May 16

Updated May 29

Purse Stolen from 90 Miles on Clybourn, pictures of perps...

Hi, My purse was stolen from 90 Miles on May 2, and their tech helped me out by giving me video of the thieves arriving and leaving the restaurant. I pulled the attached pictures off the video. We are offering a reward to anyone helping identify these people and/or recover my stuff, which includes notebooks, receipts, my father's college pins that were in my wallet, prayer cards, sunglasses, checkbook, etc. They also stole my brand new purse and $220 that I had just withdrawn from the bank. Luckily, I had my phone in my pocket. Please message me or go to 90 Miles with any information. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • jives vigilent resident x 20 yrs

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  • Christine a neighbor

    No updates... I am planning to go to Lane Tech and Roberto Clemente as someone suggested. One of the members of a Facebook group I posted on (a teacher at Clemente) thought she saw a girl with my purse in the hallway, but it turned out to be a Michael Kors purse. Good news is that they haven't tried to use my checks and of course we cancelled the credit cards. Thanks everyone for your concern and support. That actually makes this a little less difficult.

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