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Among all of the issues we voice here, what is your #1 concern?

Mine is the increased amount of crime/break-ins.

  • Having a grocery store at Devon/Milwaukee is a convenience I miss. I support local business like Happy Foods but they can't compete with the breadth of offerings at a Jewel, etc.
    Shop and Save...your public awaits you!!!

  • Thread was listed under Edison Park. Devon / Milwaukee is Norwood so I believe losing the Dominick's was probably a hit over there for convenience. As far as Edison Park goes I believe it's a very convenient location and Ebinger is an awesome elementary school. Plus it's nice to have 4 parks within walking distance to my crib

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  • Garage sale

    7357 N. Odell Ave. August 23, 2014 @ See description

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child care

My wife and I are looking for a person who runs a child care program out of their house. We are looking for service starting after the 1st of the year as our daughter will be 10 months. This would be Monday-Friday with holidays off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Patti o Neighborhood watch

    Hi everyone! My name is Patti. I am available for your babysitting needs beginning in September in my home. Times available are 6am-4pm M-F. I currently babysit for a family in the neighborhood. I have experience with 6wk olds - 10 year olds, and am an active member of the community. I worked in preschool for 7 years and Aide religious Ed. @ St Thecla Parish. Please call 7736967227 Thank you!

  • I know Patti, she left out she's a great mom of 4 awesome kids!!

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Avondale and Devon: NEED a stop light. Legal liability and hazard

The area by the Alderwoman's Restaurant....Devon and Avondale in Edison Park is a real hazard for pedestrians as well as automobiles. We need a stop light there. It is a legal liability and an accident waiting to happen. Too many cars trying to criss cross and as a pedestrian it is quite a danger to cross the street there. I am not talking about this being a danger because of that construction on the corner. I am talking about ALL THE TIME. Please take care of this alderwoman if you read this. Thank you.

  • I recommend crossing at Olcott if you don't want to dodge the texters not paying attention

  • Erin23...O'Connnor's business is EXACTLY where it was suggested that there be an increased level of traffic control more conducive to foot and auto traffic...so yes this is about her and her business and a conflict of interest.

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Chicago Pet Rescue Charity Rummage Sale

Tue, Aug 19, 2014 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Clean out your closets for homeless animals or stop by to shop for a bargain, that will help save a life. All funds raised will go towards supplies & veterinary bills for CPR's homeless animals. Please visit our website for more information: www.chicagopetrescue.org.

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Thanks CPD, and whoever else provided security at Olympia Park

What a difference compared to prior EP Fest weekends. Thank you SO MUCH for being there and controlling the activity in Olympia Park and protecting the area. :)

  • There was violence at Olympia park last night. There was a neighborhood kid sucker punched and sent to the ER.

  • CWCEdisonPark Olympia Park

    OMG - what time was that at? I hope the kid is OK. I thought they had it under control. It was better than previous years, but one person injured is one too many.

  • Yes, It was very noticeable on the heightened security at Olympia Park. Thank you EP Chamber of Commerce and CPD. The kids were cleared from the park every night by 10:30. Sunday night the police didn't even allow the kids to hang out there. Only damage heard about at Olympia park was the graffati on the building and trash/broken bottles etc. at the park. .

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Olympia Park...

Noticed several police squads with lights flashing....anyone knows anything about it?? Anything to do with Edison Fest?

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Tile installer recommendation...

Hi, I need some tile installed/repaired in my house. Does anyone know of a good tile installer that they would recommend.


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