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Added Sep 21 2011

Although officers of the Archer Heights Civic Association and a good representation of the neighbors along S. Komensky Avenue put up a valiant fight against the proposed pawn shop for the 4300 South Pulaski Rd. block strip mall, the Zoning Board of Appeals, in their lack of good judgment for what is appropriate for the Archer Heights community, granted the Special Use to allow the pawn shop to proceed. The fact that this case along with two others for the N-side of Chicago were held on the same day worked against AHCA. The hearing case was scheduled for 2:00 PM but the Archer Heights location was not called until 6:05 PM. By the time the community representatives finished their testimony it was nearly 7:00 PM and the neighbors had been there for five hours. Many thanks to those that took the time to attend the hearing and I’m still proud of the excellent testimony provided by the civic officers and two neighbors

  • This place is in Ed Burkes 14th Ward and if you people near that place really believe he was for you and against this, you were not right. Burke likes to show who is boss and all he cares about is Downtown. Zoning is handled by the alderman. And if you don’t want something, tuff. Thats the way it goes no matter who against it. You people can’t do anything now, but the March primary election is just around the corner and Ed’s brother Danny Boy will be running. He almost lost the election 2 years ago but they gave out apple pies all over the ward like crazy. Now you people see what you got for them pies. Burke could have stopped this.

  • I'm So Happy! I could just ---

  • Well fellow resident,how do you suggest we keep our homes and garages safe from burglars in these tough economic times?
    Now they can pawn others belongings for gang activity and drugs.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    Ed Burke could have put a stop to a sleazy pawn shop but he didn't. He of course did not do as the people wanted as usual! None of these politicians do what the people want, they do what they want and who ever contributes to their war chest. I said it before get rid of ALL the aldermen and have the people vote via internet on everything that they would vote on. This would be truly democratic and fair.

  • Inactive user

    Put a baby monitor in the garage a keep it on all the time and eye bolts to 2x4s and chain bikes,mower and snow blower etc to wall.Or you could get yourself a nice size dog,security system and keep yourself a gun on hand only shoot them if their in your house though or you'll be sitting in prison because your property was violated.It's a shame we have to do this but look around your area and see what it's become.

  • Inactive user

    All Alderman are WORTHLESS PCs OF $HIT.

  • Whaatsuup, The fat lady sang. I feel your pain. I was hopeful U had support. Don't cry over spilt milk. Buck up or give yourself a wedgeee. Moving forward: It's a new administration & they are doing a fine job. The Mayor has not had time to know or consider ongoing neighborhood issues. It is my belief that a neighborhood welcome mailing expressing our concerns is appropriate. A collective effort. (door to door, @ church, @ Jewels, @ Pete's mrkt.) mail to: Mayor Rahm Emanuel c/o correspondence unit 121 N LaSalle St. Rm 409 Chic IL 60602-1239 Be creative & polite. There are several other issues besides Pawn shops/ Cash 4 Gold stores that should be part of this mailing. Not a petition. Layout a greeting card with different issues so that neighbors can take a pick which issue bothers them the most . Yes, approval of the pawn shop @ 4300 makes (6) six within 1 mile from 43rd to 51st. But what about street vendors. I guess it just adds to the carnival atmosphere on Pulaski Ave. Welcome to Archer hts. We buy Gold. Shop Around. 10 cents more on the dollar on the next block . Is a sad welcome to our great neighborhood.

  • what/ Like they havent already been a problem? Where the h#%% is your mindset?

  • Ken Simandl! You said it so politly!

  • Ha there, Life in the 14th ward Alleluia! I have developed this mindset & idea about a neighborhood mailing to the new administration after doing a street call out to all the places mentioned in previous post. This call out was my attempt to gather support (last summer) for the Pawn Shop issue @ 4812 Pulaski. Several people had other concerns / issues. Here are few: Yes zone parking is helpful. But why do I have to pay for my passes? I am a resident & pay taxes. We need a POD (police on demand camera) @ 48th & Komensky CPS Edwards. The Alderman has a POD. If he wants camera surveillance @ his property he should pay a private service & not be part of the City budget. Encroachments on the parkway. Cash 4 Gold stores have people posted w/ signs on the sidewalk. There are our mile markers (1) one @ 4404 & (1) one @ 5133 Pulaski. Looks bad for our neighborhood. Each issue could be a separate greeting card. Don't be indifferent a collective effort like this gives the Mayor a heads-up & keeps the BUUZZZ going.

