27 hours ago

Casing cars

Hi everyone. Just wanted to let people know I saw a guy around 4:45am casing cars on Cullom btw. Campbell and Western. White dude, black hoodie, with a black leather coat checking door handles. Called it in but went back to bed so not sure what the outcome was. Make sure you lock up!

May 16

Updated 6 days ago

Found Cat

I found a very nice black/brown long hair cat this morning on the back porch of 3159 N Hudson. Had to leave him outside, but it's at least a nice day out.

May 12

Updated May 17

Trader Joe's on Lincoln

If you shop at the Trader Joe's on Lincoln, you probably know "The Hat Lady" Kate. If you have children, they probably know Kate as well. She is one of the highlights in my shopping experience to TJ's. Over the years I have noticed that she is on a first name basis with many of the customers and is genuinely happy to see them. Trader Joe's recently told Kate that her decade-long tradition of wearing hats needs to stop - Oh no! This article is a must-read.

  • Jill 38 years in Chicago, 19 in North Center

    Ok SpamAlert/INRJ I see it now...

  • Lance Uppercut crazy cat lady

    Great thread, everyone. Glad to see the real issues are being discussed.

May 14

Updated May 14

Friday night Western Ave closed?

Any idea what happened on Western Ave last night around 11:45pm? Cops blocked Western between Irving and Berteau. Looks like a CTA bus was involved.

  • GCV North Center Resident

    From what I heard on the scanner, it sounded like there was a fire at 4101 N Western. Haven't been able to find anything online to confirm.

  • I happen to pass by today and it looks like it was an upper apartment in a corner building at Western and Belle Plaine. I saw the windows were boarded up and there is caution tape around the building.

May 13

AirBnB parking services

Does anyone have experience with AirBnB type services for residential parking spaces, eg ParqEx? We're considering ParqEx for our multi-unit bldg (33 spaces) but there are concerns about security & safety. Thanks!

Apr 16

Updated May 05

Sympathetic for their situation but quite the eyesore...

While I am sympathetic for their situation, what can be done about finding these residents a new "home"? This is the homeless situation under the Irving Park / LSD viaduct. There have been multiple fights and on Thursday night the police and ambulance responded. Do we can the Alderman? The police seem to ignore the situation despite the "no loitering" sign.

Apr 27

Updated Apr 30

Police on Irving Park

Does anyone know why about 12 police cars are speeding down Irving Park Rd-- past Damen? Most were unmarked.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Oh good

  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Haji - I'm guessing that Kevin S was making a reference to The Fugitive TV series and movie. Or maybe he was serious!

Apr 07

Updated Apr 10

Former Pizza Persona space?

I walked past the former pizza persona space on diversey last week and the paper is down from the Windows. It looks like they're doing some work in there. Anyone know what's happening in that space?

  • Drewski L Lincoln Parker, teacher

    Blaze would be great. I hope somebody does something with the old panera and Walgreens too. Some sort of fun restaurant would be great.

  • I walked by today. It looks like something is ready to open there, but I didn't spot any signage. There were all new tables and chairs that are different from pizza persona, but the pizza oven was still there. I suppose we'll learn soon.

Mar 25

Updated Mar 29

Found Chase Freedom in alley

I found a Chase Visa belonging to J Donohoe in the alley next to 2626 n Lakeview. I'll leave it with the doorman at that building.

  • I appreciate all the responses, but please stop. I didn't submit the post asking for suggestions as to what to do, but rather as a heads up. I live at 2626 and trust the doorman. I'm sure by the time I found the card in the alley it was cancelled, because I have no idea how long it was sitting there.

  • Spam Alert Relieved that EB identity has not really changed

    Telling people to stop posting on social media is like waving a red flag at a bull. But thanks for your post. I imagine anyone who has read through the suggestions now has a good idea of an appropriate action should they find someone's credit card, if they hadn't thought about the subject previously.

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