Jul 13

Updated Jul 14

catalytic converter thieves in Albany Park on Lawndale

last night at 4 am I heard a loud whirring saw noise. I ran to my window to see a black car new model maybe a Nissan Altima or Ford with silver grill and trim sitting next to my car on Lawndale. Just then then a guy got up and ran to passenger side with a chunk of car in his hands. I callled the cops but they where gone by the time they came. The next day I checked my car and it was ok the guy parked in front of me not so lucky catalytic converter cut out. Keep an eye out for these scumbags.

  • I lost my Catalytic Converter at Hamlin and Windsor on Christmas Day Morning!

Jul 08

Updated Jul 10

Suspicious Person

Hello fellow neighbors of Albany Park. There was a guy who was following people (and getting extremely close) last night on Lawrence and Kedzie. I had to go inside Lindos and hide out there. I stood in Lindos for about 15 min waiting for a ride watching this guy walk up and down the sidewalk waiting for someone to come along. I'm not sure what he was doing but it seemed like he was trying to rob people. Last I saw he was following two girls.

  • Albany park is disgusting.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    Hi Krys. Next time please call 911 earlier. Like when you're waiting in Lindo's. Or right away when you see a really suspicious person.

Jun 13

Updated Jun 13

Gun shots

Heard 8 to 9 shots in a row around 10:15 last night. Anyone else hear anything? Any news on whether or not anyone was injured? Called it in.

  • There was a slew of fireworks across the street from me at Kimball and Sunnyside...that may have been what you heard.

  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Golden State Warriors fans celebrating their title?

Jun 07

Updated Jun 09

ALERT : Construction Trash Dumper Nailed!!

Driver of late model RED PICK UP TRUCK PLATE # 1397006 was in the process of disposal of 2" x 4" pieces on top of the black city carts in the 4200 block of N. Lawndale between Lawndale and Monticello. I nailed the little weasel red-handed!! Most likely not his first and or last dump of his waste on others. So, be on the watch for the trash with the trash.

May 27

Updated May 27

Monticello and Cullum

My husband got home from work about 4:30 this morning and said this corner was filled with police and news crews. I figured it would be a "first shooting of the Memorial day weekend" type story but in the one story I read they didn't mention this area. Anyone know what's up?

  • Nevermind. I just found out it was a house fire. And sadly 2 dogs were lost in it.

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