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Added Mar 20 2017

Now Alderman Arena is selling the 7-story 100 unit CHA subsidized project as housing for Veterans! This has to be a new low, falsely using veterans as a selling point for a project. The fact of the matter is Full Circle Communities proposal for 20 of the 100 units to be exclusively for Veterans is dependent on getting a grant, not from the Federal Government, not from the Veteran's Administration, but from...Home Depot! Exactly how long that grant lasts, and whether Home Depot will continue to offer grants year after year, or call it quits once they have gotten their money's worth of good-will advertising is another question. Alderman Arena shamelessly suggests that there are 3000 veterans in the Jefferson Park area, needing housing; there may be 3000 veterans, but most of them are homeowners.
John Arena signed a court settlement on January 27th, 2017, stating that he will support a massive up-zoning (B3-5) that has brought us this nightmare project. John Arena violated the rights of the property owners when he down-zoned their property from M1-1, which allowed the property to be used as a storage facility, to B1-1 which does not.
John Arena had the owners' permits for remodeling the building for that use rescinded. The owners sued Arena and the City of Chicago because of his actions.They reached a settlement, and that is the one Arena signed, which gets him off the hook, but sticks the neighborhood with this mess.

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    This is going to be a mess.

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  • I"m surprised his nose isn't 3 feet long by now with all the lies he's told

  • Pedro G. Hillary lost, hoorah!


  • Folks, stay fired up!

    Don't allow indifference to settle in. Make sure that when its election time you remember all this garbage that Arena is shoveling. Volunteer for his opponent's campaign, but most importantly, get out and vote this clown out of office.

    And don't forget, the same applies to our good-for-nothing mayor!!!

  • Barbara Foy Neighbor and Realtor for 30 years in Portage Park.

    This stuff is exactly why I am moving and the rats too. I went to cancel my comcast TV and they told me that there is a 10 dollar fee because I am not quite out of my 2 year agreement. I told them they would have to take me to the supreme court to get that 10 bucks. Customer since 1985. This is what liberals vote for so let them have it. They want everybody to be the same. That didn't work in Russia and east Germany and certainly not Venezuela or Cuba. Me, I am gone.

  • Well this is the way the alderman work when they first run and win everything is for the people in the ward then they run again and win and they stop listening to the people and start takeing orders​ from the mayor if the all alderman likes this project have them build it at six corners now that they have a big empty lot there after knocking the building down lots of room and all in walking distance of all stores around

  • Muc

    Please remember this when he is up for re-election. This guy is a total fraud and a liar.

  • Bye Barbara

  • When the realtors decide to move out ; it's time

  • "When the realtors decide to move out ; it's time"

    LOL. When the realtors post a random screed about Comcast and a $10 charge, it's time for something.

  • Barbara Foy Neighbor and Realtor for 30 years in Portage Park.

    Hi David, I guess it is silly what I posted about comcast but try and end your account. It is like you are taking their first born and it seemed to me that it is a punitive charge. Really made me mad. Kind of like the last straw type of thing. Anyway I am off and looking to greener pastures for sure.

  • Barbara..I sensed your frustration.. That $10 is probably applies wherever Comcast has service..I too will be looking to move, as I have no reason to stay..Great neighbors, and access to rail, air, and the JFK are nice, but this city is going in the direction of Detroit..

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  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.
  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Arena, Emmanuel, Dart, Foxx, Madigan, Cullerton, Durbin, Duckworth, and Preckwinkle are pathogens on the body politic in the failed state of Illinois.

    The high information voters must act as the immune system for the sick and dying state, county, and city, and remove the cause of the disease next election and/or primary day or sooner in the case of Arena (recall initiative???).

  • Weebis SWCC Vet. (Ret.)

    Stores in the general vicinity of Arena's 'project in the sky' would be well-served to stock-up on candles, Mylar balloons, and stuffed animals. You do not have to be Nostradamus of Cassandra to envision the future of Jefferson Park, Gladstone Park, and Portage Park corners littered with burning candles, balloons and teddy bears tied to fences, after the onslaught of violence from the CHA/Section-8 'Hornet's Nest' Arena intend to build against the wishes of an overwhelming number of his constituents.

    How much blood will be on Arena's tyrannical leftist hands due to his hubris, lack of foresight, and blinding hatred for the law-abiding, hard working, taxpayers that have the misfortune of residing in the 45th Ward under this George Soros, Sol Alinsky, BHO acolyte?

    Don't be silent. Silence is the biggest enemy that's used against us. It's easy to not want to be outspoken and "put skin the game," so many do not allow their opinions to be heard by 'the powers that be.' But that method is demobilizing. That's the kind of inaction that makes politicians think that we do not care. That's the kind of thinking at makes government officials believe they can get away with anything.

    You don't need to be somebody 'special' to change things. As the great American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead said, " Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

  • 45th ward residents should demand to see the terms of that "grant" from Home Depot.For the sake of "transparency" of course..Is it open-ended, is there a "sunset clause" ?? What happens if and when the grant stops ??

  • joanie 20+ year Resident of Jefferson Park

    Everyone should send Home Depot correspondence about their grant for this building. They have a Facebook page available to leave comments. Let them know what you think about this proposal.

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