  • Ha there, Life in the 14th ward. Put your hands up. another item related to the main issue C4G stores. re: C4G store in Midway Sq. Mall @ 5133 S Pulaski. It's (2) two cling on signs, a table,(2) chairs, and their framed ($1,100) license in the hallway of the Liberty Tax Unit. & a guy w/ a sign on the sidewalk. Check it out. This must be a license violation. A sublet. Call on it. (more the merrier) City of Chicago Business Affairs Consumer Protection (312) 747- 4747 listen then press 2, or inquire @ Step up maybe we can kill (1) one C4G.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    What it all boils down to people WE have no say in anything in this city. The almighty aldermen especially Burke have their way. Again How do we get internet voting to replace the Aldermans corrupt vote and have Us fairly and honestly vote on everything they vote on? Besides voting on rich people already picked by their party. What say do we have? NONE. Dont cut the government ,raise taxes. Dont increase our pay, get rid of city employees so they can get their buddies by privitizing services. Chicago has gotton so good and underhanded deals and the Mayor must have learned from the best.

  • Ha there, Life in the 14th ward. Let's rise to the top. Yes our favorite person could have been instrumental in the Pawn Shop/ C4G @ 4300. But we know he was. Until we get another favorite person in the 14th ward. our only hope is inform the new administration about our concerns. Give the Mayor a heads-up. Only he can develop a broader initiative (ordinance change) to fix the zoning loop holes. So direct those deep thoughts U are having & write down what is the problem with the zoning process & Share it with us. ALLELUIA.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    Why dont you just say Alderman Burke Ken? You must think the Mayor is really going to help us. Burke and Rahm have already kissed and made up so its business as usual and you can bet it will be what they want and not the people they represent. There are no Poor politicians or even middle class. They are out for themselves and their friends. Your fooling yourself if you think they care or will help us. All of the politicians are and a huge power trip and it is time to shut them down by pushing for internet voting on every matter that these corrupt politician vote on. We dont need politicians if we have the vote. Just voting for them to protect our interest is not working and has never worked.

  • Yeah! but who has the balls to run against him?

  • I have lived near the Archer Heights area west of Pulaski most of my life and never understood why Burke takes us and Brighton Park for granted, but things can be different for the next elections. My family and neighbors are so P.O.’ed with Burke for screwing up 47th street with that school and now a pawn shop almost in my back yard. People said no with a petition, People said no at the community meeting where Burke’s top ward guy said we would get support. People including me went to the Downtown hearing and said no – don’t bother checking the sign in sheet because I did not sign. Alderman, what don’t you understand? We love our neighborhood. There are a lot of intelligent and educated people in Archer Heights who are computer savvy, so don’t think everybody is going to blindly support you or your brother.
    And btw, when somebody from my family or the neighborhood brings to your office those stupid contractor advertising flyers that always get pasted to my garage door, tell your office hacks to stop talking to us like we are little kids and stop pretending that they don’t know anything about these. Do something about them. There is a law against this and my garage is private property and I never gave anybody permission to put these flyers on my garage door.

  • Right on, South Sider!!!

  • There's a law? I get them all the time. And the glue from the tape doesn't always want to come off...Can you tell me the law? I'll be right up there on the list to file charges...Any Buusiness that posts on privete property will Be avoided like the plague they are. Probably have illigals doing the postings.

  • Believe what law the previous poster was referring to is the "Municipal Code of Chicago" specifically section 10-8-325 "Responsibility for distribution of commercial advertising matter" The posting is legal if the Chicago Business Licenese Number is shown, which obviously none of those flyers have. Violation results in a fine of not less than $200 or more than $1,000 FOR EACH OFFENSE.

