....fast. All the signs were there at least a year ago and yet some people act like this is a new thing. It is not. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Unfortunately a lot worse.

    Keep calling the police and bug them relentlessly. Good luck to those who try to stick it out. Portage Park used to be a great area. What a shame.

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Patio Bricks Installer

Need recommendation for someone to replace section of lawn with patio bricks.

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Looking for someone who could replace my bathroom ceiling
in the short future, new shower tiles (shower 30" x 44"...)

Cheapest, economical way as possible...

Anyone ???

  • Yes. Call these guys for a quote; Pat & John: 773.719.4944
    They've been busy doing kitchen/bath renos for over 15 years by word-of-mouth & add-on work alone (both worked at Century Tile & Carpet yrs ago).
    Very reasonable rates and very good work.
    In case you haven't had the work done before, keep in mind cutting tiles is messy work that's normally done outside. You'll need a viable spot for that.

  • We purchased our own materials and then hired http://www.portageparkhandyman.com/contact.php to actually do the work. I found it worth the price!

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Lost dog in Jefferson park

I lost my dog on 4/19/17 around 3pm
Some people said they saw him running by Lockwood ave and Carmen Ave.. please help me bring him back home... we miss him a lot and can't stop worry about his well being!! 😭😭
You can reach my at 3122965491
My name is Bertin

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Slovak to English Intetpreter

Does anyone have family near Bratislava or just west of there? Im going the end of May and I need someone to help me speak w/family.

  • There is a free app for the iPhone, called SayHi, that will translate back and forth, and Slovak is one of the languages. I use it in Ecuador and it's great, but you do need wi fi for it to work. Hope this helps.

  • Tom

    Get Google Translate. (Available for Android and probably Apple) It can translate Slovak without an internet connection.

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    Restraining order on Northwest Hwy project denied, but another could be sought once zoning approved
    by BRIAN NADIG A Cook County Circuit Court judge on April 13 denied a motion to place a temporary restraining order on the zoning approval process for a proposed self-storage warehouse and residential development at 5150 N. Northwest Highway.
  • noman50 in this together

    Uptown Arts Council,

    Your contention that xenophobia doesn't look like xenophobia to those allegedly afflicted with the malady is yet another attempt to publicly smear anyone who disagrees with this current 5150 residential project. An elected official, someone whose original purpose is to serve his constituents, but who nevertheless employs a policy of making personal attacks on citizens who don't go along with his agenda, only adds to public cynicism about government and is unworthy of office and the public trust.

  • Joe Be a good neighbor

    Did you know that none of this is even about housing yet?
    The only owner is a storage place who wants an 80* high monstrosity and neighbors don't want that next to 25-30* high buildings. The zoning requested allows buildings up to 120*. Those are very large buildings. It's also an industrial corridor that was meant to preserve manufacturing jobs. I'm not sold that it's good for anyone to live there in isolation.

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