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Park concrete urns

I'm trying to find a company to replace two concrete flower urns at a local park and am having a hard time finding anyone that does this. Does anyone know of a company that does this work?

2 days ago

Updated 39 hours ago

Fire near Lincoln and Wellington

There is (was) a fire just a little south east of the intersection around 1:45 pm. Lincoln is closed to southeast traffic at the intersection

  • L

    Appears to be the apartment over Underwater Safaris.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    That would explain the traffic mess at Lincoln and school. :( a neighbor posted the pictures on the South Lakeview neighbors page on Facebook.

Jul 13

Updated Jul 14

What's happening near montrose?

about twenty squad cars just passed heading toward montrose. I don't know where, but near enough that they'd take LSD past Belmont. helicopters are starting to appear now. anyone know what's up?

Jul 13

Updated Jul 14


What is going on at Montrose right now?

  • Large beach party. People got drunk and some fights broke out. Cops came but were short-staffed and pelted with bottles and other trash. Reinforcements from other districts had to be called in and when they got there the park was shutdown. Video below (beware there is some inappropriate language in the background).


Jul 08

Updated Jul 11

Dude who sleeps under metra tracks on Grace

Some guy has been sleeping/living under the Metra tracks on Grace at Ravenswood for a while now. Tall bald white guy. He seems harmless enough but I'm wondering if anyone knows his story or if the police have checked him out?

  • Is he harming anyone? I, for one, would hate to boot out a harmless homeless guy.

  • I see him all the time. Don't know his story, His baldness reminds me of friends who have had cancer.

Jul 07

Found iPhone

Found iPhone on ground at Halstead/Wrightwood. Turned it in to the PNC Bank. Describe the case or something and it's yours.

Jul 03

Updated Jul 07


Anyone know where I might be able to find a pallet in good condition for a DIY project?

  • thanks all! i found one leaning up besides a dumpster on roscoe :)

    just a DIY project to hold garden tools in my garage - pesticides might actually be a benefit! Haha, thanks again!

  • d3 NOH

    BTW I've seen them in the alley behind Sherwin Williams at aldine/halsted, now and then.. They get paint on them, they may send them back but they may be for the taking if they're in the alley, might ask.

Jul 04

Updated Jul 05

Southport and diversey police

Trying to get back to Logan from
Wrigley I tried to turn on diversey from southport but the police had diversey blocked off with fire truck and ambulence.. Didn't really see cars as in a car accident but did see like 10 people half a block away (it was pretty dark with no street lights right there) .. Does anyone know what's going on there?

  • There's a FB page called Chicago Fire Department Incidents and they reported there was a working fire on the 1400 block of Diversey.

Jun 30

Updated Jul 01

Damen North of Montrose Closed

CPD blocking traffic headed south on Damen at Montrose. Fire trucks and more CPD on the scene. At least one ambulance on the way.

  • I spoke with a police officer last night during the event who informed me a suspicious package was found at Damen and Cullom and it needed to be removed. They are asking that anyone who saw anything or anyone out of the ordinary contact them.

  • Cops were knocking on doors asking if there had been any moving trucks in the area, but they didnt actually seem too concerned (just going through the motions). The package in question was described to me by someone who walked by as being a nondescript gray box. Likely just blew into the intersection or fell off the back of an absent-minded person's car.

Jun 28

Updated Jun 29

Construction on diversey near halsted

I was driving down diversey today and there's a message sign near halsted that westbound diversey will be closed starting July 1. Does anyone know for how long? And where does the closure start and end? There wasn't a lot of information. Thanks!

  • L

    I'm not sure if this is what you are referring to, but according to Tunney's newsletter Diversey is getting partially resurfaced from Cambridge to Broadway/Clark starting July 3.

  • Drewski L Lincoln Parker, teacher

    No this was down by the Walgreens at Diversey and Halsted. But good to know about them repaving Diversey by Clark/broadway. It needs it desperately!

