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What about Dever?

Read this article about the new annex and renovation for Canty that will be occurring there. Just wondering what it will take to give the same attention to Dever.


  • Chicagogirl56 Board member Friends of Lane PTSO, Mom, Wife

    Great info everybody! Yes attend mtgs and be persistent..hopefully it will pay off. It took 11 years to get funding approved for Canty's new annex addition. My daughter only attended for 2 1/2 years before graduating this year, so she just missed it, but very happy for the current students. Hopefully Dever will get the same very soon :)

  • Fyi, Canty had been on the capitol improvement list many, many years ago, and for whatever reason was removed. In addition to parents being a squeaky wheel and attending CPS board meetings (I've been to a couple), it's also important for Dever's principal not be afraid to make the case for more space for her school. Getting the alderman's support is a good idea too.

Jun 06

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Mama Lunas

Has anyone tried this place? Its on Addison and Oriole ....

  • Pizza was Not Cooked to order, pizza looked liked it slid around Back Seat. Delivery service TERRIBLE!!! Was a rainy evening delivery person would not get out of car, called me to come get Pizza!!! I called back to talk to Manager, was off. Asked to be called back, Never called. I was a steady customer of Mama Luna located on Fullerton was excellent. I now order from Suparossa on Lawrence Ave. 708-867-4641

  • We pick up every time, because it is so close... the pizza is AWESOME - we get Italian beef and giardiniera on it, and we have leftovers for days. And a free 1 liter of pop with every pizza! Love this place.

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Jun 23

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Recommendations on Bounce House Rentals?

Hi neighbors,
We're looking to rent a bounce house for our annual block party. Anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you!

  • You're welcome! Good luck with the Block Party.

  • A few years back they told us no to the bounce house for our block party. We were surprised when they showed up.

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What's your experience at the new Rich's Fresh Market?

The parking lot was jammed, you'd think they were GIVING things away. Anyone try it yet? Woman quoted in the Trib saying the prices are too high.

But if you've visited, let us know what you think! Thanks!

  • Land of the Free, Home of the Brave United We Stand Together

    Wow the votes are in---and the tally doesn't look good for Rich's! I will stop in to the store and see if the majority rules!


  • Stopped in a few days ago. If you know your food prices, there are some items I would not buy there and other items that I would. It won't be where I do my weeks worth of shopping, that's reserved for Fresh Farms, Jewel and Mariano's but it will certainly be our quick go to place when needed.

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