Sep 16

Updated Sep 17


What's going on in this neighborhood? Three very loud gunshots north of Balmoral... CPD, where are you?

Sep 17

Updated Sep 17

Lost/Found Ventra Card

We found a Ventra card this morning (9/16)at Damen and Balmoral. If you can identify it by the last four digits we will find a way to get it to you. Otherwise guess we'll cut it up and throw it away so you don't worry about it being used.

  • rkp

    It was actually found on hoyne and balmoral on the corner by the townhouses.

  • Oops! You're right - Hoyne and Balmoral was where we found the Ventra card

Sep 13

Updated Sep 14

Emergency on Balmoral/Paulina?

Does anyone know what happened this morning at Balmoral & Paulina? There were firetrucks, cars, police & EMTs...

  • MandaLeigh Here I Is.

    Was it a fire? What happened, Gary?

  • I apologize. I was misinformed by someone who was watching from across the street.

Sep 06

Updated Sep 07

Fireworks or gunshots?

8:30ish, Saturday night. North of Balmoral, west of Ashland. Can anyone confirm what the banging was? Not hearing sirens, so I'm hoping it's fireworks...

  • .50 cal? Yikes... surprised they kept that big a caliber on target.

  • The incident this post is referring to was fireworks. I live at Catalpa and pualina and heard this from my back porch. I went to the alley gate and could tell the we fireworks. They had the crackling sound and I could see some light right after the bang.

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