  • G.

    I will live through the inconvenience of having my main road shut down if they are fixing that awful section of Diversey just east of Clark/Broadway. I need a chiropractor visit after driving over those massive bumps.

Jun 26

Music in the park???

Does anyone know what is happening in Lincoln park? It sounds like a concert or something happening near wrightwood and lakeview. I can't see anything out my window because of the fog!!

Jun 20

Updated Jun 22

311 has an attitude bigger than the giant graffiti on my neighbors house

Not only am I completely disturbed by the horrible vandalism on my neighbors house near Wolcott and Addison, but I'm also disturbed by the attitude of the 311 operator. I reported the graffiti online, but 311 told me in a very rude fashion that only the owner of the vandalized property can call.

  • Catbus Philosopher, Third-Class

    "If the 311 operator hangs up on you, there's no reason that you can't call back" -- other than the fact that you have to sit through a two-minute voice mail recording before even getting into the queue for an operator.

  • Joan M. Back in Lincoln Square and liking it.

    I think the folks who lecture graffiti and tagging haters on its artistic value most often do not own their own homes, like Philip says he does, and, indeed, may not even have stepped up to renting yet. So I always like to suggest that they offer up their automobiles to the street artistes, or any items they've so far accumulated which they especially value - musical instruments, stereos, whatever - to the spray-paint-toting locals.

Jun 11

Shakespeare discussion group

Is there a Shakespeare discussion group and if so, how do we join?


Jun 10

Updated Jun 11

What is replacing Powell's?

Does anyone know what's going in where Powell's just closed? (2850 N Lincoln Ave)

  • L

    Is there something going in? Or, will it be just another vacant Lincoln Ave. storefront?

  • Allan Mellis Lincoln Park Community Leader

    Another childcare center. They received a variance from the parking requirement from the Zoning Board of Appeals a few months ago.

  • The whole building is getting torn down and rebuilt with a daycare as the primary business. Not sure if the structure will be mixed-use.

Jun 08

Lost/stolen bike?

A green bike has been stashed in the bushes by north pond for a few days. Is anyone missing a bike?

Jun 08

Hanig's Footwear - Clark/Diversey

I saw a "Lost our Lease" sign on the window of Hanig's Footwear (Clark/Diversey). Does anyone know what's going in there?

Jun 07

Come see Northcenter's own The Black Oil Brothers tonight after Ribfest!

Northcenter's own blues/roots band The Black Oil Brothers play the SaveMore Liquor Lounge tonight 6/7 at 10pm. Right after Ribfest. Come say hi!


May 28

Updated Jun 06


I was walking my dog around 10pm tonight and noticed a large animal on the sidewalk coming towards us. I thought it was an off leash dog but it turned out to be a coyote. Luckily, it seemed to be pretty scared and kept going past us... I know there are coyotes in Chicago but was surprised to see one right in front of my building. Just wanted to pass it along! I live just south of Addison/Lake Shore.

  • know it or not Chicago was a swamp and marshland before it was turned in to the bustling metropuilous so wild animal encounters are a norm here...with us being in spring now the animals are out mating and looking for food so I believe that WE are the least of there concerns now

  • I live on the same block as mayor, on hermitage south of Montrose. About a year ago while leaving early in the morning, may be 6:00 am, a coyote trotted down the street, on the sidewalk in front of the mayor's house! I was walking on the other side of the street.

Jun 05

Updated Jun 06

Power outage

The lights at Sheffield/Clyborn/Willow are out and the power down Sheffield is out. If anyone has any further information that'd be great.

May 26

Updated Jun 02

A music jam for kids in the neighborhood

Starting this past Sunday, Kingston Mines is having a free three-hour jam for kids in Chicago. There's cheap food, all kids of any age and skill-level are welcome... it's a good time.

When: Sundays, 3-6pm
Where: 2548 N. Halsted

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