27 hours ago

Updated 17 hours ago

EB Pic Issues

Anybody experiencing display issues? The pictures display very large. Sometimes all I see is an eighth of the frame until I click into the story. Thoughts? Let's discuss. 😎

  • Thanks for the input. Im also looking at EB on phone. Seems like it's a programming thing, A CSS thing, html thing...either way, it's something. Thanks Every Blockers.

  • Joe in Andersonville Landlord and life-long northside Chicago resident

    Yep. I have the same problem in my iPad.

Jul 24

Updated 2 days ago

Electrician Recommendation

Does anyone have recommendations for an electrician in the neighborhood? We need to install a small chandelier and would rather have someone professional do the job than mess with the electrical wires at home.

4 days ago

Updated 3 days ago

In search of a nanny recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation of a good nanny? Watching 2 kids: 20 mos and 3 mos.

  • Erin C. R. Lakeview Resident

    Hello! I don't know what kind of hours you need but I am a seasoned nanny/babysitter who loves kids and has experience taking care of families with children 2 months to 12 years old! I have several families I work with who can provide excellent references and of you're interested, please message me and I will provide my phone number.

  • Rpl

    Would you be able to direct message me?

  • Rpl

    @Erin C R

    I tried messaging you but for some reason I can't.

5 days ago

Updated 4 days ago

Anyone missing a bike in Andersonville?

Just found a bike on the street. Looks like it was ditched on a street corner. Message me and describe the bike.

Jul 25

Updated 5 days ago


My husband and a friend were sitting out on our front porch last night, Friday night, pretty late. They both thought they had seen a dog across the street. Noticing that the dog was on its own, they pay closer attention. Until they realized it was a coyote... I'm not too sure if I believe him, but he swears it was. He said it was a little bigger then our golden retriever, which is an 80 lb boy. We live by the corner of Winnemac and Claremont. Has anyone heard or seen anything like this??

  • Budlong Woods neighbor Chicago girl for life

    They have been in the area for years. Every so often on a very quiet night, you might here them in River Park when an ambulance is going by, howling with the sirens. They are being tracked and studied. I am happy to have them. They keep the rat population down. I have only seen one twice in the all the time I have lived here. They are very shy creatures.

  • MandaLeigh Here I Is.

    I love the coyotes. They were here before us!

Jul 23

Updated Jul 23

One year old puppy boxer pit mix up for Adoption!!!

There is an amazing one year old mix pup who is ready for a forever home! He's being fostered currently and is great with the two year old dog he lives with. He also has been around small children and does wonderfully. If anyone is interested in fido they can fill out an application at Chicago canine rescue and get more information!

Jul 04

Updated Jul 22

Please get your car alarm under control!!

Dear Person who parks near Grace and Fremont,

PLEASE PLEASE make your car alarm stop going off all the darn time! It goes off at 3am, 7am, lunchtime, and always the early evening. I'm pretty sure that your car isn't being broken into otherwise the incessant noise would have stopped because someone stole your car. Please for the love of God, remember where you parked and stop this awful noise pollution at all hours.

  • I believe this car is now parked at Wilton/Cornelia -- The alarm has gone off with each passing train since 9am -- What did you do when you made this post? I'd like to follow up similarly!

  • its my car sorry guys.. me have no money to have it fixed... :( sowwieee...

Jul 21

Lost iPhone 6 Today on 3400-4000 Oakley

iPhone was lost TODAY on Oakley between 3400-4000. Cash reward if found. No questions asked. Call Mike at 773-398-7061.

Jul 14

Updated Jul 15

Looking for local architect to convert 2 flat to single family.

Hi I'm considering converting a two flat in Linc Square. Looking for architect or builder who has done this in chicago.
Any recommendations ? Thank you neighbors!

  • Jon Hiatt, RA LEED GA Architect in Old Town

    I happened to see your post on my feed. I am an architect and would love to talk to you about your project.

    Before moving to Old Town recently, I was a resident of Lincoln Square for nearly ten years. I don't get up there as much as I would like these days and do miss the area.

    Contact me and we will discuss your project.


  • Buzz in Lincoln Square Resident since 1984

    thank you everyone for your responses. I will get back to all of you.

