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Looking to rent parking in Albany Park

Hi - I'm looking to rent a parking spot or garage space in Albany Park. Within 2-3 blocks of the 3000 block of W. Gunnison/Lawrence. I can pay up to $200 per month if close enough. Please comment on this post if you have have something or know of something.

  • Hi Michael, I have a parking space for rent at 3758 W. Giddings (half block
    south of Lawrence.) My email is 855219@gmail.com

  • Michael G 5 year Albany Park Resident

    Thanks for responding Andrew but I'm in the 3000-3100 West block so that's a bit too far.

Jun 08

Updated Jun 13

Sewer backup?

I'm moving into the area and deciding whether to include sewer backup in my homeowner's coverage. I had problems at my last home on the SW side, but this location doesn't seem to have any evidence of past water damage. Anyone have any advice or insights about the likelihood of sewer backup in the Albany Park area?

  • We used Bubba and Wayne too and they were great... but then they had to call out a huge truck w a giant hose (Power Plumbing? Maybe) to suck out all of the gravel on two different days during the process. I assume that's probably where the $2500 came from. But yes, post the $500 guy please!!!!

  • Joe

    Mike Terranova

    Hydro Jetting, Rodding and Repairs

    Does a great honest job. Very reasonable pricing.

May 30

Seeking garage or parking spot in Albany Park

Hi All! My partner and I just moved to the 4800 block of N Kimball and are looking to rent garage or parking space(s) for our personal cars and/or his work car. Does anyone have or know of any available spaces near Kimball & Lawrence? Street parking has been a bit of a nightmare so far. Appreciate any help!

May 09

Updated May 15

    Civic Federation Cannot Support Governor's FY2018 Budget
    Civic Federation urges governor and legislators to pass comprehensive, balanced budget
  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Now you're just being difficult and sensitive. Get over it. And yourself. Anecdotal? So you did it mean it to support your position?

  • Oh that's precious. Now you're just making me laugh out loud. Apparently someone can't get over themselves but suggests others do.

May 09

Updated May 15

Looking for parking spot for rent in Albany Park

Hello! If anyone has leads on a parking spot for rent near Wilson and Christiana, please let me know.

  • Hi! We have a garage spot available about two blocks east of there. You can email me at rlothian@gmail.com for more info.

  • Jenn Albany Park since 2005

    I seen a phone number on a sign offering parking rentals on the corner of Wilson and Kimball yesterday. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Ryan and Jenn!! Ryan- I just sent you an email :)

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