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Appealing assessment - long term homeowner's exemption

I noticed that I didn't get credit for the long term homeowner. But when I went to the assessor's website there was no form for that exemption. Does anyone know what it is and how to get the form? Thanks!

  • I've been in this house 16 years so I think iqualify for long term!

  • Joe Kopera Logan Square resident since 1961 (54 years in Jan)

    I'm not totally sure but I think it only applies when the increase in assessment exceeds some sort of percentage (7% ?) otherwise you get the regular homeowner exemption.
    My new assessment on the back show that for 2009 to 2011 that I received the Long Time Owner exemption and shows $0.00 for the Home Owner exemption. Then for 2012 to 2014 shows I received the Home Owner exemption and $0.00 for the Long Time Owner exemption.

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    Police: Two dead, one hurt in Humboldt Park shooting
    Two men were killed and a woman was hurt in a shooting early Sunday in the West Side Humboldt Park neighborhood. The three were in a dark car heading southbound about 2:35 a.m. in the 500 block of North Avers when shots were fired from the sidewalk, police said.

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Humboldt Park Cash Mob

Come out to support Paseo Boricua businesses! Haters save your breath. https://www.facebook.com/events/581613708648309/

    CASH MOB | Facebook
  • Preston M Local character.

    Stop saying concern troll. It's become glaringly obvious that you don't know what it means.

  • Which is your favorite web site: Reddit, 4chan, or 8chan?

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Watch This Dog in a Floral Print Shirt Skateboard The 606: VIDEO

Enjoy @aboutfacechi's 15 Breaths @ #HumboldtPark, 1440 N Humboldt on 7/30 & 7/31 @ 6:30p. FREE ow.ly/Q0sbx pic.twitter.com/x17HbMpxDA

This article has 13 other Chicago locations (Show)

Hyde Park & Kenwood

Join us 4 #ToddlerTunesTurtles @ #BosleyPark, 3044 S Bonfield, 7/29 @ 5:30p. Enjoy music, live animals & nature play! pic.twitter.com/8NlHIZ3Y7L

Learn Chicago Steppin @SummerDanceChi #InTheParks at #WashingtonPark, 5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr., on 7/30 from 6 - 9pm! FREE!

Enjoy @chicagoshakesâ€#InTheParksks #GageParkrk, 2411 W 55th , on 7/28 at 6:30pm#ShakespearesGreatestHitstpic.twitter.com/RM4ADaxZRBRB

#chiparksmovies (7/25): Jaws(PG-13) @ #LincolnPark(2431 N Cannon Dr); Dolphin Tale 2(PG) at #EmmersonPark; Lego Movie(PG) @ #PulaskiPark.

Teen Night Out at Lincoln Park Cultural Center, 2045 N Lincoln Park West, on July 24 from 6 - 8pm. Ages 13-17. FREE! pic.twitter.com/Kc6vypPeMM

Enjoy @chicagoshakesâ€#InTheParksks #ColumbusParkrk, 500 S Central, on 7/26 at 4pm#ShakespearesGreatestHitstpic.twitter.com/8ps8BtocJcJc

Enjoy @MidsommerFlight​'s performanc#InTheParksks o#Shakespearere’s Macbeth on 7/25 @ 6pm & 7/26 @ 2p#SchreiberParkPark, 1552 W Schreiber.

Enjoy a @DanceintheParks performance on 7/26 from 3-4:30pm at #KenwoodPark, 1330 E 50th St! Free admission. pic.twitter.com/1LwNs1Sfo3

Enjoy Magic #InTheParks! The Magic of the Spellbinder featuring Walter King Jr will be @ #HermitagePark, 5839 S Wood on 7/25 from 7-8m!

Join us for Family Fun Day #InTheParks at #MoranPlaygroundPark, 5727 S Racine, on July 24 from 6:30 - 8:30pm. pic.twitter.com/kqtbXXqiXg

Enjoy @chicagoshakesâ€#InTheParksks #LoyolaParkrk, 1230 W Greenleaf, on 7/24 & 7/25 @ 6:30#ShakespearesGreatestHitstpic.twitter.com/ZVgw2r9doSoS

Enjoy a concert #InTheParks featuring Sax Preacher at #NicholsPark, 1355 E 53rd on July 24 from 6:30-8:30pm! pic.twitter.com/gyV2jdDIVE

    Watch This Dog in a Floral Print Shirt Skateboard The 606: VIDEO
    CHICAGO - The 606 is busy these days with joggers, strollers, dogs, skateboarders - and dog skateboarders? A mutt took to The 606 on wheels recently - and in a stylish floral print shirt - in a video for Figo Pet Insurance, a Chicago-based startup.

  • Mr. Rogers Neighbor


  • GoDaGo New HP Neighbor trying to figure the 60622.

    Love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • MandaLeigh Here I Is.

    I love how like, half those young children were confused as all get-out, and the other half were just beyond delighted. Cute.

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Bike Found In Alley

A bike was left in our alley yesterday between 1am-8am. It's a red/burgundy ten speed that I'm guessing was stolen and abandoned. Describe it and we'd be happy to turn it back over to its owner. Our building is at the 1200 block of Artesian. Thanks.

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Helicopter Division and Spaulding - 10:20 pm Tuesday

So a copter has been flying around this area for the last 10 minutes, completely ruining my TV reception! Anybody know what's going on? Or what happened?

  • Jeremiah Covered in Ink

    There are 3 in the air. We'be been watching them for 15 minutes. Wish I knew also!

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Reminder about rabies shot for your pet!

A friendly reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday, 7/29, the Cook County Animal and Rabies Control agency is offering a one year shot for $7, or 3 years at $21, at one of the several clinics they're holding this summer. Hours are from 10:00am - 2:45pm.

7/29 - Institute of Puerto Rican Art, 3015 W Division

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3300-3399 W. Beach Ave. Thoughts on the block?

My husband and I are looking to possibly move to the 3300-3399 block of Beach Avenue in Humboldt park. Does anyone on every block live near or on that block? And how has your experience been? Thanks for your time!

  • Pete Your Biggest Fan!

    I agree with Emilio and Bulldog on the increasing value. I don't live on beach, but my place has doubled in 2 years and I didn't even do anything. We had a small group of idiots who wore gang colors and hung out around a convenience store and the convenience store was closed and gang was arrested. (This is one of Maldonado's better initiatives which should be expanded.)

  • His house supposedly doubled in value somewhere else in two years, so what could go wrong?

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Lost Dog

Posting for a friend.

Rescue Dog missing since Yesterday 7/26 (Division/California.
Female Mix Black & White.
Responds to the name of Holly.

Dog's Name: Holly (PetID: 664125)
Contact Person: Bridget
Contact Number: 773 931 7908
Email: bridget@cnt.org

Thank you in advance

  • Did you post on facebook lost dogs of IL page? Lots of people have luck there posting lost and found dogs. If someone found Holly they may have posted her and you'll get the word out about her there. Good luck!

  • Rocky Resident of Humboldt Park

    Jeanine, we have posted there as well. Thank you :))

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