Aug 16

Albany Park - Parking needed

Looking for rental parking near 4906 N. Springfield. Thank you!

Jul 24

Updated Jul 26

Internet services in the area?

I just called ATT and they said that they do not provide internet service in my area (Kimball and Irving Park).
What other providers can I reach out to?

  • Chandra Lynn Dagley Pre-Medicine Chaser From AP

    I like my ATT service, way cheaper than Comcast, literally 1/5th the price of cable/internet

  • future alderman future alderman

    att is trying to get out of the phone/net business---if u don't get their cable service they don't want u

Jun 19

Updated Jul 10

Looking to rent parking in Albany Park

Hi - I'm looking to rent a parking spot or garage space in Albany Park. Within 2-3 blocks of the 3000 block of W. Gunnison/Lawrence. I can pay up to $200 per month if close enough. Please comment on this post if you have have something or know of something.

  • Hello, mik_amb. I might be interested in your parking place. I'm at Wilson & Spaulding. Can you be more specific about the location? Thanks!

  • Michael G 5 year Albany Park Resident

    Hi - too far west for me but thanks for responding. Still looking 3000-3100 West. Thanks!

Nov 28

Updated Jul 09

Seeking Garage Spot in Albany Park - Sunnyside & Christiana

Hi All,

I'm seeking a garage parking spot for my Mini Cooper near Sunnyside & Christiana in Albany Park. Any leads would be appreciated!


  • Have an Off alley spot Wilson and Kimball for $75

May 09

Updated Jul 09

Looking for parking spot for rent in Albany Park

Hello! If anyone has leads on a parking spot for rent near Wilson and Christiana, please let me know.

  • Thanks Ryan and Jenn!! Ryan- I just sent you an email :)

  • I have an off alley spot at corner of Wilson and Kimball for $75

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