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Lost cat

Black and white female with chip. She might have escaped around 1pm 6/24 near Damen and Warner. Breezy.

2 days ago

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Three Police Cars at Claremont and Wilson

Hello- wondering if anyone knows anything about the three squad cars that were in the 4600 block of N Claremont Ave this afternoon at approximately 1:30-2pm. They were there for a little while. Thanks!

  • Damian R Neighborhood Geek

    There was an disturbance with a person who said he lived at 4612. He threw around all the trash cans and trash behind the building and was throwing rocks at his house and others from the alley. He then came around front and proceeded to smash through the entry door....

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    There was an disturbance with a person who said he lived at 4612. He threw around all the trash cans and trash behind the building and was throwing rocks at his house and others from the alley. He then came around front and proceeded to smash through the entry door.

    I tried stopping him multiple times. When I asked him what was going on in the alley, he didn't respond and then proceeded to throw rocks at my house. That's when the police were first called. When he came around front I asked if he needed help (he seemed drunk/high/or both), he asked if I had his keys, and complained about people locking him out. He then started kicking the door and eventually smashed through the glass window of the outer door. I tried stoping him during this, as I was afraid he was going to hurt himself on all the old glass, but he wasn't having any of it. The police got another call.

    The police showed up shortly after the break in. The man was just sitting on the stoop after apparently trashing the lobby of the building. The last I saw, an officer was talking to him and trying to get ahold of the building managers to see if he really lived there.

    Earlier in the day, someone had been throwing trash and belonging out of the upper windows of the building into the backyard. The pergola in the yard still has trash on top of it. Not sure if it was the same guy, or if he was just evicted, but the place is trashed. I called building management to see what's going on but haven't received a response from them.

Jun 16

Updated Jun 16

Erik's Tacos on Lawrence a Latin King Safe Haven

I'm a dual bi-lingual American. I was in Eriks earlier tonight and all of the cooks gave "Latin King"gangbangers the free hookup. It was pretty disgusting because even though I look like a gringo, they could sense I understand them. BAN ERIKS TACOS!

  • cardigan_crusader

    B4 any SJW's try to debate or contradict my words. I must state that I'm American/Mexican descent. I don't want these illegal rats in my neighborhood. I hope you don't either

  • "Dual bi-lingual" and "illegal rats"? I'm really confused by your choice of words.

  • cardigan_crusader

    I got caught up in emotion. I meant to say I am bilingual and Hispanic descent. The way the cooks catered to the gangbangers is no different than the people who feed the rats. #policelivesmatter

Jun 14

Updated Jun 16

Found cat

Are you missing your white and black cat? Very affectionate wearing black and white collar. Currently taken inside for food and water.

  • I don't know the kitty, but you can email the picture and information on where he/she was found to local rescues who will share with their fans. Also send it to Bark Bark Club and lost pets of IL website.

  • Kate Martin Uptown resident

    If it's possible to take him in to any animal hospital or especially to tree house cats on Carmen/ Broadway he can be checked for a chip. Nice of you to care!

Jun 05

Updated Jun 08

Indoor/outdoor cat acceptable in Northcenter area?

Question: do people generally feel that indoor/outdoor cats are acceptable in this area? I am not asking from the perspective of whether you believe a cat should be allowed to roam in relation to what is good for the cat, that is another discussion. I am asking because everywhere I have ever lived, outdoor cats were always around and there was never any question as to there acceptability ( including more densely populated areas). But here it seems some folks think it is inappropriate as the cat may/ will wonder on to their property. They have asked us to keep it inside ( impossible at this point) or get rid of it. Thoughts?

  • @spam alert. There are lots of laws we take some liberty with, especially as they relate to issues like these. Technically it is against the law for a dog even when leashed to enter private property. So all the folks that let their dogs off the sidewalk on the house...

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    @spam alert. There are lots of laws we take some liberty with, especially as they relate to issues like these. Technically it is against the law for a dog even when leashed to enter private property. So all the folks that let their dogs off the sidewalk on the house side ( as opposed to the parkway side ) are technically violating the exact same code section you were referring to - Chicago Municipal Code 7-12-030. I don't think any of us homeowners really care that this happens ( as long as owners pick up after them if they poop). After all they're dogs they don't know from property lines.

