Aug 10

Updated Aug 13

Shooting today at 1:50PM, 7400 block of N. Hoyne

. . .that is MY block. I was out at the time, but there are now sketchy people in overpriced cars all over the area, playing cat & mouse with the cops. One guy in a brand-new black Porsche Carrera with nearly-opaque tinted windows has circled the block at least a dozen times at break-neck speed. He's pretty obviously looking for someone.

Here's the Trib write-up:

  • The guy who owns the Porsche parks in the large lot behind ridge by Fargo. Doesn't seem to be someone who causes trouble. The shooting happened behind the 2 story building that has been terrible for the 6+ years I've lived on this block.

  • "The shooting happened behind the 2 story building that has been terrible for the 6+ years I've lived on this block."

    Which building? The SW corner of Hoyne & Fargo? Also, I dunno if we're talking about the same Porsche, as I had never seen this guy prior to Sunday.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 29

Dog training

I have a lovely 6 year old beagle who I adore but would like to provide further training for him in relation to certain specific issues. Any recommendations for good,calm, local dog trainers? I want a reasonable amount of training but am not interested in anything over the top. He already sits and responds well to treat training he just has a few beagle related issues- barking as notification, some separation anxiety, and nervousness and hyperactivity around new people and dogs.

  • Kim Shiro at the Bark Bark Club on broadway is great. She does group lessons but also does private lessons at your home. Tell her hello to her if u call her.

  • I attended a class from the Dog Obedience Group a while back. The trainers were good and I thought that the price was reasonable.

Jul 28

Updated Jul 28

Permit needed?

I would like to have a Labor Day party outside at one of the RP beaches - inviting some friends to come over for food and hang out - do I need some kind of park permit for this?

  • Christopher of Estes I am a medical massage therapist

    There will always be consumption of booze and reefer at the beach. I usually look the other way if it harms nobody and the people are not being overly obnoxious.

  • Georg Sand Seeley and Fargo

    Thanks all.

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