Jul 03

Updated Jul 06


Found & caught this cat yesterday. Took to the vet and he has no microchip, sadly. :( He has black fur and bright yellow/green eyes.

Found in the Andersonville/Uptown area.

He's also very friendly and affectionate, leading me to believe he's been socialized around humans at the very least, if not been someone's pet in the past.

Do you know someone who's been missing a black cat for a while? Seen any missing cat posters around your neighborhood? Hmu so we can try and find this kitty's family!

  • I found this cat on July 2, and that cat ran away yesterday. But thank you.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    I wonder how it is possible for someone to not know his own pet and take a different animal home?

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