9 hours ago

Wicker Park / Bucktown

Anyone know what was going on around the 6 corners early this morning around 430 am. There were men screaming at each other for about half an hour. Sounded like a brawl.

Jul 22

Updated 2 days ago

Found Lost Kitten / Cat

This little kitten showed up on our porch this morning. If anyone knows who this cat belongs to please contact me.

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    Definitely call Treehouse -- Those folks are super helpful when dealing with lost cats & strays! www.treehouseanimals.org

  • I found a cat that looked similar to that and it lived on the corner of Huron and Bishop (right behind the big house). The owner didn't seem super concerned and said she lets it out of the house from time to time.

Jul 13


Does anyone know of a reasonable exterminator company?

Mar 28

Updated Jul 09

Yet another greystone being knocked down for condos

I have serious anger towards people like this. You are ruining the beauty of our city.

  • @Farid R - The former. Appeal was denied twice despite a long list of comps.

  • unfortunately it will have to double again to even attempt to pay our liabilities. People here won't cut even $1

Jul 01

Lost dog?

At 8:15am I saw a brown dog(maybe a boxer?) in a red harness running east on the north sidewalk along Augusta, just west of noble. I didn't see a walker anywhere.

Jun 29

Grey Purse Found

I found a dark grey woven leather purse on Schiller St. this morning (Sunday). Missing most of interior contents, but purse is in great shape. If you would like it back respond to post and we can figure out the return.

Jun 20

Updated Jun 21

Found keys

I found a set of keys on LeMoyne and Oakley ish. There are a lot of cards on them including WPAC and Corepower yoga. I am going to call both to see if they can locate whose keys they are. There is another identifying keychain so let me know if you think they are yours.

  • Dropped then off at WPAC. They said they will call the the person and put it in their lost and found. :)

  • Very nice of you! Someone will be very happy :)

Jun 18

Updated Jun 19

Hoyne and Iowa Construction

What's going up at Hoyne and Iowa? Moving just down the street from this development in a couple weeks, just curious.

  • Alisa DNAinfoCHI Wicker Park/Bucktown/WestTown reporter

    Do you have an address?

Jun 16

Updated Jun 18

Body Shop Reco

Does anyone have a cost effective and good car body shop in/around Noble Square/East Village? Looking to get some light damage fixed. I don't mind chains, just prefer going with a local business when I can!

  • Performance Auto on Grand Ave. Excellent work and pricing. You will be happy with the service.

  • Karen noble square resident

    Thank you!

  • Grace Auto at Damen & Rice also does good work, with good prices.

Jun 14

Updated Jun 16

Stolen packages?

Over the past several weeks I have had several packages that were marked as delivered disappear off my front porch, most frequently on Fridays. Has anyone else had anything go missing? I have lived here since April 2013 and haven't had any issues until this spring. At first I suspected that the packages were being delivered to the wrong apartment because my front door is set back a bit behind a (non-locking) gate so it would look sketchy if someone was going through the gate and taking things. I am installing a dropcam with fake packages Monday to see what is going on but was just wondering if anyone else has had things go missing.

  • Yep, we live on Damen and Iowa ish and had a package go missing about a week ago. Agreed that your best bet is to have them delivered to your work (which sucks, but it's better than risking it).

  • FedEx store will hold packages for free, and there's a UPS store at Cali/Armitage that will hold packages as well (for a small fee I think).

Jun 11

Updated Jun 16


Does anyone know the name of the masonry contractor that constructed several brick walls around exterior stairs about a month ago on WABANSIA (2200 West- I think)? We'd like to do a similar project.

  • I don't know that project, but we used AAA Masonary for tuckpointing and another project. Robert (the owner) is super knowledgeable and they do fantastic work. I would recommend them for any brick work

  • Strong Pritzker school mom

    Thank you for the recommendation

Jun 13

Rowe Elementary Annual Yard Sale

Hello Join us tomorrow (Saturday, 6/14) from 9-2 p.m. For our 2nd Annual Yard Sale. Many items will be on sale such as children's clothes, toys, Mary Kay cosmetics, fresh fruit stand, and many more items. Our third grade scholars will be selling lemonade to raise money.

Jun 02

Updated Jun 10

Greystone on Damen Almost Gone

Divvyed past this building yesterday (Sunday). Most likely the rest of it will be torn down soon. There was a thread about it a few weeks or months back.

  • Alisa DNAinfoCHI Wicker Park/Bucktown/WestTown reporter

    True Buster. But this old greystone was surrounded by retail. A wheelchair couldn't access it because there are steps. It is weird to see the greystone gone.

  • Michael Bucktown Resident

    Glad to see its ugly sister to the south has been taken down too. Both were major eyesores.

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Power outage

The lights at Sheffield/Clyborn/Willow are out and the power down Sheffield is out. If anyone has any further information that'd be great.

Jun 03

Updated Jun 03

Found cat!!

So there's this cat on my building he/she showed up today and one of the neighbors left some water and food by the stairs, the cat seems to be friendly and it's just roaming up and down the stairs....

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