  • Ha there, Life in the !4th ward. No matter what we have been through I am encouraged that there are others that feel as passionate about this hood as I do. THANX. I did not know that section about distribution of AD material or postings. I was asking about C4G stores. People with signs on the sidewalk, public property. Encroachments on the Parkway can also be reported to BACP (business affairs consumer protection) advise

  • Ha there life in the 14th ward. Hola, Alcanzar el sol. No casa de enpeno encada esquina. We need to do a Brighton park & Archer hts. mailing to the new administration.The Mayor has not had time to know or understand old neighborhood things. Mucho gracias

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    We have laws on the books up the ying yang, but if noone enforces them they are useless. I have complained to our Dear alderman Burke and he acts like we are to wet to step on and has the attitude like I KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR THE 14TH WARD. The Board of Health the department of Revenue, Consumer affairs, Police, for the Illegal Pushcart vendors to mention one problem. NOONE CARES! THey just explane to me why it is not their problem. You get the runaround from everyone so what makes you think these people will acutally be cited? Burke and the Aldermen have the power to clean up their wards but that would mean steping on some voting toes. Voting them out of office would just replace them with another putz. Unless we have the vote that the politicians have I dont see anything changing for the better.

  • Ha there, Life in the !4th ward. Raise your hands up. Been there done that. So we must direct that energy to move forward. It is my belief that the main issue is zoning. The distance to inform adjacent properties needs to be changed. (currently 250 feet) section 13-0107-A. Look at our issue now there are (6) pawn shops/ C4G stores and or like or similar businesses in a mile on Pulaski from 43rd to 51st. There is more to a business community than C4G stores on every block. ALLELUIA.

  • Ha there, Life in the 14th ward. Collect those thoughts and stay on point. A (2) neighborhood mailing to the new administration is our only hope. This C4G stuff is everywhere in the city. The Mayor needs to know. Any vendor activity should be reported to BACP. (business affairs consumer protection) (312) 747- 4747 listen & press 2 to report. They are the only ones that can confiscate there product and issue them a ticket. Beat police just make them hide until they are gone.

  • Ken, For all of your comments, are you actually doing something positive such as complaining to the 14th Ward or just posting to EveryBlock?

  • Please educate me I thought Zalewski was our alderman.Is Archer Heights divided up between Burke and Zalewski?

  • Ha life in the 14th ward. I'm stating everything posted in my name. I have shared my experiences about fighting neighborhood issues based on my efforts last summer with the pawn shop @ 4812 Pulaski. This is the open web & everyone is using an alias, handle,& or pen name so I must think that this just a chat room, but I checked with another shadow subscriber and she informed me that it was ok and not just people venting. I feel that our only hope is to inform the new administration about our neighborhood issues. as a collective mailing. I gave U a heads up seee yyaaa.

  • Debbie W. Live in West Elsdon

    Ken is right. We have been fighting for our neighborhood for a long time. I keep calling the Police,The ward office and even talking to Burke personally but it falls of deaf ears. He knows who i am and just avoids me,but that's ok it doesn't stop me from trying to keep our neighborhood safe. I spoke to Mayor Emmanuel during the election and he said to inform him (if he was elected) of the problems that we have in this community and he would be more than willing to help us. So,lets band together and get something done.

  • Debbie W. You are correct about banding together to get things done and to that I recommend to you, and anybody else posting to EveryBlock, to join the Archer Heights Civic Association which is the community group that represents our neighborhood and fights for property values and tons of other beneficial things for our area. Their next regular meeting is Wednesday October 12 in the UNO School cafeteria at at 47th & Kildare - starts at 7:30 PM. Dues are only $10 per year for the whole family and you are not forced to join any committees.

    And for AH Cheryl, AH is divided between the 14th & 23rd Wards. Startig at the Belt RR the boundary runs down 47th St east to Kedvale Ave. then south on Kedvale to 51st and east on 51st to Central Park Ave. Everything north of 47th and east of Kedvale is 14. South of 47th and West of Kedvale is 23rd and the boundary runs down the middle of those streets. The exception to this is Keating, Kilpatrick & Knox from 43rd to 47th. Those blocks are in 23rd

  • "Nothing can be done about Ed Burke at this moment, but for you people who are angry with the Burke boys, Daniel Burke will undoubtedly run for State Representative again and the Alderman Burke has a March 2012 primary not that far away. He only won the last election by a paltry 434 of the votes cast, and that was a major shock to the Burke dynasty. Why do all of you think he was passing out so many apple pies in the ward? Now you see what we got for those pies."

  • Just to clarify Alderman Burke will be supporting Daniel in the March 2012 primary. We have to wait for a vote on the Alderman.