Jul 13

Updated Jul 14

Bloomin' Stupid

To the person who liked the centerpiece flower we planted in our doorstep flower pot so much they just had to have it...

Next time just ring the bell and ask us what it is instead of digging it up and taking it.

Seriously, what's wrong with you?

Jul 12

Updated Jul 13

Dog Knapped

A dog was taken from 2825 N. Lincoln last night July 11 at 1:15am. If you have any info please call Patsy's bar at 773-248-2825. Attached is a photo of the kid nappers in the act of kid napping the pooch.

  • I would ruin the year of the person who decided to "liberate" my dog. Physically.

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    Year of the dog.

Jul 12

Updated Jul 12

6-10 shots fired 2:25pm on Wilson & Magnolia

Just heard shots from my back deck. Scanner says black male with dreadlocks ( gold tips ) red shirt and camo shorts is shooter. Lovely...

  • Happened right in front of me. Kid threw a bottle at a black suv pulling out of the strip mall, and another kid opened fire on the suv as it sped out. They looked like they were only 16 years old with dreads and a small black pistol.

  • Scanner says they have possible shooter at 4600 block on N Malden. Be safe out there.

  • Any idea what happened near Gross Park (Washtenaw and Gunnison) and hour ago? SUVs all left, but not sure what happened after four loud bangs.

Jul 07

Updated Jul 10

Noise Ordinance

What are the laws for landscapers using chain saws at 8pm? Cutting down trees at 8pm is ridiculous!

  • Is this why my bathtub doesn't drain anymore?

  • Well, it's off topic from the noise violations, but here are some thoughts. Ugh...if you're on a floor above other tenants, it may be that the clog exists in pipes in the apartment(s) below you. And...what goes down the bathtub drain, other than H2O? Hope there's a drain strainer to...

    Read full comment…

    Well, it's off topic from the noise violations, but here are some thoughts. Ugh...if you're on a floor above other tenants, it may be that the clog exists in pipes in the apartment(s) below you. And...what goes down the bathtub drain, other than H2O? Hope there's a drain strainer to catch hair from shampooing etc.

    Or, there may be a problem with the drain lines from your building that go to the street. Tell you landlord than it's not draining.

    And, the best drain opener is non-caustic, it's Earth Enzymes Natural Drain Opener. I use it as a weekly keep-drains/pipes open approach. Don't use stuff like Draino, because those are caustic products and they erode the pipes and eroded pipes eventually break.

Jul 06

Updated Jul 09

Pop-Up Market in Ravenswood on Saturday, July 18th

Ravenswood Covenant Church (4900 N Damen) is hosting a pop-up market on Saturday, July 18th from 10 am - 2 pm. Presented in partnership with the Ravenswood Community Council, the market will feature a variety of talented artists and jewelers, as well as goods from local artisans and retailers.

Participants include:
+ The Chicago Mosaic School
+ Savvy Seconds & 1st's - Women's Clothing Boutique
+ Monica Zanetti, Mixed Media Artist
+ Beneen Prendiville, Arbonne Independent Consultant
+ Marina Veiler Art
+ Cynthia at Trumaker co.
+ and more TBA

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/416396621818282/

Updated list of participants here: http://ravenswoodchicago.org/event/ravenswood-pop-up-market/

Jul 06

Updated Jul 07

At&t U Verse out?

Anybody lose service with AT&T U Verse in lakeview since yesterday?

  • d3 NOH

    it's a lot slower than what RCN offers
    maybe you should just get a new plan w/ RCN?

  • Good to know! I threatened to leave about 6 months ago (even though I have no option) and they dropped it about 100 bucks. So I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop. And it still isn't as good as a brand new customer package. I'll just keep playing the game. But to your point, I won't sacrifice speed. Thanks d3

Jul 06

Updated Jul 07

Urban Vet Care Closing

Hey all,
Just heard that Urban is closed for good? Not sure why, I would call and get your records ASAP. Just a heads up

  • L

    Do you mean Urban Vet on the 2900 block of Lincoln?

  • One of my cats was cremated there. Some of his ashes are spread In the flower boxes outside. Urban is south of Wellington on Lincoln

    Bummer. No relocation?

