Nov 15

Updated Nov 17

Plumber - air in pipes

I think I have "air in my pipes". When I flush one toilet there is an eventual super loud vibrating and knocking sound coming from the pipe going from the toilet into the wall.

I tried draining all water out of the condo and it didn't help.

Can anybody recommend a plumber or person who may be able to fix this.

Nov 13

Updated Nov 14

Need a House Cleaner in Wicker Park!

Can anyone recommend a thorough cleaner for a single family house in Wicker Park? The company reviews on Yelp seem hit and miss so I'd prefer hiring an actual person or team where I know who I'm getting.


  • Bonnie L. Braverman Logan Square Lover

    Bills Cleaning Service. I have been using this family owned business for over 25 years. 847 299 0026. Ask for Bill or Stacy. Wonderful people.

  • I'm not sure of the name of his business, but his name is Paul (847) 312-0204 .

    He will send a team of two women who do an INCREDIBLE job, tending to every detail. Base boards, ceiling fans, have even folded my dish towels and toilet paper to where I feel like I'm at a hotel. Both of my last condos have been 3BR/2BA and it's never been over $120.

Nov 05

Updated Nov 09

Divvy Station at Leavitt & Hirsch gone.

Last day or so all Divvy infrastructure was removed from this location. Station is no longer shown on Divvy's website/app.

Anyone else observe recent station closures?

  • SHG wicker park resident. nationwide RE investment.

    Thanks for your work on this one, Alisa.

    Sad that reduced police resources in 014, a significant uptick in property crimes on bt 1424 (see crime data, compare for yourself to last year) and relocation of the Divvy station all seem to go hand-in-hand.

  • This is why we can't have nice things.

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