    Not really sure what "spam alert" is all about, but your comments really don't add to the conversation. My guess is that if I followed other threads you would pop up a bunch. You really should find a hobby or a friend. You'll see that just agitating on discussion boards is not a fulfilling life.

  • lauren :)

    Ken, you seem like someone who has no regard for anyone else but yourself. After learning of the circumstances behind your question, I'm actually incredibly disgusted by your nonchalant attitude about a dog dying at the hand of your pet.

Jun 03

Updated Jun 08

Tacos and Marg's near the Riviera?

Any recommendations for good tacos and margaritas near the Riv? Thx!

  • Uptown Truth Truck Active Community Member since 1969, Veteran,

    Not really if you are not afraid to look around.

  • PLSS Bowmanville

    Pizza and a pitcher of beer? Where besides Michael's?

Jun 06

Updated Jun 07

Hit and Run

This morning on the corner of Sacramento and Eastwood at 4:15am a van (pictured) slammed into several parked cars and then hit a black suburban, finally stopping inside the plants on the corner. The driver of the van got out put his shoes on and ran North down Sacramento towards Lawrence. It was a rental van and they left the keys in the ignition. The excessive speed of vehicles eastbound down Eastwood from Kedzie to Fransisco has to stop.. Someone is going to get killed. There are dozens of children that live on this street and lots of foot traffic because of the train station. Again, someone is going to get killed.

May 30

Updated May 31

Why isn't the fountain on at Giddings Plaza?

They usually get it going early May but it's still empty and off.

  • A cold spring probably contributed to the decision, but now we have an early summer.

  • jane_dough part-time pedestrian

    I forgot to switch it on yesterday. My bad! Going to go turn it on now.

May 28

Updated May 30

Handshakes on our street

On two separate occasions in the past week, we have seen a guy dealing drugs to people in cars in the 4500 of North Seeley. In both cases it was a skinny mastachioed white guy passing drugs to cars on both the north and south side of the block. Beware. Drugs bring gangs. Gangs bring guns. You know the rest.

May 26

Updated May 29

Helicopters over Western and Lawrence

Does anyone know why two news helicopters are hovering over Lincoln Square at 3:25pm?

May 22

Updated May 26

Yard sale permit

I'm wondering if it is really necessary to get a yard sale permit. It's an extra step in a busy life to print a form and walk it to the ward office. Not lazy, just busy. And is there a fee for a yard sale? Thanks all!

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    Sorry the spin dr ,,,, yes the police can and have given tickets ,,, FYI

  • The SpinDr FGFM Eradication Team - Could our Work be Done?

    Bill, that's usually after someone complains. There is NOT a detail of police running around and stopping at every sale they see (unless they're shopping)

May 22

Updated May 25

Found cat

A very friendly cat
Approached us Sunday evening (5/22). Around Lawrence and Oakley. Not sure if it's an outdoor cat or not but he/she wasn't wearing a collar. Either way, I would be so sad if this is someone's cat. We didn't take him in (our cat doesn't play well with other cats) Message me for details.

  • Have you checked the cat for a micro-chip? I'm happy to do that for you.

  • This kitty may be the one this lady is looking for! Busta got out while the movers were delivering a couch. He is gray and the light of my life. He may respond when called. Please email me at mnielsen90@yahoo.com Reward!

May 22

Updated May 23

Found car title on Seeley ave.

If anyone lost there car title on Seeley between Ainslie and Argle please let me know I will hold on to it.

May 21

Updated May 22

Grey/Brown tabby found @ Giddings/Hamilton

Super friendly and sweet cat. No collar. Let my husband pet her/him and gave some water and tuna. We can't let her/him inside our building but seems to be happy laying on our stoop. Hope someone claims soon.

  • Yes, calico!! Thank you.

  • Thanks for helping this cat out! Did you look at lost cat posts in the search bar? It looks a little like one posted 5 days ago named Possum.

