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    Chicago, Illinois, 60647, Humboldt Park, 26th Ward, Saturday, November 21st, 2015, approximate 9:30 AM: Investigative Video Footage captures a staff member of Roberto Maldonado(26th Ward) on camera refuting another Maldonado staff member who stated ,via telephone to Maldonado's PUBLIC OFFICE, that seniors and single moms who must be " registered voters" in order to receive a privately donated turkey.
  • Jaay Riot Fest Supporter

    So Maldonado's compassion for the less fortunate is really about him and how he benefits from it!
    Remember people MARCH 15 vote him out!

  • Pendragon dragon king

    LOL, what a nozzle

Nov 09

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Moving Boxes

Hey well short notice but im really in need of boxes to move by the end of November 2015. If anyone can help me I would surely appreciate it...

  • You can also check Craigslist under the "free" section. Always lots of boxes and moving supplies.

  • Check with any of the bars and restaurants by Augusta/Cali. They'll have some.

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Long Shot, But Anyone Have Rush LP's To Sell?

I realize this is a long shot, but is there anyone out there that may have some Rush (the band from Canada) records lying around they want to sell?

I'm working on a collection and would be interested in albums or singles. I do have a bunch of their stuff already, but want to have a playing copy and a backup copy of what I can.

Let me know if you have some you would like to sell!


  • SpaceCowboy Humboldt Park

    If you Fly By Night, be careful.

  • Ooh. I wanna come back on that one, but I'm afraid it would turn into me trying every title of every song and album. Ok, keeping it simple:

    I won't go slow as I Fly By Night; I will Rush.

Nov 18

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The 13 Best First Date Spots In Chicago

Rootstock Wine & Beer Bar (954 N. California Ave.)

...re feeling the love but desire a change of scenery, head to the California Clipper (1002 N. California Ave.) for artisan cocktails in a speakeasy setting...

This article has 18 other Chicago locations (Show)

Scofflaw (3201 W. Armitage Ave.)

Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (The Neo-Futurists, 5153 N. Ashland Ave.)

...date, a fantastic experience will be had by all. Hungry beforehand? Visit nearby Kopi Cafe (5317 N. Clark St.) for sandwiches, soup and fantastic wine and coffee in a beautiful bohemian setting...

The Art Institute of Chicago (111 S. Michigan Ave.)

Bang Bang Pie Shop (2051 N. California Ave.)

Zaleski & Horvath (1323 E. 57th St.)

Tapas Valencia (1530 S. State St.)

La Creperie (2845 N. Clark St.)

...flick before or after dinner at Landmark Century Centre Cinema, just across the street at 2828 N. Clark St.

Fountainhead (1970 W. Montrose Ave.)

Guthrie's Tavern (1300 W. Addison St.)

...owner for over 30 years. More into icebreakers of the arcade variety? Try Logan Arcade (1420 W. Fullerton Ave.) or Headquarters Beercade (2833 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lakeview and 213 W. Institute Pl. in...

...icebreakers of the arcade variety? Try Logan Arcade (1420 W. Fullerton Ave.) or Headquarters Beercade (2833 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lakeview and 213 W. Institute Pl. in River North...

...Arcade (1420 W. Fullerton Ave.) or Headquarters Beercade (2833 N. Sheffield Ave. in Lakeview and 213 W. Institute Pl. in River North...

Skylark (2149 S. Halsted St.)

The Wormhole Coffee (1462 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

...bustling Wicker Park. If you two share a love of literature, stop by Myopic Books (1564 N. Milwaukee) and see who can find a vintage copy of In Cold Blood first...

International Museum of Surgical Science (1524 N. Lake Shore Dr.)

    The 13 Best First Date Spots In Chicago
    These days, we look for love online and increasingly, by swiping right or left on our smartphones. But what to do when the time comes to meet face to face? Chicago is bursting at the seams with interesting (and often delicious) date spots, but the choices can be overwhelming-especially if your priority is finding somewhere fun, affordable or convenient in case you find yourself needing make a quick escape.

Nov 19

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Grandma J's, Previously Hit With Anti-Gentrification Tag, Broken Into Again

Malia said she has no plans to change the way she operates her restaurant at 1552 N. Kedzie Ave. She was open for business at 9 a.m. Thursday.

    Grandma J's, Previously Hit With Anti-Gentrification Tag, Broken Into Again
    HUMBOLDT PARK - For the second time this year, vandals broke into Grandma J's Local Kitchen in Humboldt Park. It's unclear if there is any connection to previous anti-gentrification vandalism at the independently owned restaurant. In June, a few weeks after the shop was tagged with anti-gentrification messages, someone threw a brick through the restaurant's window and robbed the business of $200 in cash.

  • CPL949 HP Resident now; WP/Uk Village; total 30 yrs.

    While burglar gates may be indicative of a bad area, for right now, Grandma J's needs some protection. The gates are much cheaper than continually replacing the glass. I'm sure she doesn't have that much money.

  • Maybe the Alderman could help her get a SBIF grant or some other type of free money that a lot of other local businesses get. She could use some cameras to deter theft. Took a buddy from London there and he loved it. I need to go back.

4 days ago

Free Twin Size Mattress

Free twin size mattress to good home - come and pick it up.

4 days ago

Any neighborhood chicken keepers want to add 2 hens to your flock?

I have re home my 2 hens after a long summer of not getting along, i can no longer keep the 2 separated with the winter cold. They need to be a part of a bigger flock and i am unable to provide it in my backyard right now. They are loved pets and it is really hard to come to this conclusion but i think its the best for them. They are friendly and fine with my dogs and my baby son. Please let me know if anyone is looking for a few good hens. they are about 3 yrs old. They still lay from about march - october. No soup pots please!

Nov 10

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Division Street decorations?

Drove down Division earlier today and noticed how nice it looks with the winter decorations up. How come west of Western has no decorations? It looks so run down. Who do we talk to regarding our own winter decorations?

  • Big Al WP Big Al, Your Neighborhood Pal

    shieldmaiden, yep, that's the City of Chicago for you.

  • Mike Conover '90's HP block orginizing,CAPS- resident since '07

    Big Al- I take it that you are in favor of places that pass & impose fees& taxes with less process?

Nov 15

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Why do people sit in their cars in the parks (Garfield, Humboldt, etc)?

After taking a walk in the parks, I noticed that most of the cars have people sitting in them. Why is this? What are they doing?

  • My God Pendragon, I'm so sorry you have that miserable of a life that you have to delete other people's post so you can feel better about yourself. I hope it gets better so you can stop show casing the misery of what you call a life, but if not, you can always just delete this post also, just another affirmation to what us the fulfilling life people call desperately pathetic.

  • Pendragon dragon king

    Must have been you that was deleted? LOL I actually had no idea what the comments were, but it shows they were deleted. You must have been on fire last night!! Frustrated a little? There's a few cures for that frustration. :)

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