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Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Park District to Rehab, Build 103 Playgrounds this Year

Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Chicago Park District General Superintendent Michael P. Kelly, Friends of the Park officials and community members broke ground today to build new playgrounds at Lindblom Park, Murray Park and Kucinski-Murphy Park. These three playgrounds are part of the 103 neighborhood playgrounds that will be refurbished or built across the City in 2014.

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  • RubyRed Dancer, Drummer, Cyclist

    I find myself asking, with the oncoming of city pensions exploding, the massive taxation and city debt, how is Chicago affording these things? I love city parks, but what about pot-holes that cause accidents? What about taxation that drives businesses and residents to the south?

2 days ago

fire Wednesday night near melrose?

I couldn't see much, but there were a few fire trucks early early Thursday morning, on melrose just west of LSD. anyone know what was going on?

Apr 10

Jakes auto body on Pulaski

Has anyone else have had a horrible experience with this shop ?

Apr 08

Updated Apr 09

Why is Mariano's on the 2nd floor?

Now that I've dropped by the new Mariano's, it occurs to me -- Doesn't it seem logical that L.A. Fitness would be on the 2nd floor, and Mariano's on the 1st?
So much for grabbing quick produce before getting on the train...

  • Preeti Ravenswood Superstar since 2003

    You can use the Feedback form at the bottom of the EB page when you're using their website. I don't think it is on their iPhone app....well, I can't ever find it on the app.

  • Kev Citizen

    You can also unsubscribe. Just click the yellow star at the first post. That way others can post, but you'll be blissfully unaware ;)

Apr 08

High Speed Chase Edgewater

Witnessed a police car traveling about 50 mph west on thorndale near glenwood, then slow grid search of neighborhood.

Apr 06

Updated Apr 08

Suggestions for Landscaper

Hi, does anyone have a reasonably priced landscaper they could recommend? I'm also looking for a painter. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

  • For painting projects, contact Justin at Cure with Paint, 312-813-4688.

  • I have used Andrew Coulter for landscaping with great results at reasonable prices. He can be reached at andrewbcoulter@yahoo.com.

Mar 31

Updated Apr 02

Roscoe Village Food Ninja

Does anyone know who is the person who leaves piles of food in random places near Damen and Cornelia? It has been happening for years now. We call this person the Food Ninja because we have never seen who does it. It is really annoying because every time we walk our dog he tries to eat it. Not to mention that the food will attract rats. We have even found food on the steps to our place! One time there was a dinner role buried in our flower pot! Whoever this is please stop!!!!

  • Mike C. In Roscoe Village Roscoe Village Resident

    I have not said anything. Feel free to mention something to them. Where were the Fritos located. I would be interested to here what they say.

  • After cross-examining my daughter about it, I now think it's NOT that family, but an older woman who lives in the building. She said that her door is in that gangway between the two buildings. This is second hand info, and the first hand is a 9 year old...

Apr 02

Keys found

I found a set of keys on Berteau, just west of Southport. Respond for more information.

Mar 21

Updated Mar 22

Pet Waste in a Child's Park

It is unbelievable to me that a dog owner/s would not clean up after their dog. I have my nephew at Park West Park and there are literally dozens of piles of dog junk everywhere! Right where children play! Who does that? Seriously?! Please keep an eye out and take pictures of dog owners who do not pick up after their dog. I would love to post a picture of the culprit.

  • This is shocking to me as well. The sidewalk all around our building where snow used to be was covered in dog feces for weeks. Thankfully most has been washed away by now. As a dog owner that would never do that it really frustrates me and is disgusting. Also a pain to keep my dog out and away from it.

  • Debbie Lincoln Park resident

    I would just like to add to those sentiments. As a dog owner, I never fail to pick up after my dog no matter how cold, dark or snowy it is. Anyone who does less than this makes us all look bad. If we see other dog owners failing to pick up dog waste we should, at the least, offer them a poop bag so that they can do the right thing.

Mar 21

Updated Mar 22

Street Closures - Helicopter lifting equipment

Lakeview will be closed between Wrightwood and Deming and Stockton will be closed between Fullerton and Cannon Drive sporadically between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00a.m. tomorrow, Saturday, March 22. There are no parking signs up for large parts of these streets between 8:00a.m. and 12:00p.m. on March 22.
A helicopter will be lifting a cooling tower onto the north part of the 43rd floor roof at 2626 N. Lakeview. You can PROBABLY watch from around Diversey and Stockton if you're interested.

  • Bob

    A similar situation played out a couple of Saturday’s ago at Broadway and Surf. Streets were closed to pedestrians and vehicles. There were about four large flatbed trucks in the street, some with the new HVAC equipment. Be prepared for a loud and very muscular helicopter [Coast Guard rescue style] struggling/removing/hoisting very heavy equipment very low to the ground and very close to residential buildings.

