Mar 19

Updated Mar 21


I can't seem to find a new mailbox. Looking for one that mounts in my fence. Does anyone have any recommendations for online or local stores?

  • Our box from Lowe's is metal and locks - didn't need to weld either, we were able to secure via a bracket (that we unfortunately didn't get from Lowe's). I like the idea of having access from the back, but I don't know if it's want to cut up our fence for it and then be stuck with only that mailbox option until the end of time.

  • Why not consider a nice locking mailbox on a post like they use in the suburbs. We did that at our home on the west side; just inside our locked wrought iron fence and within easy reach for our mail person. Our mail person had no problems delivering our mail and smaller packages into our mail box. We were even able to have a beautiful clematis growing along side the post in the summer and draped it with an evergreen swag during the Christmas holidays

Mar 14

Garage spot for rent

Covered garage spot for rent at Evergreen and Damen. $175/mo. Please message if interested.

Mar 09

Updated Mar 11

Worse problem than rats? Litter.

I saw this piece of trash sitting on my porch today and it's a flyer about the the rat problem and how Brian Hopkins can solve it. You know what's worse than rats, all the trash and litter in the 2nd Ward. Find a way to run a campaign without trashing the city. Run on a platform of literally cleaning up the city in every way. Right now, you're just contributing to the trash.

  • Couldn't agree more. Maybe it's the passive-aggressive part of me talking, but I've always wanted to collect up all the ads, flyers, etc. and deliver them in a big pile right inside the door of the business/organization responsible.

  • Bger East Village neighbor

    The sad truth is that in local or Ward races the only way to get word to people is through campaign literature. Hopkins campaign workers are going door to door to canvass (they came to my door last night about 6 and I saw them earlier in the day on Winchester). I believe they left the piece because you were not home. I understand your frustration but it doesn't make sense for an aldermanic candidate to advertise on TV or in the newspapers so this is the alternative.

Feb 27

Updated Mar 08

Late night license

I hear the owners of the new bar (owners of owl) are going to be seeking a 5am license. Any thoughts on crime levels and general "trouble" after owl opened up? I think once that goes in it could open up some more business on that desolate block. Thoughts?

Mar 04

Updated Mar 06

Aldi Proposal

They changed the unit count down to 101 units and added more retail space and changed the footprint. This project is huge and can change that strip of milwaukee. Thoughts from anyone at the bucktown community meeting tonight?

  • Michael Bucktown Resident

    Another great comment, JeannyB: "if you rent a car for whatever reason you'll still need a parking spot."

  • The TOD ordinance wasn't passed because of CTA renovations, but because 35 percent of all trips in the City of Chicago are transit based. Buildings shouldn't be developed on the assumption that 100 percent of their uses will be exclusively car users, especially in those areas where transit options are highest.

Feb 19

Updated Feb 21

Feb 20

Updated Feb 21

1812 n Milwaukee

I noticed the for sale sign came down. Anybody know if someone bought it? What's going on there? It's steps from the trail entrance and in between new and old apartments. I'd like to see some more apartments and retail go in on this semi desolate stretch.

Dec 23

Updated Feb 18

Spare Tire Stolen off Honda CR-V

Parked on street near Honore and Wabansia, noticed my spare tire was stolen late Monday/early Tuesday overnight. Looking back, some wheel locks would have been a good investment, but 10yrs parking on the city streets - I got too comfortable.

  • same thing happened to me yesterday with my CRV, near damen/waveland

  • This happened with my Cr-V in June 2014 on Altgeld/Racine, so I put a locking lug nut and a cable lock on my new spare. This morning, I noticed theives tried to steal my spare tire again, but thankfully the locks prevented it. I definately recommend securing your tire. I also had my catalytic converter stolen in April 2014, so that has an alarm on it too. Very frustrating.

Feb 02

Updated Feb 06


Just to spread the news, dibs is completely understandable. You spend over an hour shoveling, you deserve that spot. Thanks.

  • Carlos Munoz CostaRicaCarlos

    Ah Dibs. I remember when mayor Daley supported it. That's when dibs became a big disputed issue again.
    I believe dibs is a statement about who you are in our society:
    1. Are you the kind of person who will take advantage of your neighbor and claim property that isn't...

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    Ah Dibs. I remember when mayor Daley supported it. That's when dibs became a big disputed issue again.
    I believe dibs is a statement about who you are in our society:
    1. Are you the kind of person who will take advantage of your neighbor and claim property that isn't and never should be yours such as a squatter does?
    2. Are you being a good neighbor by cleaning out your spot and passing it forward as you should?
    3. Are you a giver or a taker?
    We all know what's the right thing to do and that those who want dibs are selfish haters only looking out for themselves.
    Sometimes for the fun of it I plow thru the curbside trash in my SUV (with front end cow catcher :) my kids think it's hilarious! On my block I'll pick up the dibs trash and throw it in the garbage.

  • Anne WP/Bucktown borderland

    Kass, like dibs, is an embarrassment to Chicago. And the meathead doesn't even live here. I wonder if he does dibs in Western Springs?

Feb 01

Updated Feb 03

What happened to being a good neighbor?

I walked the 5 or 6 blocks to Jewel this afternoon and hardly any sidewalks had been shoveled on the blocks of Paulina between Pierce and the store, not even the Lutheran church! I don't want to name names but not many of my neighbors on Pierce either! It used to be considered good etiquette to clear your walk for pedestrians. Not any more from what I can tell. What has happened in this neighborhood? Is it like this in other parts of the city?

  • If someone was friendly...and I mean just a glance of friendliness. I don't expect a "hello" or a "how are you".....just look UP. If someone looked up I would help them shovel their snow. Everyone is an's 2015, honey. #anewworld

  • Vinita Mehta Resident

    I couldn't look up because of all the snow and wind.

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