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Added Apr 20 2017

I've been calling landscaping companies to give me an estimate. When ComEd came through, they replaced the little patch of grass on the corner with clay. Nothing will grow there. One of the companies I contacted suggested that the city may replace it. Is this true? Do I call 311?

If I need to hire somebody, can anybody give me a reputable landscaping company? I tried K.C. Landscaping but the gal never came to give me an estimate. Lost my business. Another one I called said the job was too small. Thanks everyone.

  • Don't hold your breath on the city replacing it!

  • Depends on what side of the sidewalk it is on

  • I have Bahena's Landscaping replacing a section of my lawn fromower tree removal. Call 773-430-7048. Very responsive!

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    The city won't replace what someone else destroyed.

  • EBKitty Stalking around EB

    You could call 311 and just ask them, then there's no guessing. Call the alderman is always the answer.

  • This is from ComEd's website:

    Seeding remains our primary tool for lawn repair. Our landscapers will make repairs that include:

    Compacting fill soil and finishing by raking grass seed into applied topsoil.
    An initial watering to saturate the repaired surface (customers must follow up with daily watering).

    If you feel damage was missed or are unsatisfied with repairs, you should contact us at ComEd has a claims process in place to help you. You may also call us at 1-800-Edison-1 (1-800-334-7661).

  • "Seeding remains our primary tool for lawn repair."

    good thing they did not destroy a tree, that seed could take forever to grow.

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    I had a water leak at B box city side, they cut down a tree and cracked all city sidewalks by next door neighbor and later came back and sprayed on some type of grass seed looks like

  • Agnes Groeper Major of Major

    When the Gas Co. decided to install those huge pipes in our street, the company they used ruined not only our grass, curbs, trees and cracked our foundations, but were very messy workers. Concerning our foundations we were told,"Prove it.You have old houses." Their machinery pounded and pounded for days. Huge tanklike machines backed over our cubs cracking them to pieces. Still that way. The pounding broke some gas lines going to homes on the opposite side of the digging. They dug holes to the homes. The grass replacement was suppose to be quality sod. not so. Because I have good Zoysa grass would you believe while I was out the workers cut a 4x6 piece of my sod and stole it. When I asked to have it replaced, the Gas Co. gave me some cruddy sod that still won't grow. I am sure that my complaints and the complaints many of the other neighbors led to the Gas Co getting rid of that company. The new company does not use that pounding machine. My advice is keep after Com Ed. If you are not satisfied, keep calling. The squeeky wheel gets the oil.

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