4 days ago

Found Watch Wrigleyville

We found a watch today (12/15) on Sheffield near Wrigley. If you lost one, message me with a detailed description.

Dec 08

Updated Dec 09

Jewelry repair and custom framing in uptown?

Hi - writing to ask for recommendations for this type of work in uptown. Good/bad experiences? Want to support our local businesses of possible!

  • tcn

    For jewelry I would try Bryn Mawr Jewelry. It's in Edgewater, but Scott is meticulous!

  • Frank's Jewelry, a longtime Chicago business, has reincarnated as Midori Market, 4511 N. Hermitage. They repair jewelry and also have some lovely pieces to sell.

Dec 08

Updated Dec 09

Chengdu Impression on Halsted

Does anyone know what is going on with Chengdu Impression on Halsted? It has been closed for weeks now with the same message "we're closed for next few days due to kitchen renovation & other construction works, sorry for any inconvenience, will update soon!" It doesn't appear that any work is being done?
We really like this place and hope that it's not going out of business?

  • Oh no! I have no insight, but this place is surprisingly authentic and awesome for this neighborhood.

Dec 04

Updated Dec 05

More Digging?

Anyone have any clue why People's Gas made a new trench on Racine or when the other trenches will be filled in? The freight train noises are getting old.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    I don't know.

  • I lived with that situation for about two months, Every time they resurfaced the street, they would come back and start digging again. The metal plates (6 of them) were deafening and rattled the buildings to the point of creating cracks on some the of structures. It was a complete nightmare.

Mar 10

Updated Dec 02

Burglary on Elaine Place Apartments in Lakeview

I've been burglarized in my apartment when I was on vacation Thursday-Sunday. They stole my 2 Mac book laptops with chargers. Please let me know of you are aware of any suspicious person(s) in the area.

  • Same apartment complex.

  • who has the keys besides you, kristine and jeffrey (in the same building)? hmmm...
    please file a police report!! there may be something fishy going on there.

Dec 02

Graceland West Community Meeting

GWCA (Graceland West Community Association) Meeting, elections and cookie exchange
WHEN: Sunday, December 7, 2-4 PM
WHERE: 1437 West Montrose, At Ease Wellness
BRING: A dozen cookies or a sweet treat to share
EXCHANGE: If you'd also like to participate in the annual cookie exchange, please bring 1-3 dozen cookies (in one dozen packages or zip lock bags). Feel free to include a copy of your recipe with each package exchanged. Many new friends have been made at this event so we hope you'll be there.

Nov 25

Updated Nov 26


Hello all,
I believe I saw a vehicle break in on the 1412 W. Belle Plaine on Sunday morning. Please be aware of any visible items left in your vehicles. Between now and January, thefts, burglaries, and robberies increase, be careful.

  • Did you call the police, did they respond?

Nov 19

Updated Nov 20

Late night knocking on doors

Anyone on Clark street experience a young guy with a clip board ring door bells and banging on doors this evening around 9:45pm?

  • Brad Zerman Council member Graceland West Community Associa...

    Look for Melissa's posts

  • jasper1055 Roscoe Villiage

    If you suspect something/someone shady take a picture of them, it sends the message that they will be ID and also gives the police a BOLO description.

Nov 15

Updated Nov 19

Dog groomer

Does anyone have a recommendation for a dog groomer in Lakeview? We have a shitzu bichon

  • SunshineDiva2014 Long time Chicago resident.

    I have taken my Havanese to Earth Pups on Belmont. Stephanie is amazing and it is all small dogs.

  • Fergus just got his Thanksgiving cut on Monday. As usual Cherie at Kriser's was great. Agree you need to book now for Christmas-it was already tight to get an appointment the week of the 19th.

Sep 14

Updated Nov 13

Missing cat

Mila is still missing. Last seen around Lakewood and Wolfram. Black and white, with a black nose. Reward $300. Please call if you see her: 773-580-4130. Thanks.

Nov 07

Brazilian jiu-jitsu school

Dojo Chicago just opened up At 3206 n. Southport. This area has been in need of this for a long time. Kevin and Daniela are awesome. They even have women only classes and kids classes. Come support this neighborhood business.

Nov 05

Updated Nov 07

Suspicious activity - 1300 block of W Nelson

We just had a middle aged African American male with a goatee wearing a grey hoodie and a beanie ring ours and our neighbors doorbell. He was holding nothing but a pad of paper. We didn't open the door but waved him away from the window.

Called 311 who put us through to police dispatch. They sent a squad car around the neighborhood- just saw it on our street. Don't open the the door! Noone "sells" magazines at 9pm.

  • A kid selling candy at 10am is wildly different then a 45 yr old at 9pm at night.

  • L

    Who said anything about 10am?

Nov 06

Updated Nov 07

Constant Barking/Crying Dog

Does anyone else constantly hear a dog the barks and cries throughout the day near Leavitt and Berteau? I have heard it this past 40 min and it's really annoying. It happens a few times a week. Without having an awkward conversation with the owner, is there anyone I should contact?

