Jun 06

noise at night at River Park

I knew they were going to be digging/blasting during the day, but there is some kind of machine or generator running into the late hours (midnight) that is unbelievably loud. Last night I started to appreciate the airplane noise over this. I'm actually having a hard time going to sleep. And I don't even live right by there, just a few blocks away.

Is there anything that can be done? There must be some kind of ordinance about late-night construction noise, no?

May 23

Updated May 24

Beep Beep


Okay, Where is this "alley" and why not send a video to '16' , SEC.OF STATE and the State Police if not only the Sheriff of Cook County?
If it ain't in writing: it never happened!"

But be prepared for the tiny dancer, Gov. Rattneer to ask for MORE TAXES then pocket more money and change nothing, no .ore police or City or States Attorney's that are regulated go let them go by volume and PERIWINKLES just wants to collect " Court costs" WITHOUT conviction and officers that Maybe "WORKED MIDNIGHTS and fall asleep in court?😱

But with a video: the media may get interesting if not social media!
Then the rusty unlubricated wheels get back to running again!!

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