  • South Sider is actually correct about Ed Burke running. One of his ward lackeys came to my door for me to sign petitions for Ed Burke to run as ward committeeman and for Daniel Burke for State Representative. So Ed Burke is running in this election, but not for Alderman.

    I never ever see this so called “Precinct Captain” and they never return my phone calls when I need them. Now they think I’m going to sign a petition for them? Not only did I refuse to sign, I told them what they could do with their pies.

  • Ha there, Life in 14th ward. I'm on the edge with U.Stay on point. The main issue is how do we develop a (2) two neighborhood coalition to inform the new administration about ongoing neighborhood issues. (old baggage)****** Now there will be (6) six upscale/ cash 4 gold stores and or like or similar businesses on Pulaski from 43rd. to 51st. There is more to a business community than C4G stores. Welcome to Archer Hts. "We buy gold" shop around 10 cents more on the dollar on the next block is a sad welcome to our great neighborhood. It is a zoning issue that needs to be changed. Write the new administration address previously posted. ALLELUIA.

  • Do precinct captains get paid? How about posting contact information so that we know who they are and put them to work.

  • Ken – you say “stay on point’ and talk about a “two neighborhood coalition to inform the new administration about ongoing neighborhood issues.” What in plain English does that mean? If you think Emmanuel is going to come to the aide of the 14th ward people for anything, you are sadly mistaken. How many times did you see him in 14 during his campaign, and how many times afterward? Nada, zip, zilch! And the “alleluea” sounds a little fanatical. For all anybody knows you could be a Burke shill posting for him.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    Once these knot heads are in office all of their promises go out the window. Politicians are for big business and themselves. If not for blogs like this what voice do we have? How would we know what the average person feels about issues? We wouldn't, and the politicians know it. We need someone in the aldermens office who is the average person, struggling to make ends meet, whos only agenda is to better their neighborhood who is not afraid to make ordenances to forbid Cash for gold, pawn shops, pay day loan, and title loan stores that pray on peoples misfortunes. I would say lets all email Emmanuel and demand that he meet with us, say at Curie High school, yes the school in back of Burkes house and discuss without any politicians the REAL issues plagueing this 14th ward community. Any suggestions on how to procede?

  • Debbie W. Live in West Elsdon

    Garden49 i know Ken and NO he doesn't work for me Burke knows that he is fighting for us in the 14th ward and it is falling on deaf ears. Somehow someway we have to do something. Burke doesn't care about the community.As you can see he lives right by Curie H.S. and you have illegal vendors out there,gang bangers hanging round and he does nothing. Maybe because the rumors are true that he really lives in the suburbs. Why doesn't his security detail keep the area clean and safe? Time to get together and write our Mayor a letter and have him come and meet with us about our concerns.

  • Debbie W. You raised a good point about Burke’s security detail and I always wondered why he moved from that big house on Campbell Ave. But never heard of a rumor that he lives in the burbs and the press would have a field day with that. What suburb is he rumored to live in? I would never discourage anyone from writing Mayor but you are fooling yourself if you think he will come to Archer Heights. Look at the transit stations that he always goes to. Did you ever see him in the news at the Pulaski Orange line station? And talking about Emmanuel is shifting this conversation from the Burke boys.

    I like Archer Heights too and that is one of the reasons I’m a member of the Archer Heights Civic Association and go to their meetings and drive some of my neighbors. Before all the elections they hold a Candidates Night meeting where they invite the people running for the major offices, and community people are encouraged to ask the candidates questions. I’m sure they will have one of those meetings before the March primary and that will be your chance and other posters to this site to pepper the Burke boys with questions.

  • Debbie W. Live in West Elsdon

    Well we know Burke won't show up at the meetings,he will send a representative because he doesn't want to answer the questions. Trust me on this one because i have personally confronted him quite a few times and he will ignore me or just listen and tell me to call his office..all the while his "police security" stands there and laughs. Emmanuel might just help us. Like i said i spoke to him right before the elections and he was like "wow" when i told him of our concerns. I was even nice and let him show my house for free on his commercials. Very nice man and seemed to be concerned about the 14th ward. This might be the push he needs to help us hold Burke accountable for the 14th ward. And if it's possible can someone please post when the next meeting will be. I couldn't attend them before due to family commitments but i can now attend them.

  • WOW! Check out the pawn shop article in today’s Southwest Newshearld. Alderman Burke has angered members of the largest and most active civic group on the entire SW side.

