Jul 20

Updated Jul 22

Man sleeping in alley

I have seen a man sleeping in our alley, not behind my house specifically but behind one of the multi-unit buildings on the block. I've seen him several times over the past couple weeks, most recently this morning. I'm just curious about people's opinions - is this a call 911/311 situation? Just suck it up and deal because he has to sleep somewhere? I get a little jumpy going out in my car or taking out the garbage lately because of this, but if I'm just being a baby about this, I will let it go.

  • Tourette's Syndrome?

  • Shelby..maybe thats it..IDK what was meant. Nobody should be sleeping in the alley..it saddens me so.much to think of that

May 04

Updated Jul 21

1472 W Rascher

More of an observation, but has anyone noticed a decline in this property? Seems like there's an unusual amount of people in and out of the building, now 2 broken windows that have been "boarded" over. Also, people are living in the garage behind the building, and it's NOT a coach-house. About 2 weeks ago, there was a Sheriff's vehicle in the alley adjacent to the property. This is immediately behind the Philadelphia Church.

  • Thanks for looking out for the neighborhood! Although I dont live there anymore, it's dear to my heart and i have a lot of friends who live and send their kids to school there.

  • J

    So, clearly someone else has it out for Kevin...a myriad of colorful chalk messages on the front door and EVERY square inch of the sidewalk and curb in front of the place, and signs in the windows. The messages are NOT positive, but quite a spectacle. Had to go up overnight so get over there asap before the rain comes.

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