17 hours ago

Updated 6 hours ago

Permit needed?

I would like to have a Labor Day party outside at one of the RP beaches - inviting some friends to come over for food and hang out - do I need some kind of park permit for this?

  • Christopher of Estes I am a medical massage therapist

    There will always be consumption of booze and reefer at the beach. I usually look the other way if it harms nobody and the people are not being overly obnoxious.

  • Georg Sand Seeley and Fargo

    Thanks all.

6 hours ago

Dog training

I have a lovely 6 year old beagle who I adore but would like to provide further training for him in relation to certain specific issues. Any recommendations for good,calm, local dog trainers? I want a reasonable amount of training but am not interested in anything over the top. He already sits and responds well to treat training he just has a few beagle related issues- barking as notification, some separation anxiety, and nervousness and hyperactivity around new people and dogs.

Jun 17

Updated Jun 17

New Jewel??

Is it true that we are getting a Jewel to replace the Dominick's on Clark and Howard?
If so, does anyone know when?

  • Jewel-OSCO has announced June 24th as the opening date. Keep watching.

  • Dee in E Rogers Park East Rogers Park over 10 Years

    I hope they can pass an inspection. I noticed a day or two ago they failed an inspection and I believe I saw another fail earlier.

Jun 15

Updated Jun 15

Power outage

We're having another power outage on Touhy.
We have lived in this condo for 6 years now and have power outages every few months. About half occur overnight rendering our bedside alarm clock useless.
I have never experienced such frequent outages any other place I have lived. Can anyone enlighten me as to why we have them so often?

  • GGinRogersPark Rogers Park condo owner

    Between Clark and Damon.
    Power is back on. It only lasted a little over an hour.
    They never last long. They're just a little too frequent for an industrialized country.

  • Frank Bolin Couch miner in Rogers Park for 66 years

    Our condo on Estes has lost power several times in the past year as well as the bank
    The street lights stay on

Jun 12

Updated Jun 15

Dog Boarding/DayCare

Any suggestions for reputable places in RP? Looking to board my dog for a couple nights. Thanks!

Jun 12

Updated Jun 13

Moving Boxes

I am moving soon and could use boxes and bubble wrap. If you recently moved and would like to recycle them please let me know. I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Thanks!

  • We've got a few 6-10 boxes and half a roll of bubble wrap. At Western and Ardmore. Let me know if you'd like to come and fetch them.

  • Cybelle Just moved here, love the neighborhood!

    I just moved in last sat and have ~10 boxes and a couple rolls of packing tape available. Message me if you're interested in taking them off my hands!

Jun 04

Updated Jun 04

Statistics Tutor

In need of a tutor to help my friend with a final project in statistics. Willing to pay. Weekend help preferred or any day during the week except Monday and Wednesday.

  • Thanks Sara! I can't seem to figure out how to PM you. If you'd like to email me, I will respond. kelleylynnbaum@gmail.com

  • Sara Lewis Rp Gal Living Long and Propering

    Sent you an email!

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