    Scuttlebutt has it that voters are refusing to sign the nominating petitions being circulated by the precinct captains for Ed Burke for ward committeeman and Daniel Burke for State Representative.

    Have today also received an advance copy of the Archer Heights Civic Association monthly newsletter and will provide the meeting date in a new post as this one is getting lengthy.

  • Burke ward hack came to my house with petitions and is only time they ever show up. Been calling for months to get burnt out street light fixed, so none of my family signed – 3 votes. Talk to neighbors on both sides and none of them signed – 5 more votes. Burnt out street lights, advertising slips on my and the neighbor garages, and now a pawn shop and they think we will sign petitions.

  • MidhurstOne Chicagoan

    Perhaps the Archer Heights Civic Association could invite Mayor Emanuel to the next meeting so residents might appeal to him to help rescind the approval of the Pawn Shop. Mayor Emanuel constantly states that we, the taxpaying citizens in Chicago, are the most important people and that people in public service are our employees. Well, if he's really willing to serve the people of Chicago why not at least try to work with him to block the pawn shop.

    It seems it's long overdue to go around Burke in any way possible to address issues in this community.

  • MidhurstOne Chicagoan

    Another idea - maybe it's time to contact other representatives in the Democratic party and ask that pressure be applied to Burke to rescind any approval in the opening of the Pawn Shop on Pulaski. Senator Durbin is contstantly crusading against predatory businesses so maybe he needs to be alerted to the fact that members of his own party, Ed Burke, are supporting such an industry. The phone number for Senator Durbin's Chicago office is: 312-353-4952.
    It's probably time that someone contacted the media on this issue as well. Wouldn't it be a terrific story for John Kass or one of the political analysts on one of the major networks? Burke banks on doing this type of business in the shadows. Maybe things will have to change when this issue is put out in the light of day or under the exposure of camera lights.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    They problem is the Political parties! Midhurst. They dont work and they will side with the people of their parties! Durbin, another dope, created the Dream Act to pay for Illegals childrens collage while Legal Americans have to struggle to pay a huge education bill like mine. The media? They are all in the politicians pocket. What does it take to allow the legal American to vote on the issues that these corrupt politicians do now? We are on our own people! When Politicians make laws like the Illinois Toll system that was suppose to be abolished more than30 years ago after the roads were paid for and it is still going strong and now want to raise the tolls, What say did we have for that? You had your say with the Pawn shop mess and the Politicians did what they wanted and not what the people wanted. Dont forget Politicians make all kinds of promises while campaigning and rely on people forgetting about them once they are elected. People tell me that If you dont like the system vote the people out, but it doesnt make any differance. Politics IS inherently corrupt. The power to make laws and change should never be given to one person. The vote of the people to set in place laws made up by a city council is the only true and honest way of running this city.

  • Bob Citizen is correct regarding the political parties siding with their own and a MAJOR problem in Chicago is that we do not have two-party representation in the City Council or with the Mayor. So any individual or group disagreeing with an incumbent alderman is forced to fight on their own. Senator Durbin has been invited to the Archer Heights Civic Association in the past and has never accepted. And if anyone seriously believes that Mayor Emmauel will get involved in a fight with an alderman over a pawn shop, they are deluding themselves.

  • Hellllloooo people!
    Apparently we have moved from democracy to the autocracy of the corporate world.
    If the politicians do not come to us we go to them as in the current demonstration in New York Wall Street.This activism should be a wake up call to all who have been sleeping since the "70's?
    How about a demonstration on the site with placards exposing the fate of the average American in the hands of our politicians who are in the pockets of the corporate world !

  • Should we not have a referendum on the ballot that requires the limiting of such decisions by politicians unless they have at least 75% of the community residents vote in favor of such decisions.
    Rahm consistently says that the public employees are working for the people put your money where your mouth is and hold those city council guys accountable too!

  • The political process as it stands today is rigged-with lobbyists,PACS, and the like it's no wonder that most don't vote-I hate to say it but anything short of a fully vested attempt at change will not make a difference. Just what that fully vested is however I do not know-we are still a very young country...sigh :-/

  • Arab Spring maybe?
    Ha our country has soldiers being killed to bring democracy to the rest of the world let us practice what we preach!