Jun 30

Updated Jul 05

Deck Refinishing

I have a deck above a 3 car garage that the prior owner painted. With the weather conditions this paint looks terrible and is peeling off. I would like the deck to be stripped of the paint and then stained. The deck is approximately 20x25. We live in Lakeview near the Diversey and Ashland crossroads. Please pass along suggestions.

  • Diane G member South Lakeview Neighbors

    The best company in the city is Chicagoland Deck Cleaning and Sealing. They do a great job. 773-348-4516

  • +1 for Chicago Deck Cleaning & Sealing

Jul 03

Updated Jul 04

Firework shows on the north side.

Thinking about going to Winnemac park for tomorrow's fireworks display. Any other nearby contenders on the north side think their neighborhood has a better display? I'm coming from Ashland and Lawrence.

  • Space Cowboy Make no little plans

    Watch the fireworks that the Saddle & Cycle put on. They are located at Marine Dr/Foster. You can get a great show from Foster Beach or from the park between Marine Dr/LSD north of the field house. It's starts at 9pm.

  • Evanston has fireworks starting at 9:15. Can be seen from most of its lakefront parks.

  • There will be fireworks after the Cubs game tonight. First time ever.

Jun 30

Updated Jul 02

Foster and broadway

Again, sounded like a lot of shots and then sirens. Could've been fireworks. Anyone know?

  • AlderCriticizer...that's the 48th, Osterman's. Now that you have an ID created today just to be critical....bye bye.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Meh.......but you never condemned my trolls of which there are many Longtime city girl......it just goes with the territory.

Jun 27

Updated Jun 28

Granadilla fruit?

Does anyone know where I can buy granadilla fruit in chicago? Tried Mariano and whole food without luck. Thanks!

Jun 27

Updated Jun 28

Shots fired - Irving and Ashland

Met some friends at a local bar, and the police were across the street. Apparently, a group of motorcycles pulled up next to a car and 4-5 shots were fired at the car. The car took off as did the motorcycles.

Jun 25

Updated Jun 28

Free or cheap summer playgroups for toddlers?

Wondering if there are any free or cheap summer playgroups for toddlers in the 60625 area? I know of the Friday story time at the Library but I was wondering if there was anything else going on during the week to keep us busy.

  • When my kids were little we took them to the mommy/daddy and me classes at Wright College. Most were for ages 2 and up and under $30 for 6 weeks of class. They also have learn to swim classes for little ones.

  • Also, River pool has a kiddie area that is perfect for toddlers, and it's free!

Jun 26

Multi-Family YARD SALE - Saturday 27th

Neighbors together for
One BIG sale
10am - 5pm

Designer Home Decor & Furniture, Lighting, Dishes, Interior Fabric-Velvets, Silks, Chenilles, Toys & Games, Books, Kids & Ladies Clothes many new w/tags, Purses & Jewelry, Electronics, Sporting Equipment-Bikes, Golf Clubs, Baseball, Art.

Please come to our multi-family Yard Sale if you enjoy finding NICE QUALITY ITEMS for sale (no junk).

Please NO EARLY BIRDS before 10:00am - thank you.

Jun 24

Found diamond ring

Diamond ring found at Broadway and Roscoe last wendsday. Describe it if it's yours.

Jun 23

Updated Jun 24

Nanny available

We are moving and unfortunately will no longer be able to use our current Nanny. Tania is the most dependable and caring Nanny. She loves our two kids and they love her. Tania is looking for part time but would consider full time. Please contact me for more info. Thanks!

  • SCJ

    We will need a part time nanny for after school care starting in September. Would love more information if timing works for Tania.

  • SCJ

    Also, I can be reached at suzannejohnson35@gmail.com


Jun 19

Updated Jun 21

Mumford and Sons

While I can't hear the music, can someone tell me whether or not the cheers In the distance are coming from the concert? I'm at Paulina and Montrose.

  • Nk

    They should make sure future concerts are quieter or the world might literally end.

  • Moominsean Takes funny pictures with pretty cameras.

