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606 bridge

What does everyone think of the new arch on the trail ? It looked nothing like the rendering.

  • Matthew Michael Bucktown Resident

    I didn't believe another post when they claimed it looked pretty similar if you look at it from the angle of the rendering, but it actually does. It also looks nice from the hill at Park 567. It just seems incredibly tall when looking at it from Milwaukee. Either way, it's grown on me. Agree that when the cables are in place and its painted, it will still be a huge improvement for the area. I don't understand the non-temporary supports between arches though, they make it feel clumsy.

  • Using people as a scale to reference ~6' makes the bridge look very tall in the rendering.

5 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

Armoire for sale

Room & Board armoire, great condition ~12 yrs old little to no wear, huge & sturdy 48 w 26 d 62 h

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Free Yoga in December

Fermata Yoga Studio on Ashland and Diversey is having a special that any student can bring up to 3 friends anytime for free. So friends get together... Buy a package and basically your classes will cost you nothing... Just a few dollars if you all split a package.

Do yoga with me Thursday's from 9:30-10:30am and 11-12pm!


  • Bludog 21 years in LS

    I find this post misleading. "Buy a packaged and basically your classes will cost you nothing" is not the same as "free yoga."

  • Doesn't sound free to me.

  • okay so not free unless you are already a member. Members can bring 3 friends for FREE. 4 people can split a drop in class for $16, thats $4 a person... pretty good i would say. Anyways just trying to help a new studio out, its the best deal in the city to take some yoga.

Dec 09

Updated Dec 10

Transformer Explosions in Noble Square

Who else is enjoying a night of darkness tonight? At the 1400 block of Erie and Bishop. Heard an explosion and the power went out. This happened about 20 minutes ago. Everything across and adjacent seems ok. We heard back from comed that the approximate time until it's restored is 10:30 pm. Enjoy the peace and quite and candlelight I guess? Hopefully we're back up soon.

  • KC resident!

    1300 block of Huron was unaffected. weird

Dec 02

Updated Dec 03

Tis the stolen package season

Our neighbors and ourselves had several packages stolen on Monday however they were all shipped via FedEx. I believe this happened because the Fedex driver throws the packages over the front gate to the complex, UPS and (surprisingly) USPS both deliver packages to our front door. We even had an order from UPS at our door the same day our fed ex package was stolen. I get that front door delivery is not possible in larger complexes but if you're in a smaller complex be especially mindful of anything shipped via FedEx.

  • There were some arrests yesterday. There is a reason USPS and especially UPS deliver to your door and FedEx doesn't: they have contractual incentive for complete delivery. UPS is union and bonuses depend on it. USPS puts skin in the game for their delivery folks, but it is more about...

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    There were some arrests yesterday. There is a reason USPS and especially UPS deliver to your door and FedEx doesn't: they have contractual incentive for complete delivery. UPS is union and bonuses depend on it. USPS puts skin in the game for their delivery folks, but it is more about PR. I wouldn't deliver used dirt through FedEx. Their drivers are non-union and getting it right isn't built in as an incentive. I have started telling my clients not to use FedEx after two deliveries they threw on my porch were misdelivered or were stolen.

  • If you *have* to use FedEx there is sometimes the option to choose online, once you get shipping notice, to pick up from one of their retail locations, also. It's not the most convenient, but after a handful of packages went missing last year....

  • al

    from my experience, FedEx sucks regarding delivery. they just leave packages at my door without even knocking. i see them do this all the time. UPS at least makes an effort to leave packages by my back door if i'm not home. i avoid FedEx at all costs.

Nov 26

Saw a scared black and white cat on Huron and Ashland

On my way home tonight a chubby black and white cat ran in front of an oncoming car, then darted behind a house. It was around 7:45pm and I was headed home on the north side of Ashland. It was dark so I couldn't tell if it had any other markings, so it's very possible I'm not getting the colors right. Little guy ran off before I could snap a picture. Hopefully it's a neighborhood kitty! If not I'll keep an extra eye out.

Nov 22

Updated Nov 24


Has anyone been yet? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Hopefully this is the catalyst for that stretch of Milwaukee that gets some other entrepreneurs to open up shop in all those vacants just north of the Bloomingdale trail...

  • al

    Buster, It looks like you were skimped on the size of your slice. I understand the thought of paying $5-8 for a slice of pizza is a little over the top but my wife and I were able to get dinner for $25 and were very full and satisfied. There aren't many places to go grab a quick dinner for less than that.

    nosara: that was 3 slices for 2 people.

  • I went on Friday night, place had a good ambiance for being small and line was out the door. We had to get moving so stood in line to take a slice to go, and no carry out? I've never heard of a pizza place that doesnt do carry out. Still cant wrap my had around it.

Nov 07

Updated Nov 08

Police activity at greenview and blackhawk

They've been parked here for about an hour

Oct 26

Updated Nov 06

Clean up Damen

anyone interested in getting together early one morning next weekend and picking up some of the trash along Damen between Chicago and Augusta? I'd love to try and make my neighborhood look at least a little better!

  • Carlos Munoz CostaRicaCarlos

    I'm still up for it. Let's pick a date. Saturday morning the 15th?

  • Vanessa, West Town Resident interested in improving the community.

    I cannot make that date as I will be out of town, but I am so pleased to see there are residence interested in cleaning up the trash blowing around our streets. (I pick up at least a bag everyday outside my condo) I will certainly be interested in not only helping when I get back, but also finding a way to encourage residence to use their bins responsibly so that the trash doesn't even make it onto the street. How about that?

Nov 02

Updated Nov 03

Installing curtain rods.

Anybody have a good recco for a handyman? All measurements are done. We have tools.

  • We used the Task Rabbit app and found a Lance S who was very meticulous and professional to help hang some cabinets.

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