  • Another day in the 14th ward. This is the required thought process to a solution. Stay on point. We all got ZONNEED. (6) six upscale pawn shops / cash 4 gold stores & or like or similar businesses on Pulaski. In one mile. (43rd to 51st.) The zoning ordinance needs to be changed. The distance to notify surrounding properties needs to be changed. (currently 250 feet) Our issue: in 250 feet it is the mall owner & maybe a block of residents. Write the letters to the new administration expressing this concern. I did but it takes a collective effort. (address previously posted)

  • I never imagined that posting the decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals to this site would have generated so much discourse on the pawn shop itself and ward/city politics in general (49 total posts). But I can sincerely say that I am proud to live in a community where such free reflective thinking continues and voters do not act like a mass of cattle. Whether such conversation translates into a difference at the polls remains to be seen. But I hope, at minimum, all of this chat turns into some bona fide community activism. Whether or not they acknowledge, our elected and appointed officials work for us, and not the other way around.

  • Ken, Agree that the legal zoning notification distance should be changed and should be a minimum of 500 feet, but realistically should be 1,000 feet as zoning affects the entire surrounding community. Many times properties within the current legal 250 ft. notification area are vacant buildings, parking lots, etc. Who owning a parking lot is going to oppose anything? This change MUST be voted on by the City Council and you will not get any alderman to support this change as that would mean they would be forced into listening to community input.

    The only recourse is to bombard the Mayor’s Office with such a request as he can introduce legislation into City Council. Whether he has the courage to even introduce such legislation, let alone push it through, is another whole different issue. But this is a step in the correct direction. Address of the Office of Mayor is: 121 N. LaSalle St., Rm 507
    Chicago, IL 60602

  • This is progress. Letters to the new administration. WRONG address. Mail to: Mayor Rahem Emanuel c/o correspondence unit 121 N LaSalle St rm 409 Chic IL 60602-1239 (312) 744-9991

  • Could some savvy person craft a letter specifically stating our view/request/demand and distribute it to the members of Archer Heights Civic Association so they can make copies for their friends and neighbors to sign and with a ripple effect bombard the Mayor with mail.

  • Some good advice from this website:

  • The 121 N. LaSalle St, Rm 507 is the address of the Executive Office of the Mayor if you want your letter to go directly to his City Hall office. Mail probably will be forwarded to the Correspondence Unit for reply. And correct spelling of the Mayor's name is Rahm Emanuel. As with any correspondence to an elected official, courtesy should prevail.

  • Exactly & the correspondence room number is 406 (I posted the wrong room # yesterday)

  • Work it. This mailing will be our attempt to get the new administration to address the zoning loop holes. Moving forward: (re: rescind) Everyone who signed in will receive a resolution in 30 - 60 days. We will have 45 days (from the date stamp on the res.) to review and decide if this issue has merit to file a civil suit. Status of a resolution can be checked by calling the zoning clerk Victor @ (312) 744 - 7091

  • MidhurstOne Chicagoan

    I would suggest that the idea of a letter writing campaign suggested here appear in a separate posting. The issue should have its own headline where people can readily notice the issue and help out. I'm just afraid that this idea will be missed being buried in all these posts.

  • I agree letter content needs to be reviewed. A form letter is Ok and suggests that there is a concern. It's better than petitions, but requires a street call out for support to have a neighbor sign a form letter..Thanx

  • See new posting: Letter to the Mayor

  • ON Oct 3 Bob Citizen made a comment that Politics is inherently corrupt. I say that this is not true. Some people in politics may use politics to further their personal agenda without regards to the repercussions to the community but that is the person not the office. We have become lacks in our oversight of our representatives. Bob is correct on the point that politicians appear to serve their party before their constituents. This attitude has to be corrected. It is time the voters wield the power that is their right. Fast talk and broken promises should be a joke about the 50’s not an outline for a current political campaign. A report card on Burke should grade the subject of “”Listening to Constituents” as needing significant improvement.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    South Sider Unless we have a voice in the system, and that doesnt mean voting for any one person or party because it has been shown it doenst work. Wouldnt you rather have had a vote in the Pawn shop issue rather than letting someone else? Im sure if the neighborhood had voted on the pawn shop issue you wouldnt see it now. My attitude will not change until we have the vote instead of People like Burke and the other aldermen. We have voted for hundrands of people all to be let down by them the politicians worried to make a decision because they may loose votes. We dont rely on votes that is why we must be able to vote for issues like these and not the Politician