    I could hear it clearly at Leland and Leavitt, but it didn't bother me. The noise was worse from people screaming and throwing firecrackers for two hours about the Blackhawks win. I don't particularly care for Mumford and Sons, but it's nice that some activity is working it's way up north. But it's like anything, some will be fine with it, others will complain about it. To the naysayers, one or two shows a year is not going to break Uptown.

Jun 17

Updated Jun 17

Lost prescription glasses

I lost a pair of prescription glasses somewhere between the Damen brown line stop and 1742 Wilson Ave. they are brown oval frames. If anyone finds them please let me know. Thanks.

Jun 14

Updated Jun 17

How late is Montrose Dog Beach open?

Anyone on EB know how late the dog beach is open? We aren't able to get there until around 8:40pm on weekdays so we've avoided going wondering if there are time restrictions. Always forget to check if there are signs posted with hours when we go on weekends. Any info is much appreciated!

  • Littleton Chicago/Uptown/Artist

    Yay Dog Beach!

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in South Lakeview.

    I'm mistaken (as I sit here at 1 am), it's 11pm

Jun 13

Updated Jun 14

Your dirt is 100 years old!

Have you ever lost anything in your yard that was precious? Are you curious what treasures lie beneath the grass? My husband and I are metal detectorists and would love to metal detect your old yard for FREE! You can see and keep anything you want that we find in it. We just do it for the thrill! We've uncovered more than $17,000 worth of lost finds that we returned to owners. We are in Northcenter but will travel.

Jun 11

Garage Sale | 6.13 & 6.14

Come on over and get some cool stuff!

Garage door opens at 10:00 am.

See you Saturday...

2037 West School Street
(Enter thru alley, but please leave your car on the street)

Jun 04

Updated Jun 10

Northcenter teens get arrested?

I was walking by the Northcenter park at 2:30 and there was an unmarked police SUV with a couple policeman parked in the park. They had a couple open purses on the hood of the police car and as I walked I saw about 8 or 9 of those annoying teens that hang out over there after school sitting up against the wall looking very annoyed/nervous. Anyone know any deets?

  • Aron Long tlme Lincoln sq home owner

    Why are they idiots

  • Ravens Yes.I can fix that.

    Because Jim Douglas says so. Duh!

Jun 05

Updated Jun 08

Disruptive construction crew on Bell

Who is in charge of the crew building the house on the 3800 block of Bell? They are SO LOUD, cursing, screaming, whistling LOUDER than their power equipment. It's so aggravating and obviously inappropriate now that kids are out of school. Would the police intervene here?

  • Thank you

  • I didn't realize that the permits allowed blocking off the street. Any chance you could have your crew free up the spots on the weekend when parking is tightest and they aren't using them? Thanks.

Jun 04

Updated Jun 05

Nanny available

We are moving and unfortunately will no longer be able to use our current Nanny. Tania is the most dependable and caring Nanny. She loves our two kids and they love her. Tania is looking for part time but would consider full time. She will be available July 1st. Please message me if interested. I would love to help her find a family!!

  • Celeste native Chicagoan

    A friend in Rogers Park is looking for a nanny. Please send contact info!

  • julie X-ray Lakeview Mom

    Sorry I don't know how to message on here apparently!
    Tania Nikitenko
    Tnstryi @gmail.com

May 27

Updated Jun 05

Rent-to-own properties??

Are there realtors who specifically deal with these type of properties in Chicago?

  • LisaMV friendly Lincoln Square neighbor

    Thanks for the reply. I realize it's not ideal for the home owner and takes a good contract, just seemed counterintuitive to require a large deposit.

  • Ashour Rehana Real Estate Broker

    I understand why you would feel that way. Typically in my experience I see people that have had some credit issues or maybe don't have a large enough deposit to buy. So they will agree to a negotiated sum as a deposit and the seller will agree to put a...

    Read full comment…

    I understand why you would feel that way. Typically in my experience I see people that have had some credit issues or maybe don't have a large enough deposit to buy. So they will agree to a negotiated sum as a deposit and the seller will agree to put a portion of the rent aside towards the purchase price. This is just the way I hand it when I represent a seller on a rent to own situation. So that's not to say a seller would accept a smaller deposit, that's all negotiable. It's just what I've seen in the past that sellers ask for a larger deposit to cover any potential loses.

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