4 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

In search of a nanny recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation of a good nanny? Watching 2 kids: 20 mos and 3 mos.

  • Erin C. R. Lakeview Resident

    Hello! I don't know what kind of hours you need but I am a seasoned nanny/babysitter who loves kids and has experience taking care of families with children 2 months to 12 years old! I have several families I work with who can provide excellent references and of you're interested, please message me and I will provide my phone number.

  • Rpl

    Would you be able to direct message me?

  • Rpl

    @Erin C R

    I tried messaging you but for some reason I can't.

Jul 12

Updated Jul 13

Dog Knapped

A dog was taken from 2825 N. Lincoln last night July 11 at 1:15am. If you have any info please call Patsy's bar at 773-248-2825. Attached is a photo of the kid nappers in the act of kid napping the pooch.

  • I would ruin the year of the person who decided to "liberate" my dog. Physically.

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    Year of the dog.

Jul 06

Updated Jul 07

At&t U Verse out?

Anybody lose service with AT&T U Verse in lakeview since yesterday?

  • d3 NOH

    it's a lot slower than what RCN offers
    maybe you should just get a new plan w/ RCN?

  • Good to know! I threatened to leave about 6 months ago (even though I have no option) and they dropped it about 100 bucks. So I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop. And it still isn't as good as a brand new customer package. I'll just keep playing the game. But to your point, I won't sacrifice speed. Thanks d3

Jun 30

Updated Jul 05

Deck Refinishing

I have a deck above a 3 car garage that the prior owner painted. With the weather conditions this paint looks terrible and is peeling off. I would like the deck to be stripped of the paint and then stained. The deck is approximately 20x25. We live in Lakeview near the Diversey and Ashland crossroads. Please pass along suggestions.

  • Diane G member South Lakeview Neighbors

    The best company in the city is Chicagoland Deck Cleaning and Sealing. They do a great job. 773-348-4516

  • +1 for Chicago Deck Cleaning & Sealing

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