  • Hey, Bob citizen we appreciate your comments, but stay on point. As Archer Hts Guy stated previously that our energy should be directed to develop a mailing under a separate posting. I posted an issue called Welcome Letter to the Mayor. We need your help to draft this letters. THANX

  • Do the letters to the new administration. There is hope. See updated address to direct any mail. to the Mayor under separate posting. Welcome letter to the Mayor

  • Hey, Life in the 14th Ward. Archer Hts Guy's separate post re: cash for gold vs: pawn shop in Oaklawn is much needed info. if we decide to take our issue to civil court, after reviewing the written resolution. Form letter needs to be developed under separate post: see Welcome letter to the Mayor.

  • This issue is our lump of coal in our Christmas stocking. This issue requires your letters to show support, because the zoning ordinance requires a change to address this business activity & only the Mayor can develop this initiative.

  • I update this issue in an attempt to can support for neighbors to write letters to the new administration

  • Ken, with the recently approved “new administration” Ward remap, pushed through the City Council over 23rd Ward Alderman Michael Zalewski’s objections, that literally shreds and gerrymanders the 23rd Ward, and the “new administration” approval and granting of a permit for a South Side Irish parade over the objections of 19th Ward Alderman Matt O’Shea, do you really believe the new Mayor is going to stick his neck out over a pawn shop in the 14th Ward?

    Stay tuned for more “new administration” high jinks on the South and Southwest sides. This is only the beginning.

  • Bob Citizen Do we have a say in what happens to our community?

    If the area residents were given the Vote to approve or disapprove the pawn shop and other community concerns. It would not be there now. PERIOD. We have all of these Millionaire politicians and they ALL are millionaires making decisions that affects US when they cant even know what us middle class people go through. This is not only on the local level but especially now with the goofy presidential candiatates. The richest politician WINS and screw the little people. If the alderman didnt want the pawn show It wouldnt be there but he plays the political game and now you have it.

  • There are vague descriptions in the zoning ordinance about distances between classes of businesses that need to be changed. Cash 4 Gold, Pawn Shops, & Retail Combos (stores that apply for a retail license & cash 4 gold store) Show your support to this issue & write a letter to the new administration. ref. file no. 11-03910150

  • This detailed post may also be helpful in developing your letter.

  • Write a letter to support this issue.

  • The current issue. Support letters required.

  • Debbie W. Live in West Elsdon

    We do not have to stop all these "gold" stores.(Thank you Ken for all your hard work). I know pawn shops can be a good/bad thing. Are we going to get more police protection in the area? I know from talking to many Policeman they are told our area "is safer than most!" So just ride through occasionally. I'm sorry but crime has gone up in our neighborhood. Alot of the stores on Pulaski are getting robbed, people leaving these stores and walking home are getting mugged. And we're safe? Are they stealing their gold so they can sell it in one of our many shops? More people need to get involved. I know i have called the police and aldermans office many times about illegal activities or just suspicious people. I will help anyone that i possibly can to keep our neighborhood and children and elderly safe. The elderly in our neighborhood need somewhere to go and relax, get together. Just like our children need to have somewhere safe to go. We need to fill the empty store fronts with something positive and helpful to our community.

  • Debbie – If you genuinely want to help anyone in the AH neighborhood then stop exaggerating about stores on Pulaski being robbed and people getting mugged and instead get involved and go to CAPS or AHCA meetings and get the facts. For both Beat 815 & 821, which cover AH, the crime statistics for the period of 1/1/12 to 2/1/12 as compared to one year ago are down for several categories. Yes some are up, but the police continue to work with the community to give us protection and solve issues. Plus there are police, detectives, paramedics and firemen living in AH and they press their concerns for the neighborhood they live in.

    You’re doing the right thing in calling the police about suspicious activity, but embellishing stories about any crime will bring down a neighborhood. The police do take note when large groups of people go to CAPS and civic meetings and will give the neighborhood more service if people show their concern.

    See also another post about the next AHCA meeting on March 14th where they are hosting a presentation about the 8th District Court Advocacy program.

