Jul 15

Updated 5 days ago

recycle batteries

Anyone know where to recycle old batteries? I took them to Best Buy, but they only take rechargable ones now.

  • A Neighbor 2 albany park resident

    Aldermans office used to take them. Last time I took some in, I was told they don't do that anymore. I was told to throw them in the trash.

  • Bville Cat Lady "Stop whining and find something to do" ~ Violet C

    The mercury was phased out Starting in 1996. That wasn't the stop date.

    I did a quick search (cuz not fully caffeinated) and couldn't find a final stop date for mercury use.
    Therefore, depending upon the age of the battery, it may still have mercury.

Jul 02

Updated Jul 11

Seeking Monthly Parking near Sunnyside & Christiana

I'm looking to rent a parking spot in Albany Park near Sunnyside & Christiana, or Wilson & Christiana, etc. Hoping someone may have a lead!

  • I Have a spot off alley of Wilson and Kimball. $75

  • Sam

    Great thanks! I've sent you a private message including my email address. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Also check out the church on Sunnyside/Spaulding. $60/month; might be waiting list but it moved very quickly for us. Good luck, neighbor!

Jul 04

Updated Jul 06

Found money

Found money w 2 receipts. EBT user. Think a young mom or sister holding baby w 2 other children may have dropped it while walking on 4500 n lawndale bout 30mins ago. Would like to return to rightful owner. Contact me. Will need to supply info to prove/claim.

  • Nae Nae East Albany Park owner 1 year

    Wow. How rude. Please go buy yourself a nice glass of wine with that money. You deserve it. Thank you for being an honest good person. Don't let one low life loser discourage you from doing good deeds. Clearly she has issues.

  • Andrew Linc Sq Lifer

    just throw it out, the State of Illinois cold use the $20 credit

Jul 04

Updated Jul 04

Happy 4th of July!!

Thanks to all who gave so much for us!!

Jun 10

Updated Jul 04

Found dog on the corner of Montrose and Avers

Found dog on the corner of Montrose and Avers...if your dog is missing please comment or message me

  • Thanks for being careful about not revealing too much information in your post. :) Smart move.

  • Parkway Pal Slow down on my block

    Thank you for being a caring and responsible neighbor. Very nice to know people like you are nearby!

May 31

Updated Jun 27

Goat sounds

Has anyone heard a goat crying on the 4100 block of lawndale? No I am not crazy!

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    Lambs always sound like they're crying. The story states it's against the law to butcher animals in Chicago (homes).

  • Great, these goats will attract chupa cabras. 😆

Jun 20

Updated Jun 21

Saw a stray dog with red collar at Elston and belle plaine about 20 min ago.

Looked like a red fox. Skiddish. Would not come to me. Even when my dog was around.

  • Saw this dog yesterday afternoon around Montrose & Avers, heading south, in your direction. Would not come to me either, but apparently a lot of people are trying to catch this dog.
    Post to Nextdoor.com also, if you see him again.

Jun 18

Updated Jun 19

LOST black cat FOUND!

Will try to keep a collar on this "indoor" cat from now on!

Jun 12

Updated Jun 13

Found Cat

Hi my neighbor found this cat at the corner of Troy and Berteau. It's an older white/grey/brown mix, male cat. He's very friendly. They had him checked out at a vet, no chip.

  • Hi Christy, I just got off the phone with her; we're planning to reunite this evening--words can't express my gratitude! Thank you!!!

  • Christy T Albany Park


Jun 10

Updated Jun 10

found ring

Hi I found a ring perhaps an engagement ring that seems to be of some value. Please if it is yours send me a description and we will arrange a meeting.
thank you

Jun 09

Updated Jun 10

Small dog seen on 4600 block of N St. Louis by Roosevelt Highscool

The dog was very small. It was caramel colored with a cream stripe on it's back. It had what looked like a blue/purple and gray color but no tags. It was super friendly.

  • Ev

    Did the pup look like a poodle?

  • tiffanieliza 4600 block of N St. Louis Ave

    No, it looked sort of like a chihuahua.

  • There are signs up all over Horner Park looking for a lost chihuahua.

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Indecent Exposure

At 6:50 this morning there was a man masturbating in the alley, right outside of the back gate at 3550 W Belle Plaine (Alley just east of Central Park, on the north side of the street). I called the police and filed a report. When I came back around to the other side of the street, he had already fled the scene. The man was driving a light gold car, but I was unable to get his license plate number.

  • Yes, I contacted the police and shared the information.

    As a renter, I do not have the authority to put a camera on the building, but that's a great idea. I did let the management company know, so perhaps that's something they may be able to help with.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Libby, I messaged you. Check the email you associated with this account. I complimented you on your occupation...

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