Sep 14

Updated 4 hours ago

Missing cat

Mila is still missing. Last seen around Lakewood and Wolfram. Black and white, with a black nose. Reward $300. Please call if you see her: 773-580-4130. Thanks.

  • We have had more sightings near Nelson and Paulina but still haven't found Mila. Please call/Text 773-580-4130 if you think you see her. Thanks, Danielle

  • I have not found Mila but I did find a very hungry black and white cat in the alley of 1649 Barry. The cat has a black face with a thin white streak. I will try to catch the cat and get it checked for a microchip.

5 hours ago

Cat found

I was out looking for my lost black and white cat tonight. I did not found Mila, I did find a very hungry black and white cat in the alley of 1649 Barry. The cat has a black face with a thin white streak.

Sep 12

Updated 5 days ago

Neat eats

Does anyone know what we can expect with neat eats restaurant going up at 1258 w Belmont? I just got the mail notification that they applied for a liquor license and was wondering what it will be.

  • L

    No. This post is about 1258. Is there something new going into the old El Pacifico?

  • Yes, someone has purchased it and is going to open a new place

Sep 06

Updated Sep 06

Smashed vehicle windows Friday night

A few of my neighbors had their vehicle windows smashed last night with bricks. Their cars were parked on Ravenswood between Belmont and Wellington. It doesn't appear that anything was stolen as they had items inside that weren't touched. Please be aware of any suspicious people in your neighborhood and call 911 if needed.

  • Do you know around what time? I had this happen to me on ravens wood once... I was told by someone that they will smash your window as the metra passes by.

  • mike Return Chicagoan circa 1996

    Bk, no I don't know what time.

Sep 03

Are you interested in joining a neighborhood garage sale?

South Lakeview Neighbors (Belmont to Diversey and Racine to Ravenswood) is organizing a neighborhood garage sale for September 20th. Please PM me if you live in the boundaries and are interested in participating.

Aug 06

Updated Aug 21

Suspicious activity-Nelson & Lakewood

A suspicious individual was seen at Nelson/Lakewood this morning. Approx 5'6, wearing an oversized grey hoodie and red sweatpants. It appears he was canvassing residences at 8am. When he caught us looking he put his hood up. Was standing on the corner looking around for several minutes. Between 9am-10am, trash cans in the alley had been moved in front of back gates, in position to jump over back fences. Lock up garages, back doors, and bikes!!

  • Thank you Snappette. I go to the Jewel at Ashland and Wellington from time to time and will keep an eye out. It might surprise Jonathon to know that he is the subject of so much comment and concern. It would be great to direct him to a place where he could get help.

  • Vashti you are correct. When the next person that sees John, please tell him to talk to his local beat cop to let him know which residences he is going to target this week to break into. He has an impressive rap sheet and it'd be nice if he didn't pull our police resources as much anymore. This will insure he gets the proper attention he needs in Cook County.

Jul 30

Updated Jul 31

Sound proofing companies?

I am taking over a theater space that is on the second floor above a bar. We have been told that on live band nights the sound bleed is very bad.

I have been looking into soundproofing but have only found two companies that do it. One companies yelp reviews caution of some type of scam artist. The other the owner has taken four weeks just to get me a quote. Anyone have someone they like?

Anyone work with someone they like


  • sdstern Webmaster & Board Member, South Lakeview Neighbors

    Call Jeff DeLong at the Athenaeum. He's been in Chicago theater for a long time and may know someone.

  • tq

    Not sure that this place is appropriate, but I have noticed it on the way to MI.

Jul 27

Updated Jul 29

Park concrete urns

I'm trying to find a company to replace two concrete flower urns at a local park and am having a hard time finding anyone that does this. Does anyone know of a company that does this work?

Jul 27

Updated Jul 28

Fire near Lincoln and Wellington

There is (was) a fire just a little south east of the intersection around 1:45 pm. Lincoln is closed to southeast traffic at the intersection

  • L

    Appears to be the apartment over Underwater Safaris.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    That would explain the traffic mess at Lincoln and school. :( a neighbor posted the pictures on the South Lakeview neighbors page on Facebook.

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