  • Debbie W. Live in West Elsdon

    Archer Heights Guy (sorry i don't know your name),
    I work and live in our community and yes alot of people have gotten robbed/mugged they are just too scared to report it. I have told them many times that they have to report it to the police when their houses,garages and themselves are being endangered. This way the police will know what and possibly who to look for by a description and maybe we'll get some added protection.
    Like i said i would love to go to the meetings but my work hours will not permit me too.
    So does that mean that i will stop trying to protect my neighbors or my community no!
    Some people also do not go because they cannot get there and are afraid to walk (especially during the winter) in the dark. Are the meetings held on ground level or are there stairs to climb?
    This is what people need to know. What about meetings on a Saturday morning? Or at the library then on a Saturday?
    This is what i am trying to say,people want to go but because of work,their health or just being scared to walk at night they cannot attend. Let them know that they can still join to get the news letter and to call if not the police then someone and then they can call the police,aldermans office etc....

  • Debbie W (pt 1) – I post as AHGuy on behalf of info received from AHCA officers since some do not believe in social media, and report back what is posted on EveryBlock. If people are not reporting thefts or muggings, that, in reality, increases crime in the neighborhood as the perpetrators know they can get away and will come back for a soft hit. Why do you think the AHCA organized and fully funds a Night Watch Group and Daytime Graffiti Patrol? No other civic group on the SW side does that.

    Concerning work schedules, I understand as I can't make every AHCA or CAPS meeting, but stay involved. People don’t necessarily have to go to meetings, but they are encouraged to join to receive the AHCA newsletter to be informed about what is going on in the neighborhood and perhaps attend a meeting if the speaker subject matter interests them. I know the entire length of your block from 43rd to 47th Street was targeted several times last year with hand distributed AHCA newsletters havinig an attached invite asking people to join to at least receive their newsletter. Yet when I asked their Membership Chair if there was a Debbie W member from your street, the answer was no.

    Nobody is forced to come to meetings or join committees. But the size of AHCA membership, as an independent non-political community group concerns the politicians and gets their attention to get things done for the community. They are a very well respected civic group evidenced by the last mayoral primary where three of the four major candidates spoke at their Candidates Night. No other SW side civic group can make such claim. Do they win every battle? No. But this pawn shop issue was a major fight garnering the attention of politicians who ordinarily do not have to deal with such a group. No such large group exists east of AH nor on the entire SW side.

  • Debbie W. (pt 2) - As far as attending meetings, for those that do not work, the more people that join, the more drivers there are and neighbors can ask a driver to go to a meeting and bring them back. Plus the AHCA stated in their newsletter they do not expect people to walk the streets at night and if a person gets a one-way ride to the meeting, they will make sure somebody drops them back home.

    Long ago they experimented with meeting dates and times and 7:30 PM the second Wednesday of each month works best. That hour allows working folks enough time to get home, grab a bite and go to a meeting.

    Now, what’s holding you back from joining and getting your neighbor(s) to sign up? You said you want to help. Here is a perfect chance to have a positive impact on our neighborhood.

  • Well said Debbie
    I would go if I did not have to work on Wednesday nights. When I could.( since my work hours change) I took the bus because I do not have a car.
    When it is cold and it snows I hate to have to stand at the bus stop on a dark night on 47th street.
    When I did go it seemed that there were many retired seniors probably long-time residents.I am sure younger families are supervising their children's homework on weeknights.
    I am sure back in the day neighbors knew neighbors unfortunately,now the fear factor and busy,hectic lifestyle and in-home entertainment has limited social contact in neighborhoods.
    This site is a great avenue for communication so those of you who attend please keep sharing.

  • Cherpin – Even though some AHCA Officers/Board Members (BOD) do not believe in social media, there are other Officers and BOD that do use and post to EveryBlock to help keep tabs on the pulse of the neighborhood. EveryBlock is a viable venue to not only reach out to those that cannot attend AHCA meetings, but also to invite newcomers and keep the neighborhood apprised of issues/events. Since this conversation is getting way off target from the original post, I would direct all responses and comments to my most recent post about their March 14th meeting.

    One thing in your last post, you hit the nail right on the head about “in home entertainment” causing the demise of social interaction in AH and other communities. But I beg to differ on the “hectic lifestyle” and some other points you raised. The fact that you attended AHCA meetings when you could is commendable, and I’m sure AHCA would welcome you back anytime you can attend a meeting.

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