  • Luckily, they won't have to fly down residential streets since I'm assuming that they'll park on Stockton and lift straight to the roof.

Mar 13

Richmond St. Water Main Project

Anyone in West Ridge know the updated status of the Richmond St. water main project? The last communication we received said they planned to start the first week in March. I emailed Ald. Oconnor, but no response. As the project doesn't allow people to park on Richmond during the day, this situation will only become worse once street cleaning begins again.

Mar 10

Updated Mar 11

Burglary on Elaine Place Apartments in Lakeview

I've been burglarized in my apartment when I was on vacation Thursday-Sunday. They stole my 2 Mac book laptops with chargers. Please let me know of you are aware of any suspicious person(s) in the area.

  • The insane thing it didn't look like it was force entry they either had a way to unlock the back door or slide the window up to unlock the door. My apartment complex has adequate security. We have no fences, anyone can come into the back or front, no security...

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    The insane thing it didn't look like it was force entry they either had a way to unlock the back door or slide the window up to unlock the door. My apartment complex has adequate security. We have no fences, anyone can come into the back or front, no security cameras or a security guard. After I reported it to the police and told the property manager he did nothing. He didn't even send a note to all the tenants to warn them. Which reminds me I'll send a personalize note to all the tenants myself !

  • Robert Konzelman ADT Security In Home Designer

    Kristine sorry to hear that. Just so you know ADT can install a security system in an apartment. We have an all wireless option where we don't have to put any holes in the walls. Also we can move with you if you ecide to move after 6 months. If you want more details call or email me. 312-857-5758 rkonzelman@adt.com

Mar 10

Updated Mar 11

Power Outage!

Around 2:30 pm today, we heard a loud boom and the electricity went out. The 2100 block of Belle Plaine, but I'm not sure how many homes are affected. It's been reported to ComEd. Anyone else affected?

Mar 06

Updated Mar 07

Power Outage/Sirens

Does anyone know what happened at the corner of Irving & Sheridan tonight? There have been a lot of sirens in the neighborhood but nothing in the news yet.

  • Stephen Boisvert Lakeview pedestrian

    One way to see what is going on in close to real time is the check chicagoscanner on twitter. It takes a bit of work to wade through the rather cryptic posts though.

  • agnessb lactose intolerant ice cream lover.

    Thanks for the advice, Stephen!

Feb 27

Updated Feb 28

Wrightwood road work again?

Does anybody know what the story is on the roadwork on Wrightwood between Clark and Halstead? They keep digging it up, paving it and then digging up again. I feel like they must be on about the 6 round of this.

  • The 2/24 email is about a project in a completely different area.

  • Josh R Engineer in Chicago

    Tutter, no. Water mains distribute water to your homes. They do not provide drainage.

Feb 24

Updated Feb 25

Mail delivery in Lincoln Park

Did I miss a memo that Feb. 24 is some holiday and there's no mail delivery? We still have no mail and it's 10:15pm--probably won't come at all. I know USPS here in Chicago is notoriously bad, but it's been particularly so this winter. During the sub-zero temp days we never got mail, which I understand, but not sure what today's excuse is.

  • oz neighbor 32 years in LP

    The mail delivery has been dismal for six months. I have been to the Postal station on Clark twice to complain.
    I get mail for addresses two blocks away. I then ask my mail person, "where is my mail?"At least two days a week I don't get any mail...where does it go?
    Never get an answer. I have missed important mail. Have no idea what to do!

  • JGP

    Same here. Missing packages becoming more common, too. Happened twice in recent months. When I track shipment online, the status is always that it was transferred to local post office for delivery--and that's where it ends. No idea how/where to file a formal complaint--or if it would even matter. "Contact Us" on the USPS website is useless.

  • L

    If you search through other neighborhoods here on EB there are lots of posts dedicated to the horrid mail service we have in Chicago. Here is a recent (long) thread including some tips on how to make it better: http://chicago.everyblock.com/city-services/jan24-problems-usps-5971500/

Feb 19

Garage half open

I am sure I closed my garage when I left this morning - I popped back home a few hours later and it was half open but nothing is missing. Anyone else notice anything suspicious with garages in the area? 1700-1800 block of Albany. Thanks.

Feb 18

Updated Feb 19

New burger spot

Anyone been to that new burger spot on broadway? Next to the liquor store?

  • Thanks for the heads up! I live right down the street - will definitely check it out this weekend.

  • I believe it's a first come first serve deal. Not positive. Hopefully you won't have to wait a loooong time lol

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