  • Marco from Tropoje Two-flat owner

    Yeah, I was going with the separation anxiety route too. Maybe a nice note with recommendations on one of the many fine doggie Day Care Services in the area would do the trick.

  • Baron3ss - I suppose it depends on the person and the situation. Personally I was pretty relieved that someone called the cops because after about 5 hours of listening to it bark on the porch, echoing down the block, I was about to go insane and the cop was able...

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    Baron3ss - I suppose it depends on the person and the situation. Personally I was pretty relieved that someone called the cops because after about 5 hours of listening to it bark on the porch, echoing down the block, I was about to go insane and the cop was able to call her landlord. I don't know who called, but I was ready to bake them some cookies.

    Not all pet owners are responsible and exercise common sense and sometimes it takes someone in a position of more authority than "just a neighbor" to get through to people, and in this case I sat there suffering because I knew that a) I couldn't contact her landlord, b) our landlord wouldn't care, and c) the neighbor had ignored previous kind requests from us not to do certain things that should fall under common sense (like vacuum the hardwoods at 3am and cleaning up after her dog in the common space).

    However, now that it was "serious" enough to get a call from the police (read: he realized he could be ticketed for it), my landlord is taking it seriously and is working with her landlord to get it sorted out.

    So, it all depends on the person and the situation. If you're dealing with a rational person and a responsible pet owner, a simple note should do the trick, but that's not always the case.

Nov 02

Updated Nov 04

Next to Cole's on Lincoln?

What's going in there, dare I say a pub/restaurant?

Nov 03

Updated Nov 04

Western And Diversey intersection

Any know when the construction in the intersection here will be over? Traffic is insane.

  • didn't realize we preferred empty brownfield sites and industrial wasteland to high density condo "garbage"

  • Actually nice open CLEANED fields is better than the cheap cinder block condo sht they have been building over there. Now with Lathrop coming down; I say turn it into a public use park; not more high density condo garbage. Almost nothing condo wise has appreciated over there in value at Western/Diversey/Wolcott/Riverwalk in 5-10 yrs for a reason~

Jun 08

Updated Nov 01

Hanig's Footwear - Clark/Diversey

I saw a "Lost our Lease" sign on the window of Hanig's Footwear (Clark/Diversey). Does anyone know what's going in there?

  • Bob

    The Hanig's building is owned by Acadia Realty Trust, a REIT [real estate investment trust] and trades publicly on the NYSE, symbol AKR. AKR owns properties in many major cities. AKR is valued ast $1.8 billion.

    Acadia also owns the building occupied by Vitamin Shoppe across the street. Vitamin Shoppe...

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    The Hanig's building is owned by Acadia Realty Trust, a REIT [real estate investment trust] and trades publicly on the NYSE, symbol AKR. AKR owns properties in many major cities. AKR is valued ast $1.8 billion.

    Acadia also owns the building occupied by Vitamin Shoppe across the street. Vitamin Shoppe is on a month to month lease and would like to relocate to a smaller location nearby.

    Given the vacancies at Jamba Juice, the former Walgreens, Hanig's, and eventually Vitamin Shoppe, and given the high rise [possibly all 1 BRs] that eventually will be built in the old Walgreen's location, we are in for some changes at Broadway, Clark, and Diversey.

  • Stu in Lincoln Park 43rd Ward Independent

    Bring 'em on. The local businesses that are still hanging on could use the foot traffic.

Oct 29

Updated Oct 31

More arson?

Walking my dogs on Berenice just east of Lincoln-- a recycling dumpster in the alley next to 1853 W. Berenice is badly burned. I don't know if this is related to the rash of fires over the past few months in Lakeview. Anybody know any details?

  • Thanks Lisa! Frightening there are so many. It does fit that timing!

  • There have been some juveniles hanging out in the vacant, fenced-in lot next to the Brown Line on Berenice almost nightly. I let the cops know on Wednesday but not sure if they ever came. They were smoking and had backpacks and definitely looked like they were up to no good. For me backpacks always makes me think "tagging" but who knows what was actually going on.

Oct 28

Updated Oct 29

Carpet and upholstery cleaner?

Does anyone know of a good (and reasonably priced) in-home carpet and upholstery cleaner in the neighborhood?

  • We use North Center Rug at 3726 North Lincoln Avenue (773) 525-4300 and are very happy with the quality of the service and the price

  • Sue neighbor

    Ditto to North Center Rug.

Oct 22

Updated Oct 23


Anyone know what's going on? There are two helicopters stationary around the Damen and Addison area.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    I'm going to guess sudden stop by the cab...I work near there... Crazy. At least the fire truck was right there...

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    The Veep is the reason, I'm reasonably certain.

Oct 23

Found Ventra Card

Ventra debit car ended in 9063 found in the playground of Blaine Elementary school.
It was sent to the Ventra's Lost and Found department. Contact them if it is yours!

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