Feb 07

Litter all over the neighborhood.

The neighborhood is littered with all these Patrick Daley Thompson ads on the ground. I guess they just throw them on the sidewalk if there's no door knob to hang them on. I don't think we need more litter with the unwanted Hoy, Bridgeport News, and various other detritus in the neighborhood.

It's seems to me to be a sign that if one wants the same old garbage, well just fill in that line next to the name lying there on the ground. Today when I saw all that trash on the sidewalk I knew who I'm not voting for February 24th.

Jan 28

Updated Jan 29

I need 2 liters

Hi all. I'm looking for 20 empty 1 and 2 liter bottles. Any helpers. I can come to you.

  • Sara Brandt New South Loop Resident

    Having a gala tomorrow and should have several after. Any chance you could pick up there? 1133 W Fulton at Chicago Party Animals. It's open to the public so you can come on in. It's casual. Runs 7pm to 11pm but most bottles should be emptied by 10pm.

Jan 11

Updated Jan 12


Anyone have advice on where to buy furniture in the area? We need sofa, love seat and arm chairs. Maybe an ottoman. I'd like to buy local but online is looking more and more convenient. If anyone has good experience/recommendations lmk. Thanks!!

  • There is beautiful high-quality furniture at a consignment shop on 15th and Michigan called Urban Remix

  • Cynthia Gessele West Loop Interior Designer

    Robin, you can also purchase very high end pieces at The Sample Sale at the Mart. I don't know your budget but if you are looking for something different, or that one of a kind piece, that's the place, only that you might need a designer to get in there. You can also shop at Art Van, & Home Goods, If you need any further furniture, accessories shopping information you can reach me at cgessele@att.net.

  • Cynthia Gessele West Loop Interior Designer

    Sorry the information was meant for Beth for her furniture needs.

Dec 19

Updated Jan 04

Throwing away or de cluttering Legos?

Hi Chicagoans, I'm teaching an engineering class at a local park and Im looking to acquire building materials for the children to use. If you are looking to get rid of you Legos, Lincoln logs, etc. or know of anyone who is, I'd be glad to take them off your hands. Thank you:)

  • Steven Vance Urban planner

    Do you still need some?

  • Yes, i am still looking to acquire supplies. And how good to know that it will be staying in the family!

  • Steven Vance Urban planner

    EB used to have a messaging. Email me, steve@stevevance.net.

Jan 01

Updated Jan 02

Street parking

I just moved here yesterday- do I need a parking pass to park on the street? We have a garage but need parking for second car. I'm on south federal. Any advice is appreciated!!

  • CMCB BCMC888

    Sorry - I didn't realize I added the same link that John Adams III had previously provided!

  • Cynthia Gessele West Loop Interior Designer

    Yes Beth, and the link supplied by John should be very helpful to you.

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