Jul 25

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    Why Finland has the Best Education (don't hate on it because it's by Michael Moore)


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    learning together as a team only works when students have the discipline training at home to respect their teacher and listen. This respect is often missing in some households because the parents do not have respect for others. Role models are important. Once we have unified students respecting others we will not need private school; which are elected by some parents because it isolates their child from those disruptive classmates who have not mastered respect for others. Once the students is in a respectful attentive environment their learning begins.

Aug 13

  • Help Challenge Student Minds After School!

    Ms. Preston is asking for $383.69:
    My students need games, puzzles, jewelry materials, 3D printing refills, and an oil diffuser to make our after school program a happier place!
    Passages Charter School Comment

Jul 19

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