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75 CPS schools now have tested positive for lead

Mancel Talcott Elementary School 1840 W Ohio St

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2405 Linden Avenue, Baltimore, MD 01053, 41.4822, -81.6697

John J Audubon Elementary School 3500 N Hoyne Ave

Clara Barton Elementary School 7650 S Wolcott Ave 

Edward Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center 5255 S State St

Jacob Beidler Elementary School 3151 W Walnut St

James G. Blaine Elementary School 1420 W Grace St

Blair Early Childhood Center 6751 W 63rd Pl

Lorenz Brentano Math & Science Academy 2723 N Fairfield Ave

Lyman A Budlong Elementary School 2701 W Foster Ave

Burbank Elementary School 2035 N Mobile Ave

Edmond Burke Elementary School 5356 S King Dr 

Daniel R Cameron Elementary School 1234 N Monticello Ave

Carson Elementary School 5516 S Maplewood Ave

George Washington Carver Primary School 901 E 133rd Pl

Thomas Chalmers Specialty Elementary School 2745 W Roosevelt Rd

Eliza Chappell Elementary School 2135 W Foster Ave

Salmon P Chase Elementary School 2021 N Point St

Edward Coles Elementary Language Academy 8441 S Yates Blvd

Columbia Explorers Elementary Academy 4520 S Kedzie Ave

Courtenay Language Arts Center 4420 N Beacon St

Charles R Darwin Elementary School 3116 W Belden Ave 

Charles S Deneen Elementary School 7240 S Wabash Ave

Walt Disney Magnet Elementary School 4140 N Marine Dr

Disney II Magnet School 3815 N Kedvale Ave 

John B Drake Elementary School 2710 S Dearborn St

Durkin Park Elementary School 8445 S Kolin Ave

Esmond Elementary School 1865 W Montvale Ave

Edward Everett Elementary School 3419 S Bell Ave

Fairfield Elementary Academy 6201 S Fairfield Ave

Fernwood Elementary School 10041 S Union Ave

Frederick Funston Elementary School 2010 N Central Park Ave

William C. Goudy Technology Academy 5120 N Winthrop Ave

Horace Greeley Elementary School 832 W Sheridan Rd

Frank W Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy 4420 S Sacramento Ave

John H Hamline Elementary School 4747 S Bishop St 

Bret Harte Elementary School 1556 E 56th St

John Harvard Elementary School of Excellence 7525 S Harvard

Robert Healy Elementary School 3010 S Parnell Ave

William G Hibbard Elementary School 3244 W Ainslie St

Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School 4247 W 15th St

Joshua D Kershaw Elementary School 6450 S Lowe Ave 

LaSalle II Magnet Elementary School 1148 N Honore St

Josephine C Locke Elementary School 2828 N Oak Park Ave

Joseph Lovett Elementary School 6333 W Bloomingdale Ave

George Manierre Elementary School 1420 N Hudson Ave 

John L Marsh Elementary School 9822 S Exchange Ave 

Arnold Mireles Elementary Academy 9000 S Exchange Ave 

Florence Nightingale Elementary School 5250 S Rockwell St

Jesse Owens Elementary Community Academy 12302 S State St

Parkside Elementary Community Academy 6938 S East End Ave 

Helen Peirce International Studies Elementary School 1423 W Bryn Mawr Ave

William Penn Elementary School 1616 S Avers Ave 

Manuel Perez Elementary School 1241 W 19th St

Josiah Pickard Elementary School 2301 W 21st Pl

Pilsen Elementary Community Academy 1420 W 17th St

Portage Park Elementary School 5330 W Berteau Ave 

Ernst Prussing Elementary School 4650 N Menard Ave

William C Reavis Math & Science Specialty Elementary School 834 E 50th St Chicago

Frank W Reilly Elementary School 3650 W School St

Washington D Smyser Elementary School 4310 N Melvina Ave

John M Smyth Elementary School 1059 W 13th St

Hannah G Solomon Elementary School 6206 N Hamlin Ave

Spencer Elementary Technology Academy 214 N Lavergne Ave

Frederick Stock Elementary School 7507 W Birchwood Ave 

Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School 3444 W Wabansia Ave

Henry O Tanner Elementary School 7350 S Evans Ave

Enrico Tonti Elementary School 5815 S Homan Ave

George Washington Elementary School 3611 E 114th St 

Ida B Wells Preparatory Elementary Academy 249 E 37th St

Daniel S Wentworth Elementary School 1340 W 71st St

Woodlawn Community Elementary School 6657 S Kimbark Ave

Ella Flagg Young Elementary School 1434 N Parkside Ave 

Emiliano Zapata Elementary Academy 2728 S Kostner Ave

    75 CPS schools now have tested positive for lead
    Chicago Public Schools has 75 elementary schools with amounts of lead in their drinking water that have tested above federally acceptable standards. That's about 18 percent so far of the 422 grade schools run by the city's school system. CPS released the updated numbers after 8 p.m.

