Jul 28 2012

Updated 17 hours ago

1600 block Farwell labs and their owner

How does everyone handle the "neighbor" who feels its ok for his 4 labs to be off of their leashes and attack dogs who are walking by? It's a constant problem and this guy never seems to get fined or anything! The dogs are insane and extremely territorial. When they are locked up behind the gate, they consistently try to jump the fence.

This morning, all 4 of them came running at me and my two dogs on the sidewalk. I was stuck in the middle of a pack while they were attacking/biting mine. He was just like "sorry".

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    If a dog is attacking me or my dog, I will use anything I can against it: sticks, pepper spray, bullets, whatever. If people can't keep their dogs on a leash, and it comes towards me in an aggressive manner, then it/they will suffer the repercussions.

  • Bleeding Heart of Rogers Park Bernie Sanders 2016

    call animal control. this behaviour makes life difficult for all of us.

Sep 28 2012

Updated 3 days ago

Gidget in trouble?

Walked past the Morse/Glenwood corner and Gidget was there. Corner smelled horrible! A few minutes later, problem was being taken care of. Did one of you call 911? Maybe it was those "irresponsible" MorseL owners Craig!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 years

    Just Craig begging for attention by dragging up old threads. As he knows, "Gidget" is dead.

  • just hit the hide button using the little gear icon. The post disappears.

Jun 12

Updated Jun 13

Police Newgard north end 6700 block

By the alley in front of first apartment building just south of E/W alley.

Any one what was going on. Flashers. Then they left. Don't know how they were there.

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