May 07

Updated May 18

Strange people lapping the block on Damen from Ainslie to Argyle?

Hey, has anyone else noticed some groups of men walking back and forth between Ainslie and Argyle? They're on both sides of Damen and I'm just wondering if it's my paranoia after the liquor store at Argyle was robbed or if they're actually weird.

  • future alderman future alderman

    "fun type of gang-banging"

  • Amant Debout New to the city...

    If anyone needs security, I offer back door special opps and in need of a few good men. Who's with me?

May 16

Updated May 18

Found Cat

I found a very nice black/brown long hair cat this morning on the back porch of 3159 N Hudson. Had to leave him outside, but it's at least a nice day out.

May 12

Updated May 17

Trader Joe's on Lincoln

If you shop at the Trader Joe's on Lincoln, you probably know "The Hat Lady" Kate. If you have children, they probably know Kate as well. She is one of the highlights in my shopping experience to TJ's. Over the years I have noticed that she is on a first name basis with many of the customers and is genuinely happy to see them. Trader Joe's recently told Kate that her decade-long tradition of wearing hats needs to stop - Oh no! This article is a must-read.

May 09

Updated May 16

Handy Person to build sandbox

I am looking for someone who could build a solid, simple and good looking sandbox. Thanks for suggestions.

  • Acrowbat Matt North Center Circus Artist

    I could do a job like this and have done tons of wood working projects. Just built a climbing wall and monkey bars in a friends attic for their kids. Also built three planter beds and a chicken coop for myself. I live just north of Addison on Leavitt so it would be a quick and easy thing. And yes Pinterest is the place to go for ideas.

  • You really should consider a plastic one with a lid. Making one out of wood, the lid would be very heavy. Without a lid, the sand gets filthy and stray animals use it as a bathroom.

May 13

Updated May 14

What's up with having to login to every block every time you open the app?

Ok. What's up with having to login to every block app, every time I open app? New super secret security? It's a pain and I don't understand why this is happening now? I did write to the EB app people to ask why and no response. Almost removed app from phone. No way to save password. Boo!!

  • What's up with no more neighborhood specific Yelp reviews? Am I the only one that misses them tremendously?

  • There was a notice at the top of the website a week or so ago that said they'd no longer be posting the yelp reviews. I miss them as well.

May 13

AirBnB parking services

Does anyone have experience with AirBnB type services for residential parking spaces, eg ParqEx? We're considering ParqEx for our multi-unit bldg (33 spaces) but there are concerns about security & safety. Thanks!

May 02

Updated May 11

House Cleaning

Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good house cleaning company?

  • Your bright house
    +1 (773) 875-1170
    Very happy with them and also very affordable

  • Grace Housekeeper

    I have many years of experience and many long time clients who would gladly provide referrals. I can provide you with a free estimate at your preferred date and time. Please feel free to call me 773-858-0926. Look forward to hearing from you!

May 04

Updated May 07

What's going on????

Did anyone happen to hear the helicopters and all the sirens in the Ravenswood, Uptown area around 10ish???

Apr 16

Updated May 05

Sympathetic for their situation but quite the eyesore...

While I am sympathetic for their situation, what can be done about finding these residents a new "home"? This is the homeless situation under the Irving Park / LSD viaduct. There have been multiple fights and on Thursday night the police and ambulance responded. Do we can the Alderman? The police seem to ignore the situation despite the "no loitering" sign.

Apr 30

Updated May 03

Aldi construction?

Does anyone know what the plan is for Aldi? And wouldn't it be nice if they re-opened as a Trader Joes? Aldi is the parent company.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    I know the house george, she should've took it

  • Maybe she's lived there a long time? Nowhere else to go? I know I would have taken it!

Apr 27

Updated Apr 30

Police on Irving Park

Does anyone know why about 12 police cars are speeding down Irving Park Rd-- past Damen? Most were unmarked.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    Oh good

  • Neighborhood Dad 25-year resident of North Center/St Bens/Lincol...

    Haji - I'm guessing that Kevin S was making a reference to The Fugitive TV series and movie. Or maybe he was serious!

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