  • Dave CPS Teacher

    Uptown - Sure - let's talk about asbestos. People here seem pretty much OK with lead in the water. Here's an interactive map showing schools with asbestos risks, and where the risks are within the school. http://tinyurl.com/go66qs9

  • paul....life is a dice throw. Yes, you probably had a surge in lead contamination immediately following the work. Once the newly exposed lead in the join is covered behind the chemicals put in the water to do that, your overall exposure will probably decline below the level it was before the repair. On a daily basis you can further reduce your risk by flushing the water that has stood in your supply pipe overnight.

    Then there's radon in the basement.

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July 22, 2016 Newsletter

Tue., July 26, 12-1:30 pm,Richard J. Daley Center, 50 W. Washington. The free senior enrichment seminar series presents When a Mental Illness Requires Protective Care presentation. Learn who is the subject of involuntary comment, the process, and how pays. Speakers Susan Fox Gillis.Free.

Wed., Aug 3, 3-4:30 pm, City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle, 8th Floor.To operate a successful business in Chicago, you need to know what it...

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Please be aware that there will be no ward night this upcoming Tuesday, July 26. The next ward night will be on Tuesday, August 2, from 5 to 7 pm in the ward office, located at 4757 N. Milwaukee.

Josi’s Frozen Yogurt, located at 4032 N. Milwaukee, has been nominated by a community member to receive the NBC Hartford Small Business Award. This award recognizes small businesses who play a big role in their communities.

One of Chicago’s favorite traditions returns to Wilson Park, 4630 N. Milwaukee, this month. Join neighbors for the fifth anniversary of the free Chicago Shakespeare in the Parks tour.

Back for its 16th year in 2016, Jeff Fest returns to Jefferson Memorial Park, 4822 N. Long.  Located only a block from the Jefferson Park transit center, this unique summer festival attracts...

During construction, the Water Department will require a partial closure of Irving Park at Hamlin for a few days. Detour routes will be posted in advance. Otherwise, when crews are...

Those interested in applying can download the application online. Applications are due by Monday, August 8, and returned to the school office at 4650 N. Menard.

Beard School, 6445 W. Strong, is participating in a community paper recycling fundraising program. For every ton of paper collected, Beard School will receive additional funding.

The Irving Park Community Food Pantry, 3801 N. Keeler, is collecting school supplies for children in need for the 2016-2017 school year. These will be distributed in August to ensure that kids are starting the school year on a strong note.

1407 W. Washington Boulevard

Now through August 14, The Gift Theatre, 4802 N. Milwaukee, will feature John Steinbeck’s classicThe Grapes of Wrath.

...Independence branch began hosting eight library programs at the Independence Park Field House, located at 3945 N. Springfield. The final program will be on Monday, August 22...

We’re at 4754 N. Milwaukee. We’re open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 9 am – 6 pm; Tuesdays, 9 am – 7 pm; Fridays, 9 am – 4 pm; and Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm.

Mon., July 25, 4-7 pm, Potbelly Sandwich Shop, 4185 W. Irving Park. Join the St. Edward community for food, fun, and goodwill during the St. Edward School Potbelly Fundraiser. 25% of ALL sales during this time will support St. Edward School.Free.

Tue., July 26, 3-4 pm, Oak Street Health, 4848 W. Irving Park. Swing by for an hour of pampering. Bring your favorite nail polish or pick one of Oak Street’s summer colors during their manicure party. More info: call 773-724-6200. Free.

Tue., July 26, 7 pm, Chicago Mosque, 6201 W. Peterson. Meet neighbors and get involved in the community during Gladstone Park Neighborhood Association’s monthly meeting. The Mosque will be the guest speakers. Also, Jeff Fest and Throwback Music Fest will be discussed. Free. 

Tue., July 26, 7 pm, St. Robert Bellarmine, 4646 N. Austin. TheMaítrise des Hauts de France“French Boys’ Choir” is performing a free concert.Enjoy...

Wed., July 27, 7 pm, Basement Auditorium of Congregational Church, 5320 W. Giddings. Join neighbors for the monthly Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association meeting. Free.

Thur., July 28, 6 pm, Spanish Coalition for Housing, 1922 N. Pulaski. Learn how to file an appeal, how an appeal is granted, and have other questions answered during aProperty Tax Assessment Appeal Workshop. Free. 

Sun. July 31, 9-11:30 am, Intersection of Cuyler and Milwaukee. 4900 W. Cuyler.Interact with neighbors while feeling the positive impact of yoga the Six...

Sun. July 31, 9-11:30 am, Intersection of Cuyler and Milwaukee. 4900 W. Cuyler.Interact with neighbors while feeling the positive impact of yoga the Six Corners Association’s...

Mon., Aug 1, 5-7 pm, Carpe Librum Chicago, 4047 N. Milwaukee. I will be joining Six Corners Association’s Kelli Wefenstette for Six Corners at Carpe Librum. We will recommend our favorite reads and ring up picks for the whole family! More info: online. Free.

