Sep 15

Updated Sep 19

Raccoon sighting

There was a raccoon eating grapes from my grape tree. I no longer have grapes and I cleaned up after the raccoon but watch out the raccoon is big. I'm worried about kids and dogs. I called 311 and alderman and animal control. They said they can't do andything unless the raccoon bites someone.

  • RubberToe MoldTornado The Olderman of Humboldt Park

    They eat Elotes from food carts!

  • Years ago, a friend of mine shooed a raccoon from her deck. He fell as he was climbing down, then staggered away - the grapes had fermented, he was drunk! Too bad she didn't have a camera...

Aug 28

Found Lawn Chair after Dead Poets Society movie in the park

Someone forgot their lawn chair at the park after the Dead Poets Society movie. If you can describe it I'll get it back to you ASAP.

P.S.: maybe next time they should run the DVD they're projecting from off of a Mac. Just saying.

Aug 21

Updated Aug 24

Mystery Train Horn

I live near Chicago and Damen. I've been hearing what's sounds like a train horn most of the late morning and early afternoon.

Just curious if anyone knows of a train that runs close enough that you might hear a train horn. I've lived here for two years and haven't really noticed it before

Aug 19

Updated Aug 20

Grey cat on Honore and Thomas

Looks like a house cat, well groomed and seemed friendly. No collar. Couldn't get to it because I was walking my dog at the time.

  • Bger East Village neighbor

    It is possible that's Rhine. She has a home. Her owners let her roam.

Aug 18

Updated Aug 19


Hi. I'm looking for a full-time nanny beginning October 26. I live in Wicker Park/Bucktown. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.

  • We have a wonderful person taking care of our children for 5 years. Highly recommend her as we are now out of the city.
    Not sure how to private message in EB. Let me know if you'd like her contact info.

  • Hi. I would love her contact information. My email address is

Aug 11

Updated Aug 12

New liquor store opening

The liquor store that closed a few months ago, Evolution, at 1704 N Milwaukee is being replaced with a new one called Garfields, I believe.

  • Jim I'm here aren't I?

    That's great news. Major work being done there for sure. Will be great to have solid store in the hood. Seems like this is them. nice!

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