Feb 15

Updated Feb 16

Early voting on Monday

Since tomorrow is a Federal Holiday will there still be early voting at Pottawatomie Park?

  • Cathy Andersonville

    Yes. From abc7chicago.com:
    CHICAGO (WLS) --
    All 51 early voting locations across Chicago will be open on President's Day, according to the Chicago Board of Elections.

    Spokesman James Allen said all sites will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 16.

  • Thanks for the information.

Jan 16

Updated Jan 19

Pratt and Clark

Apparently there was another shooting. Anyone have the news?

  • Nick Danger Reincarnated New & Improved

    Great. We should have been told that in the first place and the thread simply would have ended. But when coordinators have information they can share and don't and then won't confirm or deny anything and then reprimand some comments for being childish it starts to smell like a cover up for something or other. This was handled poorly. Just admit it and let's move on and we won't depend on coordinators for information.

  • Need for a Change 20 years in Rogers Park

    The coordinators are volunteers. They aren't compensated for the time they devote in service to the community. Conversely, you can anticipate the local administration to throw a spin on most things to suit their political posture. It is their practice. They put their own personal politics ahead of their tacit obligations of community service and providing a safe community.

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