Tue., Aug 2, 5-8 pm, 17th District East Parking Lot, 4651 N. Pulaski. Give neighborhood crime and drugs a going away party during the 2016 National Night Out. Entertainment, music, & children’s games. Representatives from city departments. Free.

Thur., Aug 4, 6-9 pm, Portage Park, 4100 N. Long. Learn a few dance moves and test them out to live music at Summer Dance in the Parks. Open to all ages.Free. 

Thur., Aug 4, 7-8:30 pm,Roberts Square Park, 5200 W. Argyle. A new folktale, The Princess, Minstrel, & Rabid Bat, combines live music, swordplay, and magic to spin an enchanting hour of theater.Free.

Sat., Aug 6, 2-10 pm,Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence. Join neighbors for the annual Rock the Badgesfirst responders charity fundraiser event. Sampling portions and...

Sat., Aug 6, 1-5 pm, St. Viator, 3644 N. Kedvale. Chicago pit-masters & craft brewers battle it out again at the 3rd annual Old Irving Park Beer & BBQ Challenge. With 36 beer samples and 18 BBQ portions, it’s the best deal of the summer. Tickets start at $55 and are available online.

Mon., Aug 8, 7 pm, Portage-Cragin Branch, 5108 W. Belmont. Naturalist Sara Rose from the Trailside Museum in River Forest will providesummer gardening tips for...

Tue., Aug 9, 9 am-2 pm, Atrium at James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services host a Child Support Resource Fair. Federal, state, and county support agencies and other non-profit agencies will be there to discuss child support. Free.

Wed., Aug 10, 7 pm, Athletic Park Field House, 3546 W. Addison. Learn what you can do about crime during the 1731 Beat CAPS meeting. Find your bat at the 17th district beat map. More info: 312-742-4588.Free. 

Wed., Aug 10, 7 pm, Dunham Park, 4638 N. Melvina. Learn what you can do about crime during the 1622 beat CAPS meeting. Find your beat at the16th district beat map. Free. 

Fri., Aug 12, 3:30-4:30 pm,Gladstone Park, 5421 N. Menard. Professor Gertsacov brings his authentic Acme Flea Circus featuring trained fleas Midge and Madge. Free.

Wed., Aug 17, 7:30 pm, 17th District Community Room, 4650 N. Pulaski. Learn what you can do about crime during the1722-1723 Beat CAPS meeting. Find your beat at the 17th district beat map. More info: 312-742-4588. Free.

Thur., Aug 25, 7 pm, Kreuger Hall at St. Bartholomew Church, 4910 W. Addison, Learn what you can do about crime during the 1634 beat CAPS meeting. Find your beat at the 16th district beat map. Free.

Tue., Aug 30, 7 pm, Rosedale Park, 6312 W. Rosedale. Meet neighbors and get involved in the community during theGladstone Park Neighborhood Association monthly meeting.Free.

    July 22, 2016 Newsletter | Alderman John Arena - Chicago's 45th Ward
    Dear Neighbor, Please be aware that there will be no ward night this upcoming Tuesday, July 26. The next ward night will be on Tuesday, August 2, from 5 to 7 pm in the ward office, located at 4757 N. Milwaukee. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Inclusion matters at Disability Pride Parade

...Pride Parade marches through downtown Chicago on July 23, 2016. The parade steps off at Plymouth Court at Van Buren Street at 11 a.m. Individuals of all abilities will march north on Dearborn Street to...

    Inclusion matters at Disability Pride Parade
    The 13th Annual Disability Pride Parade marches through downtown Chicago on July 23, 2016. The parade steps off at Plymouth Court at Van Buren Street at 11 a.m. Individuals of all abilities will march north on Dearborn Street to Daley Plaza between Dearborn and Clark and Washington and Randolph Streets.

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Spectators guide for the Race to Mackinac

For those wanting to check out the boats before they set sail, many are docked at the Chicago Yacht Club's Monroe Station at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Monroe. These boats can be easily viewed from the Lakeshore path just north of Monroe Street.

    Spectators guide for the Race to Mackinac
    A favorite summer spectator event for many Chicagoan's is the annual Chicago Yacht Club's Race to Mackinac-the longest annual freshwater sailing race in the world. This is the 108th year for the event that will feature 326 boats participating in the 333-mile journey from Chicago to Mackinac Island.

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The Sloopin Open House:Built-In Bookshelves and a View

One of the more historic buildings in the Sloop, the Transportation Building at 600 S. Dearborn, has an interesting past.  It also has been converted into a residential building and has some unique units.

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National Teachers Academy (55 W. Cermak) Opening a...

1001 South State - Where Curiosity Lives

    Sloopin - A South Loop Blog: The Sloopin Open House:Built-In Bookshelves and a View
    This one caught our eye because of the built-in bookshelf. Maybe not the most important feature when looking for a home, but something nice nonetheless: This building also tends to have nice views and this unit is no exception if you're a fan of the Willis Tower: This specific unit is a 1bd/1bth and is listed for $235K (but doesn't appear to have parking included).

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226 W Kinzie St, Chicago, IL 60654 posted 1 photo to Fotella:
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